PBR Michigan's Top Stories for the Year 2015: Neibauer No Longer A Secret

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By Aaron Wilson and PBR Staff
PBR Michigan Assistant Scouting Director

PBR Michigan started up on April 10th, 2012 as seen here. Brent Alwine then took the reigns in Michigan to start 2014, later handing off the reigns to Jake Sabol with assistance from Aaron Wilson.

Now that Michigan is fully entrenched as a top PBR state, we look to continue our climb while continuing to provide top notch baseball coverage in Michigan. 

Aaron, PBR Michigan Assistant Director of Scouting, along with Dylan Hefflinger, Michigan Editor in Chief/Regional Scout take a look back at the year in review and put together a list of the top stories for the year 2015.

Today we take a look at the a hidden gem.

Each day we will reveal the next story on the list. A hint for the next story are the words "Future Games".

Top Stories of 2015 Rundown:
+ Nick Plummer's Burst onto National Stage
+ Sam Weatherly's Trail to Top Prospect
+ Steve Mann is the Man
+ Criswell the Buzz Around Town
+ Jones Brothers Bond Unbroken
+ Malcom Explodes onto the Scene

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PBR Michigan's Top Stories for the Year 2015: Neibauer No Longer A Secret

Entering the 2015 season the talk around Country Day was all around the buzz Steve Mann created in his freshman year.

Several college coaches flocked to Beverly Hills, Michigan to see Mann.

To their surprise they witnessed a 6-foot-2, 185-pound multi-positional athlete. He popped a 1.90 to second base, and played a solid defensive shortstop.

Nick NeibauerThe unknown 2017 grad was Nick Neibauer.

Nick earned all district honors as a shortstop where he played the majority of the time in high school.

Neibauer attended the 2015 Top Prospects Games at Eastern Michigan University, where he popped a 1.87 to second base, while recording a 85 mph exit velocity.

After the Michigan TPG (attended by 50+ college coaches) Neibauer was no longer one of the state's top secrets, but a highly sought after multi-positional prospect.

In November Nick committed to Bowling Green State University.

Video of Nick Neibauer: