Q and A with 2015 Western Michigan Commit: Wyatt Morrison (Kalamazoo Central HS)

Wyatt Morrison, SS, Kalamazoo Central HS, Class of 2015

PBR: Why did you choose WMU?

Morrison: I chose Western because it honestly just felt like the
overall perfect place for me. I really felt a connection with Coach
Gernon ever since he started recruiting me my freshman year. My high
school also has the Kalamazoo Promise which pays for any in state
schools tuition for free. So with the offer he gave me on top of that,
I just felt like I couldn't turn it down. I've grown up in Kalamazoo
my whole life, so I've been around WMU quite a bit. I've always wanted
to be the home town hero so committing to Western gives me that

PBR: What other schools were you considering?

Morrison: I was also considering Xavier, Michigan State and Liberty, while I was asked to visit Coastal Carolina and Missouri.

PBR: Where did the coaches first see you? How did your relationship
develop with the coaching staff?

Morrison: Coach Gernon first saw me as a freshman when my high school team played Portage Central in Districts. He asked my coach for me to call him after that and then we built a very strong relationship over the next two years.

PBR: What role do the coaches expect you to play your first year on campus?

Morrison: Coach Gernon made it clear to me that I have a very good chance at playing my freshman year but I will also have to compete very hard for it. Nothing will be given to me and I don’t want it any
other way.

PBR: What summer team do you play on and how has travel baseball
helped your development as a player?

Morrison: I play for the Kalamazoo Maroons 18u team. Joining the Maroons last year as a sophomore was probably the best decision I could've made. We play all over the country and get to see the best competition. We only lost 4 games last summer and were ranked #11 in the country by Perfect game. I feel like playing travel baseball at this level has made me a completely different player, not just in the field, but also the mental aspect. I see mid to high 80's with advanced breaking balls every weekend and I feel very confident going into college baseball.

PBR: Who has had the biggest impact on you as a baseball player?

Morrison: My dad has had by far the biggest impact on me. Ever since I was little he would take me to the little league fields and hit me ground balls and throw BP to me all day. We still do it now, usually
after I would get done with practice in high school or on the weekends. He is my biggest motivator and doesn't BS me about anything and I appreciate that more than anything. He's been with me for every decision I make, but he lets me make my own choices. My dad is the reason for where I am at today.

PBR: What were your stats for this spring season at Kalamazoo Central?

Morrison: I struggled a little bit in school ball this year but my stats were: Avg. 333, 2 HR, 27 RBI, .462 OBP

PBR: Who is the toughest pitcher that you have faced in Michigan?

Morrison: The toughest pitcher I have faced in Michigan would be Tate Brawley from Niles. Nothing he throws is straight and he just flat out knows how to pitch. He's a bulldog on the mound.