PBR Spotlight: Gabby Mills Tournament

By Mike Penn

Every year around the Fourth of July you can be sure that Midland, MI is going to attract some good baseball.  This year was no exception.  

This year marks is 30th year for the Gabby Mills Tournament.  When it started in 1982 only 6 teams attended the first Gabby Mills Tournament.  Now the tournament has swelled to accomodate 20 teams, two divisions, and a list of teams that had to be turned away.

This oft under scouted event has some good talent.  The featured teams are Midland Berryhill, who hosts the tournament every year and Saginaw Means who is always talent laden.  This year Adrian Post 275 made the trip north as did Ida Post 514 and Napoleon (OH).  

Here are some of the top uncommitted players competing this weekend in the tournament:

Saginaw Means
Zach Olszewski (2013)
Luke Scharich (2013)
Sam Brooks (2013) 
Grant Miller (2013)

Midland Berryhill
Adam Fitzgibbon (2014)
Alex Goodwin (2014)
Keegan Akin (2013)
Logan Madill (2014)
Tanner Gross (2014)

Gladwin Post 171
Tyler Janish (2013)
Johah Weisenberger (2013)
James Baer (2013)

Adrian Post 275 
Andrew Wood (2013)
Phil Carey (2014) 
Hunter Hayes (2013)
Nick Cowen (2014)