Prep Baseball Report

Pre-Season All-State Scouting Notes: Catchers Analysis

By Mike Penn
Michigan Director of Scouting

We start off our Pre-Season All-State Showcase analysis with the catchers.  The catching group was deep and talented.  There were a number of good throwers in addition to some good bats with some pop.

Josh Arndt, C, Oxford HS, 2014- Arndt is a 5-foot-10, 170-pound good athlete. Shows good actions behind the plate.  Feet work really well.  He replaces them quickly and easily without wasted movement.  Arm action is short and quick. Throws show carry and accuracy.  Pop time 2.05.  Switch hitting catcher with promise from both sides.  Has looseness in his swing.  Gets to extension and gets the barrel through the zone. Shows good gap-to-gap power. 

Andrew Click, C, Portland HS, 2014 - Click has a big strong 6-foot-1, 200-pound catcher.  Behind the plate he shows good promise.  His pop stayed around 2.05.  Has an over-the-top slot with good carry. Above average arm strength shows well behind the plate (80mph). Needs to continue to improve footwork which will lead to better pop times. Big target. Solid hands. At the plate he shows gap-to-gap type of swing.  Upright stance. Short path to the ball. More in the tank.

Eric Eldred, C, Tecumseh HS, 2013- Eldred is showed really well at the Pre-Season All-State Showcase.  He showed consistent 2.00-2.08 pop times.  He put the ball on the bag. Throws were straight with no run.  HIs footwork was good.  Arm action is short and efficient.  At the plate he dives a bit and starts from an open stance.  He shows a good eye at the plate.  He looks to elevate the baseball and gets good extension. 

Alex Fultz, C, De La Salle HS, 2014- Fultz is a 5-foot-10, 205-pound catcher from De-LaSalle.  He possesses a strong lower half.  Feet work well behind the plate.  Quick easy replacement. No wasted motion.  Arm is short but gets under and pushes throw a bit from time to time.  Should continue to improve. 2.1-2.2 Pop times.  At the plate demonstrates good balance from open set up.  Quick hands and fast bat.  93mph exit speed was one of the best at the Pre-Season All-State.  Good shoulder trigger. Gets to extension well.  Seems to be an offensive catcher with pop in the bat.

Hunter Green, C, Birmingham Seaholm HS, 2014- Green has a good frame to work on (5-foot-11, 165-pound) and plenty of room to continue to fill out.  Primarily a catcher Green adds some versatility to be able to play in the outfield.  He ran a 7.26 60.  From the outfield he throws like a catcher and has a 78mph velocity.  Behind the plate Green had good carry to his throws (74mph) and showcased a 2.06 pop time one of the best at the showcase.  He works from an over-the-top slot.  At the plate his bat excels.  A switch hitter with good pop. He got to extension well and showed a fast bat from both sides.  He was balanced and very athletic.  His lower half is very active and explodes creating good torque.  Green needs to refine his defensive skills but his bat will play.

Andrew Manduzzi, C/INF/RHP, Macomb Dakota HS, 2014- Manduzzi has a big strong lower half.  He generates plenty of pop from the plate (90mph).  Balanced setup at the plate.  Explosive bat speed. Has a good presence at the plate.  Advanced approach.  Ball jumps off of the bat.  Behind the plate, works well. Arm action is good.  Deadens the ball well when blocking.  Throws were accurate with good carry. Pop times between (2.01-2.11).  Has the ability to play third base.

Brent Showers, C, Rockford HS, 2014- Showers exudes confidence and leadership behind the plate.  His mental makeup is off the charts and he is a proven winner.  Showers will never be a burner as a 7.5 runner but he makes up for his lack of speed in plenty of ways. He moves well behind the plate. His footwork is good and his throws are on the bag with good carry.  He has a nose for the baseball behind the plate and has a good mentality and toughness when it comes to blocking the baseball.  At the plate, Showers is a sit and spin hitter but he has a strong lower half that allows him to generate plenty of pop.  

Michael Sielinski, C, Swan Valley HS, 2013- Sielinski continues to improve. He ran well at the Pre-Season All-State Showcase with a 7.08 60-time.  He is a good athlete with an improving skill set.  The 6-foot-4 Seilinksi showed a 1.97 pop time. Throws were accurate and had good carry.  At the plate he worked uphill with his swing but showed good bat speed.  Gets to extension well. Slides his hips forward prior to contact but barrels up the baseball well.  Sielinski's stock continues to improve.

Sammy Stevens, Brother Rice HS, 2014- Stevens has a big strong frame behind the plate.  Works well.  Shows soft hands and good movement.  Handles pitchers well.  Pop times between 2.02-2.16. Good shoulder trigger at the plate.  Left hand hitting catcher.  Explodes through the baseball with short stroke.  Has good approach.  

*Catchers are listed in alphabetical order