Prep Baseball Report

Complete Breakdown of the Livingston County Open ID

By PBR Staff

The Livingston County Open ID produced several players who either saw their stock rise or made good first impression.  See the complete breakdown of all of the players below. 

John Garry, OF, Brother Rice HS, 2015

Garry is a evenly proportioned 5-foot-10, 160-pound outfielder from high powered Brother Rice program.  Offensively minded hitter.  Open stance at the plate with good shoulder trigger.  Looseness in the swing and got good extension. One of the best BP rounds of the day with gap pop.  Projects best as a left fielder or centerfielder.  Accurate throws on a line.  Utilized long hop well.  Knows the game.


Kameron DeWulf, OF/RHP, Howell HS, 2015

Solid player.  Has time  on his side.  5-foot-11, 175-pounds with more to come.  Ran well at 7.10 in the 60.  Long arm action from outfield. At the plate Showes smooth load and started from upright position. Creates decent backspin on the baseball. On the mound sat between 75-76mph with his fastball.  Threw strikes.  Overall needs to gain weight and strength and should make another jump.


Brandon Leon, OF/MIF, Howell HS, 2017

Young Leon has a good start.  5-foot-9 OF/MIF entering his freshman year.  Has good eye hand coordination at the plate.  Barrelled up several balls well.  High hands.  Overall needs to improve strength but that will come with time.  Solid little player. 


Michael Peplinski, OF, Howell HS, 2015

Big frame at 6-foot-4, 185-pounds.  More room to grow.  Ran 7.37 in the 60.  Throws from a low ¾ slot from the outfield with high back elbow.  Ball ran a considerable amount.  Generated some pop at the plate.  Can see more consistent contact as he incorporates lower half.  Cuts himself off limiting his pop.


Tyler Riddoch, OF, Dakota HS, 2014

Very intriguing OF from Dakota HS.  Good runner at 6.9. Long arms and legs.  Good overall size at 6-foot, 170-pounds.  Played through the ball well. Long arm action.  Throws were on target an inline.  Soft hands.  Definite upside.  At the plate shows potential.  Toe tapper for rhythm.  Strong hands. Slow pull swing.  Want to see him again.


Justin Mercer, C/INF, Howell HS, 2015

Mercer has all the tools it is just a matter of time for him to physically mature.  He continues to improve. Good actions behind the plate and in the infield.  Short arm action behind dish with 2.07-2.19 pop time.  Showed soft hands at short.  Threw the ball extremely accurately.  At the plate used the whole field. Going to hit.  Keeps it simple.  Short path.  Linedrive stroke. Definite follow.


Chris Ackerman, C/RHP, Howell HS, 2015

Natural instincts in this ballplayer.  Longer arm action but has quick twitch movements.  Soft hands and plays through the ball well.  Good overall athlete. Behind the plate was 1.97-2.03 consistently.  Above average arm behind dish. At the plate shows fast hands and is athletic.  Used the whole field.  Expect him to make a jump next spring.


Lukas Veinbergs, C/RHP, Pinckney HS, 2015

Veinbergs is best separated by his arm.  On the mound shows considerable upside.  81-83mph with his fastball.  Sharp slider (71-72mph).  Short arm action that is repeatable.  Can get more out of his legs.  Quick arm.  Threw solid change at 75mph. Kept arm speed up.  Liked him the most on the mound this day but also can catch well. Strong arm behind dish. Threw from ¾ slot causing the ball to run.  A little inconsistent but will improve.  Quick hands.  At the plate showed line drive stroke. Will improve pop as he incorporates lower half more.


Michael Ryan, C/3B, Bishop Foley HS, 2016

Strong bodied catcher with big time pop in his bat.  Will hit.  Longer transfer behind the plate but will improve.  In the infield projects as a 3B.  Soft hand.  Solid throws with accuracy.  High follow.  Has all of the tools. Needs to refine them.


James Edwards, C, Howell HS, 2014

Strong bodied catcher with strong lower half.  Extremely accurate thrower behind plate.  Everyball was on the bag.  1.93-2.01 consistently.  Definite catch and throw kid. Has pop in the bat.  Athletic open stance.  Saw the ball extremely well. Hit multiple out in BP and once during live AB.  Sleeper in the Class of 2014 on the rise.


Ron Williams, C, Grosse Pointe South HS, 2014

Williams can flat out hit. Smooth and balanced in the box. Short simple load and stride. Maximizes lower half.  Fast hands and good extention.  Went to right center a lot. Showed good pop.  Catcher first and foremost but can play the outfield.  Accurate throws.  Pop times can improve by quickening release.  2.07-2.11.  Solid all around. Another sleeper.


