Prep Baseball Report

Pitchers Analysis from Midwest Futures Tryouts 6.25.13

By Mike Penn
Michigan Director of Scouting

The Midwest Futures Tryouts drew plenty of talent from around the state.  Today we look at the pitchers who attended the event. 

Top Pitchers

1. Drew Blakely, RHP, Gull Lake HS, 2016
Blakely may only be a freshman but he showed that he has one of the best arms around when he lit up the gun. Blakely had one of the most impressive performances at Midwest Futures Tryouts.  Beyond his ability to catch, Blakely hopped on the mound and sat 87-88 mph.

Scouting Notes:  Lanky 6-foot-2, 175-pound righty has a good frame with broader shoulders.  Arm was lightning quick. Fastball between 87-88 mph with life. Smoother delivery with more in the tank.  Breaking ball spun well but backed up a bit.  12/6 shape (68-69mph)  Threw change up well as well. Sold it well (72-73mph)

2. Colin Goslin, LHP, Divine Child HS, 2015
Goslin is one of the more highly touted pitchers in the state due to his big arm.  There is no mistaking the fact that his arm is his biggest separator by far.  Goslin has already had looks from multiple Division I schools in the region and should continue receiving a high level of interest. His performance at the Midwest Futures Tryouts earned him a spot on the team to play in Indiana this August. 

Scouting Notes: Goslin is a strong bodied lefty with a big arm.  Physically matured quite a bit at 6-foot-2, 200-pounds.  Fastball sat 84-86mph and bumped 87mph.  High ¾ slot with some cut to it.  Very good athlete.  Some effort in the delivery. Breaking ball has swing and miss potential 74-75mph.  One of the more highly sought after lefties in the class due to his current arm strength 

3. Nick Holt, LHP, Muskegon Catholic Central HS, 2015
Holt also earned an invitation to the Midwest Futures Games in August.  The lefty commands the zone well and works from a low 3/4 slot with an effortless delivery.  He may not throw the hardest working primarily between 80-82 mph and bumping an occasional 84 mph, but he certainly can compete and pitch with his stuff.

Scouting Notes: The 6-foot, 180-pound lefty followed up his performance at Top Prospect Games by improving his velocity.  Holt topped out at 84mph on this day.  Works with clean loose arm action from low ¾ slot.  Can get under it from time to time.  When down has good life and run.  Producing lots of groundballs. Hides ball well.  Secondary stuff was good.  Breaking ball has sweeping downer movement 65-68mph.  Split tumbles well.  68-70mph.  Good feel for all secondary.

4. Tyler Schmidt, LHP, Crosswell-Lexington HS, 2015
Schmidt overall had the best performance of anyone along with Blakely.  He is further behind on the mound than as a position player but there is certainly some arm strength there.  He has a legitamate toolset to potentially do both at the next level.  He just needs to continue to play to get more experience.

Scouting Notes: On the mound sat between 84-86mph.  Still raw and athletic on the mound.  Secondary has a ways to go.  Looser spin to slider (69-72mph)  Change had better feel.  Kept hand speed up (75-78) High follow.  Has a chance. 

5. Luis Chapa, Detroit Western Intl. HS, 2014
Chapa came into the showcase with a good resume.  He was an integral part of the Detroit Western success this past season.  A strike thrower by nature Chapa fills up the zone with a three pitch mix and is certain to use his good armside run to produce a lot of ground ball outs.

Scouting Notes: Chapa is currently a junior at Detroit Western.  The 6-foot-1, 210-pound righty filled up the zone with a fastball that sat between 81-83mph.  Have had him up to 85mph in a game last summer.  Had quicker arm with smooth delivery.  Good pitchability. Good armside run when the angle is right.  Breaking ball has 11/5 tilt and his arm speed stayed near the fastball.  Will need to throw it harder for it to be a true out pitch (67-69mph)  Had good feel for change. Kept it down threw it for strikes (73mph).  Overall he is strike thrower with the ability to get plenty of outs with his moving fastball.


Best of the Rest (Alphabetically)

Drew Dietrich, MIF/RHP, Orchard Lake St. Mary’s HS, 2015
Dietrich has a good body with some physical projection at 5-foot-11, 175-pounds.  Fastball ranged between 69-70mph.  Overall it was relatively straight.  Breaking ball registered at 59-61mph. Got inside the baseball quite a bit.  Should see velocity increase with strength gains and working on staying behind the baseball more.

Derek Dudek, RHP, Parkway Christian HS, 2015
5-foot-11, 155-pound with more room to grow. On the mound, showed a fastball that worked between 75-77 mph.  Kept the ball down.  64-65 on the change.  Arm works from high 3/4 slot with quick tempo.  Very little effort in the delivery and smooth rhythm. 

