MI: Where are they now April Edition

By Brent Alwine

PBR Michigan Scouting Director

PBR Michigan - Where are they now

            We take a look at former top ranking PBR players from the state of Michigan. 

Jackson Lamb No. 1 Prospect in 2013

OF University of Michigan

.208 1-HR 4-2B 8-RBI 5-BB 13-K

Sterling Sharpe No. 3 Prospect in 2013

RHP Eastern Michigan University

7-G 2-GS 16.1IP 21-H 9-BB 8-K 3.86ERA 1-SV

Jake Lowery No. 7 Prospect in 2013

RHP Michigan State University

1-0   10-APP 9.1IP 7-H 2-BB 5-K 1.93ERA 2-SV

Cole Schaefer No. 13 Prospect in 2013

RHP Coastal Carolina University

3-3 8-G 6-GS 22.1IP 25-H 10-BB 13-K 6.04 ERA

Carmen Benedetti No. 23 Prospect in 2013

1B University of Michigan

.238 42-AB 1-2B 3-RBI 5-BB 11-K

Keegan Akin No. 27 Prospect in 2013

LHP Western Michigan University

2-0 7-G 5-GS 30.2IP 35-H 16-BB 20-K 2.93 ERA

Sam Shutes No. 34 Prospect in 2013

RHP University of Toledo

1-1 7-G 4-GS 26IP 28-H 9-BB 14-K 4.15 ERA

Luke Scharich No. 36 Prospect in 2013

LHP Oakland University

1-1 7-G 7.2IP 6-H 8-BB 7-K 3.52 ERA

Cole Clifton No. 70 Prospect in 2013

OF Wayne State University

.255 55-AB 14-H 2-2B 2-3B 9-RBI 6-BB 8-K

Justin Alleman No. 1 Prospect in 2012

RHP Michigan State University

2-1 6-GS 37IP 28-H 15-BB 22-K 3.16 ERA

Travis Maezes No. 2 Prospect in 2012

IF University of Michigan

.304 31-H 7-2B 3-3B 2-HR 11-BB 15-K 8SB-11SBA

Brett Sunde No. 4 Prospect in 2012

C Western Michigan University

.313 25-H 1-HR 18-RBI 6-BB 12-K 28% CS Rate

Kurt Hoekstra No. 10 Prospect in 2012

IF Western Michigan University

.375 30H 5-2B 2-3B 8-RBI 8-BB 17-K, Had a 17-game hitting streak…

Cam Gibson No. 11 Prospect in 2012

OF Michigan State University

.268 22-H 4-2B 3-3B 1-HR 6-RBI 11-BB 13-K 5SB-6SBA

Jake Balicki No. 12 Prospect in 2012

RHP University of Michigan

1-1 6-G 8.2IP 8-H 1-BB 6-K 4.15 ERA

Logan Regnier No. 13 Prospect in 2012

OF Central Michigan University

.375 36-H 9-RBI 9-BB 15-K 11SB-14SBA

Kyle Slack No. 14 Prospect in 2012

RHP University of Toledo

1-4 5-G 4-GS 18.1IP 25-H 8-BB 17-K 7.85 ERA

Corey Murphey No. 20 Prospect in 2012

RHP Davenport University

3-2 6-G 5-GS  37.2IP 29-H 8-BB 20-K 1.19 ERA

Tyler Baar No. 23 Prospect in 2012

IF University of Toledo

.275 22-H 2-2B 1-HR 9-RBI 6-BB 10-K