Jake Garbarino, C, Grandville HS, 2015

Garbarino is simply not the same player that he was earlier in the summer. Vastly improved.  One of the best catchers in the Class of 2015.  Pure catch and throw.  Accurate arm with ball on the bag. 1.89-1.97 pop times.  At the plate showed one of his best rounds.  Good lower half. Fast hands.  Drove the ball. Stock is rising.


Dalton Phillips, RHP/SS, Thornapple Kellogg HS, 2015

Phillips has been flying under the radar but is ready to burst onto the scene.  Like him the most as a pitcher but can certainly play in the infield as well.  79-81 on this day.  Have seenhim up to 83 in game action in the summer.  Tons of strikes.  Breaking ball for a strike. Has sweeping action.  Loose quick arm.  Defensively very solid. Well coached.  Accurate throws. Good angles and actions.  At the plate shows good shoulder trigger. Compact short path.  Potential gap pop later on.


Aaron Moskovitz, OF/RHP, West Bloomfield HS, 2015

5-foot-10-, 165-pound OF/RHP from good West Bloomfield program.  Strong arm from OF (82mph). Long arm action with clean exhanges.  Athletic smooth load at plate.  Live drive swing. Created good backspin.  On the mound ranged 76-79mph.  Has good breaking ball but needs to learn how to command it.  Recoils on the mound but loose arm overall.  Intrigued to see how he progresses.


Zac, Sharp, LHP, Dexter HS, 2015

Wiry lefty from Dexter HS, Has extremely quick arm.  Has a chance when he physically matures.  12-6 breaking ball with out pitch potential.  Fastball up to 82mph.  At the plate shows good balance and level swing.  Good round overall. Quick twitch movements.


Ravi Mahanti, RHP, Farmington HS, 2015

Definite high follow.  Long lanky limbed RHP (6-foot-1, 152-pounds) Quick arm.  80-82mph.  Plenty of room to grow. CB is 77-67mph.  12-to-6 action.  Change has good armside run.  Expect a big jump next year.


Alex Duffy, RHP, Howell HS, 2014

Duffy is very interesting.  Almost draws a Mike MacDougal comparison with his mechanics. Long arms and legs coming at you. 80-83mph with his fastball.  Two breaking ball. CB 65-66.  Slider at 69-70.  Effectively wild at times.  Definite upside. Want to see if he makes another jump.


Dakota Frey, INF, Port Huron HS, 2014

Smaller compact player 5-foot-9, 160 pounds.  Solid lateral actions in the infield.  Short arm action over the top.  7.3 runner.  Open stance at the plate. Willing to use whole field.  Dips a bit on backside.  ON the mound fastball ranged between 73-75mph.  kept the ball down well.  Threw strikes.  Kept handspeed up on change.


Cliff Landess, RHP, Airport HS, 2014

Tall lanky RHP with plenty of upside. 83-85mph with more in the tank.  Had good down angle. Lots going on in delivery but gets it down. H3/4 arm action.  Slider at 68-69mph.  Definite follow.  Has plenty more to grow.  Should garner plenty of interest.


Hunter Piesko, MIF, Howell HS, 2015

Piesko continues to improve.  Good round at the plate.  Going to hit long term.  Hit several balls into the gap.  Played through the ball well in the infield.  Showed softer hands.  Improving for sure. Another follow. Just a matter of time for him to physically mature.


Jake Ellis, INF, Grand Ledge HS, 2015

Ellis was a pleasant surprise.  Good actions with a nice arm in the infield.  79mph across the diamond.  Very accurate with good carry.  Projects as a 3B long term.  Has some pop at the plate and got good extension. Looks to lift and works uphill a bit. Rhythm type of hitter.


Kyle Ziegler, SS/RHP, South Lyon East HS, 2016

Young Ziegler has all of the right actions. Soft hands in the middle infield. 75mph across the diamond with loose arm that will only get better.  Will make a big jump as he matures.  Fundamentally sound.  At the plate was balance showed level bat and got to extension well.  Has potential gap pop.  ON the mound his arm works well. Loose and quick. Ball was down in the zone with good arm side run.  Fastball ranged between 77-79mph on this day but has been better in the past.  Breaking ball was a bit erratic but showed flashes of a good one.


Riley Bennett, 2B/MIF, Howell HS, 2015

Wide shouldered middle infielder.  7.65 runner.  Short arm action in the infield.  Flipper from low ¾ slot.  At the plate shows level swing and smooth load.  Used whole field. Solid all around player.  Entering junior year at powerhouse high school. 


Joe Corsten, INF, Howell HS, 2015

Good looking athlete. 6-foot-2, 160-pounds.  More room to grow.  80+ mph across the diamond.  7.13 runner.  Accurate throws and played through the ball. Well. Quick natural instincts on the field.  At the plate showed athletic movement. Inverted toes.  Good eye-hand coordination.  Gap to gap with more pop as he physically matures.