Q&A with Nothwood Freshman: Brad Vigna (Jenison HS, 2013)

By PBR Staff

Brad Vigna graduated from Jenison High School in 2013 and has moved on to play at Northwood University. Vigna is a fantastic athlete with a great makeup. Throughout the course of his career he played at a high level not only in high school but with the Grand Rapids Diamonds in the summer. He and his teammates narrowly missed a chance to go to New Mexico and the AABC World Series.vigna  Vigna drew interest from several schools around the state but finally settled on playing at Northwood.

PBR:  Where have you decided to attend college and why did you make this choice?
Vigna: I have decided to attend Northwood University because I really like the coaching staff and I feel like the school is a perfect fit for me.

PBR:  What other schools were you considering?
Vigna: I was also considering Hillsdale College, Davenport University and Adrian College.

PBR:  Was distance from home a factor in your decision?
Vigna: Distance from home wasn't a huge factor for me, but being only a couple of hours from home will make it easier for my family to come to games.

PBR:  Where did the coaches first see you?  How did your relationship develop with their coaching staff?
Vigna: The coaches first saw me at a showcase and then watched me play last summer.  I got a call from Coach Nowaczyk and after my campus visit they were immediately at the top of my list.  I really liked the coaching staff and the university.

PBR:  What role do the coaches expect you to play your first year on campus?
Vigna: I'm going to get to campus, work as hard as I can every day and see what role I can best fit into to benefit the team.

PBR:  What is your biggest strength as a player and how do you feel that will help your team?
Vigna: Speed is the biggest strength I have, which I feel can benefit a team in so many ways both on offense and defense.  I get a good jump on the ball in the outfield and cover a lot of ground, and clearly, speed around the bases can get you that extra run.

PBR:  Who do you play for in the summer and what was your most memorable experience from this summer or a previous summer?
Vigna:  I play for Diamonds Sports Training Academy coached by Bill Peterson.  My most memorable experiences from this summer were being back to back Black Swamp Tournament champions and making it to the championship game of the Connie Mack Regionals.  

PBR: Lastly, is there anyone you would like to thank for helping you get to this point?
Vigna: I would definitely like to thank Bill Peterson for teaching me more than I ever thought I could learn about the game of baseball and for all of his recruiting help.

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