Prep Baseball Report

Top Pitchers from the Great Lakes Elite Showcase 6.12.13

By Mike Penn
Michigan Director of Scouting

We continue our coverage of the Great Lakes Elite Showcase with a look at some of the top pitchers who attended the event.

Joey Prechtel, RHP/OF, Rochester Adams, 2016- Prechtel passes the "eye test" when he walks in.  6-foot-3 176-pounds 2016 right-hander.  Setup is stiff and a bit mechanical at the beginning but arm worked well. Touched 85mph with fastball but sat primarily between 82-84 mph.  Has projectable body and should gain both strength and velocity. Projects best as a pitcher moving forward.  H3/4 slot. Arm was quick.  12-6 breaking ball that spun well. 61-63mph.  Good feel for change 75-77. Good athlete ran 7.15 in the 60.

Matthew Szabo, RHP, Northern HS, 2015- Szabo has a bright future on the mound. Szabo is a 6-foot-1 RHP/OF from Canada. He best projects on the mound moving forward. Fastball sat between 81-86mph.  Worked from a higher slot almost over the top.  Slower temp during the delivery but showed good balance with a smooth delivery.  Secondary stuff was solid with potential to get better.

Jake Lincoln, RHP, Jackson Lumen Christi HS, 2014- On this day Lincoln was 82-84mph. Athletic frame at 6-foot-2, 180-pounds.  Fastball shows good downward action with hard armside run.  Breaking ball acts like a slider 68-70 mph.  Feel for three pitches.  Change was above average.  Good armside run with change down in the zone.  Certainly one to follow.

Henry Chang, RHP, Northville HS, 2014- Chang is a 5-11 RHP/3B who has a quicker arm.  Fastball sat between 83-84mph.  Best upside is on the mound.  Fastball has occasional cut.  Kept the ball down well. Showed both a slider and a curveball.  Slider was 70-74mph.  Curve was 68-70mph.  Needs to improve consistency with both pitches.  Seems to get between the two.  Some effort in the delivery but has good balance with shorter arm action.

Jorge Lozano, RHP, Spring Lake HS, 2015- Lozano continues to improve. We last saw Lozano in February when he sat 80-82 now he is sitting 82-84mph with his FB.  H3/4 Slot with a quick arm.  Good balance point and repeatable delivery.  Smooth rhythm.  Showed better feel for change with armside run (74-75mph).  Breaking ball was 11-5 with 69-70mph.  Athletic RHP with more room to grow only 155-pounds.

Honorable Mention

Garrett Farmer, RHP, Chelsea HS, 2015Farmer is a 5-foot-11, 155-pound RHP/3B.  Has clean actions in infield.  Accurate throws  across diamond 81mph.  Ball carried well.  Shows balance at plate with line-drive stroke.  Worked inside out.  Potentially best suited on the mound.  Fastball between 80-82mph.  H3/4 slot with long loose arm action.  Stayed in line with little to no effort.  Breaking ball spins well. Showed both CB and SL.  CB was 11/5 plane with tighter spin.  71-72mph.  SL was 80mph. Acted more like a cutter.  Change is still a work in progress. 

Lennon Gwizdala, LHP, Bay City Central HS, 2015-  Gwizdala is a stockier lefty who worked out both at first base and on the mound.  Only a sophomore he stands at 5-foot-11, 184-pounds. Good balance during delivery.  A little crossfire with deception. Threw fastball for strikes.  FB sat between 79-81mph.  Breaking ball spins well. 65-68. Has sharper bite and 12-6 shape.  Good feel for change 70-72.  Seems to compete well. Long arm action at first. Over the top slot.  Picked everything on defense.  At the plate is closed off to start.  Can pick up some pop by incorporating lower half.  Line-drive swing right now. 

Cameron Charbonneau, RHP, Utica Eisenhower, 2014
Charbonneau stands a 6-foot-1 and 180-pounds.  His arm works well and is on the looser side. Right now he sits between 77-79mph and touched 80 multiple times.  Slider was the better of the two breaking pitches (66-67).  Needs to work on keeping handspeed during changeup (70mph) but did show good differential between fastball. Projects to be add some velocity.