Inside the Recruitment: '16 RHP Cameron Miller commits to Central Michigan

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Cameron Miller, RHP, Lake Orion HS, Class of 2016

PBR: Why did you choose Central Michigan?

Miller: Central Michigan University has the highest winning percentage of any baseball program in the Midwest since 1972.  They are offering me a great opportunity to participate in their program and through hard work I plan on contributing right away. They also offer great choices for degree programs that I am interested in.  I will have a great opportunity to play great baseball and get a great education. I am confident I made a great choice.  I can't wait to get there and work with the coaching staff, the players and start my classes.

PBR: What other schools were you considering?

Miller: There were quite a few, but Central was in the lead from day one, even before they showed interest. I have been to several college campuses and played at quite a few.  After playing there last summer I knew right away that was where I wanted to play. 

PBR:  Where did the coaches first see you compete and how did your relationship develop with the rest of the coaching staff?

Miller: They saw me play in a tournament in Mt. Pleasant, a few showcase events, and at a few of their camps. The coaches have been great, the players I have met have been great.  They really made me know why I love baseball so much.

PBR: What role does the coaching staff expect you to play during your first year on campus?

Miller: Work hard, focus, learn, be motivated, support my teammates, contribute when I'm called upon.

PBR: Was the recruiting process what you expected?

Miller: They came to see me play, told me to keep working hard.  I sent several e-mails showing my interest, sent videos, went to showcases and camps and made sure they knew how hard I was working. They knew what my goals were, my desire to play there and as time went on they began to see my progress and that my hard work was paying off. I have been working 6-7 days a week all off-season on getting stronger, more athletic, refining my fundamentals.   I have learned that hard work and determination gets results.

PBR: Who has had the biggest impact on you as a baseball player?

Miller: My father has had the biggest impact on me, by far. Without my dad I wouldn't be where I am at in baseball. From all of the money, time, and long road trips he has put into me to further myself in the game I love. From the age of four my dad has always told me to be better than everyone else, to push myself and to stand out over everyone. Now I finally realize why my dad has pushed me so hard over the years, to help make me a better baseball player. He always saw my potential when I didn't.

PBR: Who do you play for in the summer and what was your most exciting experience playing summer ball?

Miller: I have played for the Lake Orion Dragons travel teams (4) , the Lake Orion Chargers (1) and now the Oakland Bulldogs (1).  My most exciting moment was getting called up and making Varsity as a Sophomore.  My first Varsity start was against Dakota and I pitched very well and we got a win.  It was pretty cool.  Some  others were the tournament in Mt. Pleasant.  We played some fun come-from-behind games, I had some big hits, pitched and won some big games.  We got to the championship round beating some good top ranked teams in Michigan and Ohio.  It was a great time.  

PBR: What were your stats last season?

Miller:  I was 7-1 with my starts in High School.  I didn't keep track during my travel season cause I wanted to focus on improving and learning.  My dad told me to focus more on working hard, getting better, perfect the fundamentals and wins would come with it. He didn't want me to know the numbers cause it would be a distraction.  Even though baseball is a game of numbers, as long as I focus on doing my best, good things will come. 

PBR: Who is the toughest hitter you have faced?

Miller: To be honest, I have faced several over the years and I can honestly say that no one particular hitter ever hit me hard or consistently.  I get a lot of ground balls, strike outs, but I have never given up really big hits to anyone over the years.  I know it will get tougher, but I will just work harder.