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Unsigned Senior Games: Catcher Analysis


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By Jerry Shank
MD/VA Scouting Director

Top Performers

Marshall Awtry C Conrad (DE) 2018
Powerful strong frame at 6-foot-2, 215-pounds. Hits from a balanced set up with high hands. At the plate. Short rock back load with small leg kick and balance to hitting position. Takea  direct path to the ball at the plate with bat speed and some extention through contact. Slight uphill finish getting lift. Gets some lower half involvement. Exit velocity of 90 mph. Clean hands behind the plate with a quick exchange and short arm action. Pop as low as 1.95 with a catcher velo of 78 mph.  Throws have some carry. Interesting still available prospect in the 2018 class.

Trent Gast-Woodard C Archbishop Curley 2018
Strong solid frame at 6-foot-2, 190-pounds. Hits from a tall, narrow, slightly open set up at the plate. Smooth load back as he squares up to hitting position and slight arm bar.  Level swing path with uphill finish and strength in swing. Barrelled ball well on the day. Nice rhythm. Pull side power potential. Smooth swing with bat speed. Very fast exchange and release from behind the plate. Short arm action with carry on throws. Shows excellent accuracy on throws from behind the plate. Handles pitchers well and has improved his quickness and hip control after transforming his frame.

Best of the Rest

Jacob Berry C Thomas Johnson 2018
Solid frame at 5-foot-9, 160-pounds. Hits from a slightly open set up with hand above shoulder. Short load back with leg kick to hitting position. Level swing path at the plate with quick hands and some bat speed. Gets long and around at times, but more consistently has shorter swings and some rhythm. Backside involved, spins on front foot at times. Exit velocity of 86 mph. Quick footwork with quick and clean exchange to release behind the plate. Short arm action throwing from an over the top slot. Throws are accurate and low with a pop as low as 2.05 and velo of 72 mph.

Joe Fellona C Marriotts Ridge 2018
Compact athletic frame at 5-foot-8, 145-pounds. Hits from a square set up from the left side with weight slightly pre-loaded back. Short load and leg lift in load to hitting position. Shorter, level swing path at the plate. In and out of the zone at times. Nice rhythm with solid foundation once he adds to frame. Sound exchange behind the plate with quick feet and a short arm action throwing from a high three-quarter slot. Pop time as low at 2.08 with velo of 72. Clean actions in the infield and provides a viable infield option with clean exchange and nice footwork. Throws across diamond at 76 mph.

Ruben Roldan C Joppatowne HS 2018
Solid frame at 5-foot-9 210-pounds. Hits from an athletics slightly stacked back set up. Big leg kick as he rock back into load to hitting position. Longer, level swing path through the zone with strength. Showed some bat speed at the plate and some power potential to the pull side. Exit velocity of 87 mph. Quick ehxchange behind the plate with good hands. Feet are sound and has a shorter arm action with slight pause in arm circle. Throws were up to 69 mph with a pop time as low as 2.12.

Chad Speiser C Northern York (PA) 2018
Solid Frame at 5-foot-9, 170-pounds. Hits from a slightly open athletic set up at the plate. Smooth rock back load with short "C" in hands to hitting position. Short, direct swing path at the plate with quick hands through the zone. Gets long on outer half wanting to pull. Middle in, hands worked well and were free. Like to see keep inside on outer half. Shows some strength with an 84 mph exit velocity. Sticks well behind the plate. Longer arm action from behind the dish with a quick release when he kept exchange in-tact. Throws were at 72 mph from behind with a 2.11 best pop time.

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