Prep Baseball Report

Class of 2013: Breaking Down the Top 25

Cole Schafer's commitment to coastal carolina last night means that players 1-17 in the state have now committed to play at a division 1 school next year.  Only 4 players remain in the top 25.

With 21 of the Top 25 player committed in the state, let's take a look at where these recent commitments have landed and how the schools have faired. 

By the Numbers

4 different conference are represented. Big Ten, MAC, Big South, Summit
9 commitments for the Big Ten and the MAC in the Top 25.
4 the number of Michigan commitments in the Top 10.
2 Michigan State commitments in the Top 10.
5 the most commitments in the top 25 (Michigan, 5, Next is State w/ 4)
5 the Number of players leaving the state to play at the next level

BY player 

Michigan- No. 1 Jackson Lamb, No. 3 Brett Adcock, No. 5 TJ Shook, No. 9 Hector Gutierrez, No. 11 Carmen Benedetti
Michigan State- No. 4 Jake Lowery, No. 6 Andrew Sabrosky, No. 21 Seth Johnson, No. 23 Walter Borkovich
Central- No. 2 Nick Deeg, No. 13 Rob Greenman, No. 24 Colton Bradley
Western- No.12 Corbin Clouse, No. 20 Grant Miller
Eastern- No. 7 Sterling Sharp
Ball State- No. 8 Alex Maloney
Oakland- No. 16 Tyler Palm
Liberty- No. 15 Michael Stafford
Coastal Carolina- No. 14 Cole Schaefer
Toledo- No. 10 Jacob Britt 

By Conference

Big Ten- 9 Commitments
MAC- 9 Commitments
Big South- 2 Commitments
Summit- 1

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