PBR Michigan Player of the Week


This year PBR Michigan is featuring a Player of the Week contest based on top high school performers throughout the state of Michigan.  

This is how it will work:

1. Throughout each week (Monday through Sunday) we will be accepting player nominations on top performances in Michigan.  To nominate a player click here

2. Each Sunday at 3:00 pm nominations will stop being accepted.  

3. At 5:00pm (Sunday) on our twitter account,  we will announce the top three performers of the week.  

4. At that time, each player will be tweeted separately with a personal picture. 

5. Retweeting for top performers will stay open until 9:00pm on Monday night, and the player with the most retweets will receive a free Under Armour PBR Shirt.

Follow us @PBRMichigan for Player of the Week news, updates, and more.

Week 4 winner


Week 3 winner


Week 2 winner


Week 1 winner