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PBR Midwest ProCase: Infielder Analysis

By Sean Duncan

Executive Director

An impressive array of 2017 prospects from six states convened at Silver Cross Field in Joliet for the second-annual Prep Baseball Report Midwest ProCase on June 21. Although only time will tell if this year’s event will match the level of last year’s, when it had nine players eventually drafted, this class of rising seniors showed intriguing upside.

Throughout the week we will roll out all reports from the event. Today, we examine the infielders. On a whole, the infielders showed an interesting blend of high-ceiling middle infielders and physical corner guys with power potential.  SS Zion Pettigrew (Mount Carmel HS, IL) and SS Dylan Criquet-Danielson (Marshall HS, MN) stood above the rest in the middle, while 3B Zach Clayton (Oconomowoc, WI) impressed at the corner.

Here’s a look at the infielders at the PBR Midwest ProCase, starting with the top three prospects from the event:

Zion Pettigrew1. Zion Pettigrew, SS, Mount Carmel HS, IL, 2017
Iowa recruit. 6-foot, 165-pound right-handed hitting shortstop, rangy-athletic frame, longer limbs. High-ceiling prospect, continues to improve and physically develop; arguably the top overall infield prospect at the PBR Midwest ProCase. Athletic, loose hands in all facets of the game. In BP, showed advanced offensive approach. Relaxed, balanced setup, slightly open, fluidity and rhythm in stride/load, aggressive lower half, gets off his backside extremely well while maintaining balance throughout. Generates easy bat speed and barrel whip, knows how to backspin a baseball; extension through contact, gap-to-gap, line-drive approach, more power likely to come as he continues to physically develop. Registered 90 mph exit velocity with wood. Defensively, has plenty of arm strength to stay on left side of the infield; 87 across the infield with easy carry (has been up to 90 at past PBR event). Soft, athletic hands, plays through the ball well, fields the ball with rhythm and timing. Ran a 6.93 laser-timed 60.   

Dylan Criquet-Danielson2. Dylan Criquet-Danielson, SS, Marshall HS, MN
Oklahoma recruit. 6-foot-2, 175-pound shortstop, athletic, projectable build. High-ceiling prospect who opened eyes with his all-around performance at the PBR Midwest ProCase. Fluid athlete, ran an event-best 6.66 laser-timed 60.. Right-handed hitter, simple, balanced approach. Small leg kick trigger, minimal movement, flat path, easy repeatable swing; generates bat speed with little effort. Showed ability to work both gaps, registered 85 mph exit velocity with wood; potential for more power when/if gets more aggressive with lower half. Athleticism translates in the field. Moves with fluidity and purpose, covers ground easily, athletic hands. Short arm action, average carry, 80 mph across the infield. Has all the requisite tools to be a high-interest draft prospect next June.

Zach Clayton3. Zach Clayton, 3B, Oconomowoc HS, WI, 2017
Oregon State recruit. Physical 6-foot-2, 210-pound third baseman, mature build, proportionally strong, defined lower half, barrel-chested. Has shown vast improvements over the last year; was one of the biggest risers at the PBR Midwest ProCase with his all-around performance. Offensively has advanced approach. Right-handed hitter, balanced and simple, minimal moving parts, direct, short path, strong through contact, knows how to backspin a baseball. Comfortably worked all fields in BP, consistent loud contact, present power with more to come. Registered 90 mph exit velocity with wood. Athletic for his size and strength, ran a 7.05 laser-timed 60. Defensively, plays shortstop for his high school team, but profiles as third base prospect. Easy arm strength, throws carry on line, 87 mph across the infield. Reliable hands, above-average range at third base; with refined footwork could develop into power-hitting third baseman and become a high-interest draft follow in the coming years.

Listed Alphabetically

Griffin Doersching, 1B, Greendale HS, WI, 2017
Uncommitted. 6-foot-4, 250-pound right-handed hitting first baseman, massive presence in the box, wide shoulders, extremely strong lower half. Possesses big pull-side power with matching big swing. Has incorporated pronounced leg kick and loading action in swing; generates significant bat speed and loft. When swing is timed up, he has the ability to hit it a long way. He proved that during game action when he crushed a towering home run to left field at Silver Cross Stadium with wood. Also registered event-best 102 mph exit velocity with wood. More nimble and athletic than the frame would suggest. Handles himself well around the bag; big target, soft hands and picks balls out of the dirt well. Ran a 7.58 laser-timed 60.

Blake Dunn, C/INF, Saugatuck HS, MI, 2017
Western Michigan recruit, currently ranked No. 14 in Michigan’s 2017 class. Solidly built 5-foot-11, 180-pound athlete; switch-hitter who can play multiple positions on the field; super-utility type. A primary catcher, features highly athletic feet behind the plate, fires out the chute well, quick release; registered pop times between 2.04-2.14, 77 mph out of the crouch. Excellent blocker in game action, active feet, soft hands receiving. Athleticism plays in middle infield, above-average range, solid carry across the infield at 86 mph. Ran a 6.73 laser-timed 60. … Switch-hitter, balanced, simple approach from both sides. Stronger contact from the right side (90 mph exit velocity from right, 80 from left); looser swing, more aggressive lower half. Handsy approach from the left side.

Ryan King, SS, Brother Rice HS, 2017
Michigan State recruit. 5-foot-9, 145-pound right-handed hitting shortstop. Not big in stature, but possesses elite defensive abilities to stick at shortstop. High-level defender, advanced actions and hands, excellent range, ultra-quick transfer, fields the ball with fluidity and rhythm. Highly athletic arm, ability to throw from multiple angles on the move, accurate with carry, 80 mph across the infield. Makes everything look easy in the field; hard-nosed competitor. Ran a 6.76 laser-timed 60. Offensively, right-handed hitter, line-drive approach, loose hands, level bat path. Registered 83 mph exit velocity.

Obie Ricumstrict, SS, Mt. Pleasant HS, MI, 2017
Cincinnati recruit. 6-foot-2, 170-pound frame, wiry-thin, lacks physicality and strength, projection in frame when/if he physically develops. Athletic tendencies and actions, ran a 6.89 laser-timed 60. Defensively, has the requisite tools to stick up the middle. Moves fluidly with little urgency, athletic soft hands, fields the ball deep, slower transfer, short athletic arm action with above-average carry at 81 mph. Offensively, hits from open, balanced setup; relaxed approach, easy swinger. Good rhythm in lower half, average bat speed; registered 81 mph exit velocity.

Donivan Williams, 3B, Morgan Park HS, IL, 2017
Illinois State recruit. 6-foot, 191-pound right-handed hitting third baseman, solid athletic build, well-proportioned strength. High-level defensive third baseman with advanced actions, hands and instincts. Ranges well to both sides, shows advanced ability to throw from multiple angles, on the move, with carry; clocked at 84 mph across the infield. Quick, soft hands, plays through the ball well, exceptional backhand. Advanced internal clock; knows when to plant and throw, and when to get rid of it quickly; overall confident defender. Made a big-time play ranging to his right during game play to steal a base hit. Offensively, has relaxed plate approach, hits from slightly open setup with tendency to get to closed hitting position. Strength and athleticism in the hands, generates above-average bat speed; registered 84 mph exit velocity with wood. Inconsistent swing path, but when on time, can drive the ball. In game, he smoked a single up the middle in three at-bats. Ran a 6.88 laser-timed 60.

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