Lennon Gwizdala, LHP/1B, Bay City Central HS, 2015
Gwizdala is a  smaller lefty at this point standing at 5-foot-11, 184-pounds.  Still has room to stretch out.  Arm works well.  Hides the ball well.  Created good angle and deception. Some cut to the fastball.  Fastball topped out at 81mph and sat between 79-80mph.  Breaking ball spins well with 12/6 action.  Harder tighter spin (69mph).  Carried himself well. Seems to be driven and have good makeup.  Controlled delivery with quicker arm. 

De’Nayus Johnson, RHP/2B, Detroit King HS, 2015
Johnson stands at 5-foot-10, 165-pounds.  Ran 7.56 in the 60.  Showed solid range in infield.  Arm registered at 69mph across the diamond.  Best suited for 2B at this point. Short stride and balance at plate. Shorter swing path with line drive approach. Did use the whole field.  On the mound touched 73mph at his best.  Sat primarily between 65-69mph.  Should make a big jump when adds strength and maturity.  Should see him down the road.

Troy Konwinski, RHP/3B, Allen Park HS, 2015
On the mound Konwinski sat between 76-78mph with good armside run.  Still younger with time on his side. Only 5-foot-10, 175-pounds.  Arm worked from ¾ slot with longer backside.  Got around breaking ball a bit with sweeping action (61mph). Kept the change down well.  Worked inside out on it (66mph).  Has room for physical projection.

Parker McAnallen, RHP/3B, DeWitt HS, 2015
This is the second time we have seen McAnallen and he seemed bigger this time. The 6-foot-1, 175-pound righty has more room to grow and is going to be a later bloomer.  Should see velocity climb later in career.  Fastball sat between 78-80mph with a lot at 80mph.  Has some cut to fastball at times from high ¾ slot.  Breaking ball has downer ation with sharper 12/6 shape (62-63mph).  Change threw for strikes 69-75mph with some armside run.  Needs more time to develop but should continue to climb.  The frame and makeup all project well.

Jacob Rhodes, LHP/OF, Chelsea HS, 2015
Rhodes is a 5-foot10, 180-pound lefty from Chelsea HS. Good pitchability from compact lefty.  Filled up strike zone with all three pitches.  Fastball sits between 70-73mph at this point.  Hid the ball well with delivery.  Ball popped out.  Breaking ball shows good tilt and bite at times. Change has good feel for sat between 62-65mph.  Also threw a split at 63mph. Works from high ¾ slot with smooth delivery.  More velo to come down the road.  Won’t be the hardest thrower but should be able to pitch with three for strikes.

Nathan Roman, RHP/1B, Whitmore Lake HS, 2016
Roman is only a freshman at Whitmore Lake.  Bigger bodied athlete at 5-foot-11, 230 pounds.  Arm works from a a higher ¾ slot with smooth delivery.  Has time to see velocity gain as fastball was between 68-69mph.  Breaking ball was softer with 11/5 spin (56-58mph).  Roman needs time to see improvements start to take shape.

Darren Rydzewski, LHP, De LaSalle Collegiate, 2016
Darren, the younger brother of shortstop Joey Rydzewski, is a smaller lefty at this point with a strong build.  Only 5-foot-6, 155-pounds, Rydzewski gets a lot out of his frame.  Arm worked wel. Sat 72-74 mph with fastball with some armside run.  Breaking ball has sweeping action and 1/7 break (61mph)  Smooth delivery with ¾ slot.  Will be interesting to see how his progression moves forward. 

Chris Stewart, RHP/3B, Cousino HS, 2015
Stewart has a chance.  The 6-foot-3, 180-pound righty looks the part and should see good things to come.  Velocity has not arrived yet but should with strength gains.  Fastball sat between 78-79mph.  Long loose arm with some quickness.  Smooth delivery with athletic finish.  Got between curve and slider at bit. Curve has 10/4 break. (69-71mph) Slider was a tick higher in velocity at 73mph.  Change had some armside run and was 72-73mph.  Good upside in this younger righty.  Definite follow.

Pete Zeimis, MIF/RHP, Eisenhower HS, 2015
Zeimis looks like a ballplayer.  Carried himself well. Stands 6-foot, 175-poounds.  More room to grow into body.  High ¾ arm slot produced a fastball had some armside run and sat at 82mph a lot.  We liked his quicker arm and think it projects to add more velocity. Breaking ball spun very well.  Tighter spin with 12/6 action (70-72mph).  Had good feel for change at 73-75mph with armside run.  Overall Zeimis showed well.  Another follow for sure.

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