Prep Baseball Report

Midwest Futures Tryouts: Infield Analysis 6.25.13

By Mike Penn
Michigan Director of Scouting

The final installment of our Midwest Futures Tryouts analysis comes down to the middle infielders.  Several players impressed and put themselves on the high follow boards.  Most of the players have areas of improvement but collectively the group was solid.

Top Infielders

1. Eric Gilgenbach, OF/3B, Stoney Creek HS, 2015

Gilgenbach was also featured in the outfielder analysis as well but here is a quick recap of his infield performance. Good athlete. Ran better than expected (7.18).  Ball came out of hand clean across diamond.  Throws were online.  Ocaassionally will push the ball. 79 mph across diamond. Softer hands. Throws like an infielder.

2. Pete Zeimis, MIF/RHP, Eisenhower HS, 2015

Zeimis had a good day overall.  In the infield threw from multiple arm angles.  Longer arm action with high ¾  slot.  Good arm strength at 82mph across the diamond.  Softer hands.  Good range side to side. 7.6 runner.  At the plate has a good load. Balanced setup.  Good shoulder trigger coupled with short stride. Uncomplicated swing.  Shorter path to the ball.  Like the looseness in swing should have gap power with time. 

3. Thomas Miller, SS/MIF, Saline HS, 2016

Miller has good actions in the infield.  Has grown a bit now stands 5-foot-11, 145-pounds with slighter frames.  Arm strength improved 77mph across diamond at its best.  Ran well (7.03).  Continues to improve.  Exchanges were clean and quick.  Natural instincts.  At the plate shows solid athleticsm.  Smooth load with short stride.

4. Derek Dudek, SS/MIF, Parkway Christian HS, 2015

Dudek is another young athlete coming through the Parkway Christian system.  Dudek stands at 5-foot-11, 155-pound with room to grow.  Above average runner at 6.92 in the 60.  Solid feet in the infield.  Presented to the ball well. Good lateral movement.  Longer arm action but 78mph across diamond.  Potential gap pop from the plate.  Heavy front foot hitter may struggle with breaking ball a bit but easily correctable.  Looks to drive baseball works up uphill a bit.  If he improves his lower half he will see considerable gains.

5. Anthony Gutierrez, 1B/3B, Detroit Western Intl., 2015

Younger Gutierrez, older brother Hector going to play at Michigan. Big bodied athlete with good solid actions. 6-foot, 230-pound athlete.  Offensive minded player.  Good swing plane with some pop.  7.7 runner.  Good arm in the infield with good feet around the bag.  Throws were accurate and on line.  79mph across the diamond.  Soft hands at first.

6. Max Harper, 3B/SS, Rochester HS, 2015

Good looking player with.  6-foot, 165-pound athlete.  Ran well at 7.06 in the 60.  Arm played well in infield.  Jury is out on whether he will stay at short or move positions.  Good actions.  Accurate arm (75mph). At the plate has looseness in swing. Line drive results with shorter path.  Potential pop to come along with strength and maturity.  Definite follow.  Time on his side.

7. Chris Houle, 3B/SS, U of D Jesuit HS, 2015

Houle continues to improve.  Improved 60 time to 7.6.  5-foot-11, 190-pound thicker body athlete.  Made all the throws accurately.  Projects to stay at 3B. Softer hands. Arm strength needs to continue to improve (70mph). At the plate had a great round of BP.  Consistently barreled up baseball. Used whole field.  Athletic with fast bat.  Overall maturity will be the key as his body and athleticism improve.  Should hit.

8. Keaton Sackett, SS/MIF, DeWitt HS, 2015

5-foot-10, 165-pound athlete.  Solid runner 7.44 in 60.  Good footwork in infield.  Presents to ball well.  Shorter arm action with solid arm (77mph).  Played through the ball well. Came and got it.  Accurate consistent throws.  A little swagger at the plate.  Got to extension well.  Lower half can improve to see more pop.  Currently a line drive approach.  Good balance in box and maintains through swing.



Best of the Rest (Alphabetically)

Drew Dietrich, MIF, Orchard Lake St. Mary’s, 2015

Dietrich looks the part standing at 5-foot-11, 175-pounds.  Ran well for his age at 7.1 in the 60.  Arm is still a bit behind (66mph).  His stock should improve as arm strength does as well.  At the plate shows good balance and short strikes.  Looks to drive baseball into gaps.  Slight uppercut in swing path

Ben Edwards, OF/MIF, Forest Hills Northern HS, 2015

Stronger kid.  Needs to improve arm strength (62mph).  Played through the ball well. High ¾ slot.  Hands worked find infield. Solid utility player who also worked out in the outfield. (See profile for offensive notes).

Mike Falter, C/3B, Lake Orion HS, 2016

Falter showed consistent throws from 3B.  Arm was fine for age (73mph). Time is on his side.  Only a freshman.  Footwork is on heavier side which best projects as a corner infielder most specifically at 3B.  Playing infield adds some versatility to his ability to catch. (See profile for offensive notes)

Lennon Gwizdala, LHP/1B, Bay City Central HS, 2015

Stocky firstbaseman with good hands at first base.  Picked everything in sight. Moved well around the bag.  Longer arm with over-the-top-slot. Accurate throws to both third and first.  Momentum carried him away from the play a few times.  Easily correctable. At plate looks to drive ball.  Good balance with uphill swing. 

De’Nayus Johnson, 2B, Detroit King HS, 2015

5-foot-11, 152-pound athlete.  A tick behind his peer group at this point.  Shorter arm action (69mph). Range was solid.  Ran 7.56 in the 60.  At the plate used whole field. Shorter stride to keep things simple.  Line drive stroke with short path.  Time is on his side.  Physical maturity and overall strength should help elevate his game.

Troy Konwinski, RHP/3B, Allen Park HS, 2015

5-foot-10, 175-pound athlete.  Longer arm action in infield with solid arm.  72mph across the diamond.  Arm strength needs to continue to improve and should given strength gains.  Footwork is best suited at thirdbase.  At the plate, had a pull approach. Created good backspin on several balls creating good carry.  Looks to drive the ball into the gap.  Plenty of time to grow and develop.  The next year will be interesting to see how he develops. 

Josh Niederhauser, SS/MIF, Stoney Creek HS, 2015

6-foot-1, 155-pound lanky athlete. Arm is a touch behind at this point (71mph).  Fluid footwork. Low ¾ slot with good throws.  At the plate is balanced during setup with open stance.  Does bar arm a bit leading to some drag in the barrel through the zone  Swing produced line drives.  More of a rhythm hitter.

Nathan Roman, RHP/1B, Whitmore Lake HS, 2016

Only a freshman.  5-foot-11, 230-pound big bodied first baseman.  High ¾ slot from 1B. Arm is a bit behind (66mph).  At the plate wraps bat behind.  Shorter path and willing to use whole field. 

Chris Stewart, RHP/3B, Cousino HS, 2015

6-foot-3, 180-pound athlete.  Projects as 3B in this infield if he doesn’t pitch.  Ok runner at 7.54.  Hustled everywhere all day.  Longer arm action in infield.  Arm can improve (72mph). Balanced at plate.  Produced line drives.  Level stroke.  Time is on his side.

Dante Toppi, 3B, Catholic Central HS, 2015

Toppi is a 6-foot-2, 185-pound 3B from Longer arm action in infield.  With ¾ slot.  7.44 in 60.  73mph across the diamond.  Good lateral movements. Needs to continue to draw athleticism out in actions.  Smooth load at plate.  Left hand swinger.  Cuts himself off a bit restricting some pop.  More in the tank..


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