Prep Baseball Report

Pre-Season All-State Scouting Notes: Middle Infielder Analysis

By Mike Penn
Michigan Director of Scouting

Chase Alexander, SS/MIF, Centreville HS, 2014- Alexander had a solid day overall.  He was showed solid sure hands in the infield. His lateral mobility allowed him to make all of the plays. His arm strength improved to 79mph across the diamond.  At the plate shows good balanced setup.  Will have additional pop if he can better incorporate lower half.  Bat head gets through the zone well. Good finish at the end.  Has a tendency to lower back hands causing an uphill tilt. Looks to drive the baseball.

 Brad Baldwin, SS/MIF, Bishop Foley HS, 2014- Badlwin is an athletic middle infielder with good actions. Plays at a high level for championship caliber program Bishop Foley HS.  In the infield he shows soft hands and outstanding footwork.  He moved well laterally.  Arm strength was solid (77mph). Got rid of the ball quickly and most importantly accurately.  Made all of the plays.  Arm action is short and over the top.  At the plate shows advanced skills.  Has good presence and swagger.  Gets to extension extremely well. Has gap to gap pop (87mph). Barrel whips through the zone and is explosive.

Josh Birnberg, SS/MIF, West Bloomfield HS, 2014- Birnberg is a lanky 5-foot-10, 160-pound SS/MIF from West Bloomfield HS.  Birnberg is solid all around. Ran a 7.15 on this day. Arm strength registered 74 mph across the diamond.  Moved well.  Played through the ball quickly and cleanly.  Shortened his throws by charging.  Accurate. Projects as a second baseman at the next level right now.  Hands are soft.  Has an upright narrow stance and starts from high hand positioning.  Shows line drive stroke and ability to spray the ball to all fields. Due to narrow stance he takes a longer stride and his head moved with it.  

Chase Carpenter, MIF, Bronson HS, 2014- Carpenter best profiles as a 2B at the next level.  Shows softer hands and high motor.  His exchanges were good and his throws were accurate with some carry.  At the plate he was balanced and showed good bat speed.  He has a smooth load. Has uphill tendencies but got through the ball well.

Garrett Harris, SS/MIF, Thornapple Kellogg HS, 2014- Harris is an athletic SS/MIF from Thornapple Kellogg HS. He stands at 6-foot-1, 190-pounds and has big broad shoulders.  Harris is an average runner at 7.0 but certainly will break that mark soon.  Accurate throws in the infield coupled with soft hands.  Transfers the ball cleanly.  Actions were smooth and agressive.  Arm played well 80+ across the diamond. At the plate has solid bat speed (84). Smooth load.  Has an little inward turn and to tap but good shoulder trigger.  Shows gap to gap potential.

Maris Marazita, 2B/MIF, Edwardsburg HS, 2014- Marazita may not be the tallest player (5-foot-9) but he is built well and has a great motor. Has a strong lower half. A 7.1 runner he has solid speed.  Profiles best as a second baseman.  Great hands in the infield.  Footwork was very good. Shows good mobility and good first step. Plays through the ball well and shortens throws. Needs to improve arm strength (69mph) Plays faster than most players.  Instincts were quick and natural. At the plate he was very balanced at setup. He is a sit and spin hitter and finishes on his backside.  Takes a big hack. Has good presence at the plate and exudes confidence. Gets through the ball and gets good extension. Exit velo 84mph. Marazita will surprise most. 

Joey Rydzewski, SS/MIF, De La Salle HS, 2014- Rydzewski is a 5-foot-11, 160-pound shortstop from De La Salle HS, who made a state final appearance in 2012. He is a good athlete.  Short arm action from short.  Soft hands and nice footwork. Arm strength continues to improve (79mph).  Was inconsistent on this day with his throws.  At the plate hits from the left side. Shows a tendency to pull a bit.  Rydzewski is a player to follow and best shows in a game.  His makeup is solid and fearless.

Garret Soule, SS/MIF, Dansville HS, 2013- Soule was a pleasant surprise.  He showed really good actions in the infield.  He is not a burner (7.34) and the arm needs to continue to improve (70 mph). But Soule did make up for it in plenty of ways. In the infield he shows good bounce in his step and agressiveness attacking the ball.  He was fluid and clean.  At the plate is where he excels.  Has an 88mph exit velocity one of the best at the showcase.  He keeps his approach simple and smooth.  Soule seems to be a hitting machine. Overall he is a great addition to a program and should find a place to play at the next level.


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