Inside the Recruitment: '15 RHP Joseph Stasa commits to Kellogg

Joseph Stasa, RHP, Harper Creek HS, Class of 2015

PBR: Why did you choose Kellogg?

Stasa: It's in my hometown, it has the law enforcement program I'm interested in, it has a great baseball program and the reputation on getting players to four year colleges .When I visited  with Coach Laskovy he said the team travels down south early in the season to play some of the top ranked JUCO teams in the nation to prepare for the upcoming season. To play the best you see where you stand and that"s what makes you a better player and have a successful team. All the coaches are great . They develop players to their full potential on the field and in the classroom. Coach said I would primarily be a pitcher but I might be able to talk him into letting me swing the bat once in a while. I chose Kellogg because I know they will give me the opportunity to play, get bigger, stronger and develop as a player and when my two years are up I will choose a four year college that's the right fit for me.

PBR: What other schools were you considering?

Stasa: Central Michigan,Western Michigan , IPFW, Wabash Valley CC 

PBR: Kellogg is known for sending many of their players to 4 year colleges.  How much of a role did that play in your decision to go to Kellogg?

Stasa:It played a huge  role in my decision. Kellogg's ability to get players to four year colleges is off the charts.

PBR: Where did the coaching staff first see you?

Stasa : They first saw me at one of my high school games.

PBR: What team do you play for in the summer and what is your most memorable moment.

Stasa: I played summer ball with Hitters Edge 18u.  I think my most memorable moment was pitching a 3 hitter against Carlton Airport in the regional semi-final game my Junior year which lead to Harper Creek winning our first regional championship in high school history.

PBR: What were your expectations about the recruiting process?

Stasa: It was kind of what I expected as in getting a lot of invites to different colleges,  camps/showcases but decided early on that Kellogg was the right choice for my first two years athletically and academically.  

PBR: What were your stats this spring?

Stasa: 7-2 W/L, 58.2 IP, 82 K's, 0.85 ERA, batting average .442, .571 OBP, 30 RBI's.

PBR: Who is the toughest hitter that you have faced?

Stasa: The toughest hitter I faced would probably have to be Jarod Burton from Gull Lake.