Top Outfield Performances from the Unsigned Senior Showcase


Sunday's Unsigned Senior Showcase saw eight outfielders nine outfielders walk through the door. Here is a quick look at some of the best performances of that group.  

Alphabetical Order 

Nathan Blackwell, OF/LHP, Chippewa Valley HS, 2013- Blackwell showed both in the outfield and on the mound.  He has a shorter more compact arm action that registered 78 mph from the outfield.  His exchange was quick and clean and he played through the ball well. At the plate he had a quick bat but his balance needs to improve to see better consistency. One of Blackwell’s strengths was his athleticism as he ran a 7.1 60. 

Devin Clifford, OF/C, Bay City Central HS, 2013- 
Clifford had one of the better all around days at the showcase.  The wiry 6-foot, 165-pound Clifford showed some fast twitch movements and that he was a good athlete. He registered a 85mph exit velocity and a pop time between 2.06-2.15.  From the outfield he worked through the ball and had an accurate arm with a position velocity of 81mph. He seems to play aggressively.  At the plate, we liked his swing. It has some explosiveness and good rhythm. 

Erich Klingelhofer, OF, Lake Orion HS, 2013-
 Klingelhofer is a solid 6-foot-2, 205-pound athlete.  He ran a 7.28 60 and registered a 74 mph positional velocity from the outfield.  He played through the ball well and was aggressive on his approach.  His throw were accurate from his high ¾ slot.  At the plate, Klingelhofer showed good balance, a short stride, and the ability to go the other way.

Dylan Postma, OF, Rockford HS, 2013- 
Postma comes from a good Rockford HS program.  He has a short over-the-top arm action and his throws registered at 78 mph at their peak.  He is a lanky 6-foot-3, 175-pound athlete that runs 7.28 in the 60.  At the plate he has an athletic stance and fast bat. He takes a short stride  and appeared to go to the opposite field.

Derek Staelgraeve, OF, Romeo HS, 2013-
Staelgraeve stands at a 5-foot-11, 150-pounds.  He runs a 7.3 60-yard dash and his arm strength measured at 76mph from the outfield.   He did show a long arm action with accurate throws. His hands were soft but he needs to work on his footwork a bit.  At the plate he was balanced and used the whole field.

Alex Valasek, OF/RHP, Saginaw Nouvel HS, 2013- Valasek intrigues us. He ran a 7.18 60 and was 84mph from the outfield.  He is a late bloomer and when he grows more and adds strength he will have the potential to help a program.