Prep Baseball Report

Top Prospect Games: Red Team Analysis

By PBR Staff

Josh Birnberg, SS/MIF, West Bloomfield, 2014
Birnberg is a 5-foot-11, 160-pound middle infielder.  Plenty of room to grow and fill out.  Handsy hitter with longer stride.  Works uphill a bit.  Soft hands in the middle infield.  Footwork was solid on and around bag.  Ran well down the line 4.34 at his best.  Projects to be a second baseman at the next level.

Joey Rydzewski, SS/MIF, De La Salle, 2014
Rydzewski’s best tool is perhaps his speed. An above average runner Joey ran a 4.25 down the line from the left side.  Slinger arm action from short.  Was accurate and on target across the field.  Played through the ball well.  At the plate shows little to no load.  Level path with line-drive approach.  Puts the ball in play and uses speed to tailor his game.  Solid player who needs to be followed.

Phil Carey, RHP, Tecumseh, 2014
Carey may not throw the hardest but he has some of the best pitchability in the class. A good competitor who fills up the strike zone.  Has competed and won at a high level.  Should jump a bit in velocity.  Arm works from High ¾ slot.  Crossfire delivery adds to deception.  Feel for all three pitches.

Evan Flohr, LHP, Northville, 2015
Flohr has plenty of time.  Has good upside at 6-foot-2, 175-pounds.  Arm worked well.  Cleaner delivery with fastball ranging from 79-82mph.  Feel for three pitches.  Gets lots of groundballs.  Fearless in attacking hitters.  Needs to fill out and make a jump in velocity. Expect him to make a jump in the next six to 12 months.

Jaeden Thompson, MIF/OF, Otsego, 2014
Thompson is a pitbull.  5-foot-7, 175-pounds.  Limited projection physically.  Good runner.  Arm strength is adequate to play both in the infield and in the outfield.  Shorter arm action with some carry  (81mph)  Shows good versatility. Strong wrists and hands able to drive the ball to all fields.  Inside out approach at the plate.  Good player who is solid all around.

Collin McClelland, SS/MIF, Brighton, 2015
McClelland is another player who has yet to reach his physical maturity.  Only 6-foot 160-pounds has good projection.  Should see considerable gains in both strength and size.  Good hands at the plate.  Pure hitter.  Interesting timing mechanism at plate.  Ran 4.59 home to first in game.  Defensively shows softer hands plays through the ball.  Evidently been around the game a lot.  Heady player.

Joel Frison, OF, Ann Arbor Skyline, 2014
Frison is a smaller compact player at 5-foot-10, 160-pounds.  Good runner from the right-side- 4.26-4.4 home to first.  Arm strength is solid (81mph) Over-the-top arm action.  Played through ball well with natural instincts.  Throws were accurate.  Outstanding competitor.  Uses whole field at the plate.  Potential gap pop.  Projects to be a good two-hole hitter who can handle the bat and make consistent hard-contact.

Trent Theisen, C, Saline, 2015
One of the best catchers in the Class of 2015.  Strong accurate arm at 79mph from the crouch.  Solid frame at 5-foot-11, 170-pounds. May grow a touch more. Footwork needs to improve behind the plate which will result in a better pop time (2.09-2.19).  Above-average receiver.  Soft-hands with good movement behind plate.  Handles pitching staff well. Sits low to the ground and blocks ball well. Ran 7.07 in the 60 in the past.  Offensively balanced at the plate with open stance.  Cuts himself off a bit. Some power potential as gains weight and strength.  Threw runner out during the games and added two hits. High follow.

Andrew Click, C/1B, Portland, 2014
Click has a big frame and target to throw to at 6-foot-2, 200-pounds. Ran better than anticipated to first base (4.65).  One of the best pop times at Top prospect Games 1.93-2.03.  Big arm behind the plate (80mph).  Does standup coming out of the crouch to throw. Would like to see him stay lower through the zone.  Big swing at the plate.  Faster bat speed with partial lower half.  May see more pop as he incorporates lower half.  Cut himself off a bit in BP but easily correctable. Overall a good showing.

Ryan Bartkowiak, SS/RHP, Grand Blanc, 2015
Long and lanky 6-foot, 170-pound athlete.  Lots of room for growth.  Slinger arm action from field.  Best upside is on the mound.  Sat 82-84mph on the mound with low-3/4 slot.  Ball runs hard.  Slider action to breaking ball 76 mph.  Loose whippy arm action with more to come. 

Chandler Sedat, RHP, West Bloomfield HS, 2015
Sedat helped cement his standing as one of the best righties in the Class of 2015 with his performance at TP Games. 6-foot-2, 180-pound good athlete.  Good projections with time on his side.  Sat 85-88mph with his fastball.  Did struggle with command at times.  Long loose action with arm side run.  Kept hand speed up for changeup. Stays online.  Breaking ball has sharper bite (72mph).

Alex Wagner, LHP, Hartland, 2014
One of the best surprises at TP Games. Sat 83-84mph with the fastball. 6-foot-3, 170-pound lefty.  Good physical projection.  Threw three pitches for strikes with command.  Smooth delivery. When down in the zone produces a lot of groundballs. Has a tendency to open lower half creating some arm drag which may lead to balls being elevated from time to time.

Steve Marowski, 3B, Farmington Hills Harrison, 2015
Marowksi helped get the offense started for the Red Team. Doubled in the first game.  Smaller thicker build at 5-foot-9, 190-pounds.  Needs to continue to improve speed (5.19 home to first).  Offensively minded player.  Needs to improve arm strength both on mound and in the field.

Tyler Gullick, SS/RHP, East Lansing, 2014
Gullick is an intriguing prospect.  5-foot-11, 180-pound strong athlete.  Short arm action in the field.  Made several nice defensive plays in the infield.  Soft-hands and good feet.  At the plate shows good balance and hits from a crouch.  Fast bat speed.  Gap-to-gap pop.  Drove in a run with deep sac fly to left-center.  Knows the game.  On the mound was 80-82mph.  Epitome of a ballplayer.

C.J. Huntley, 3B/SS, Mattawan, 2015
Big strong athlete with good physical projection at 6-foot-2, 180-pounds.  Huge feet plenty more to grow.  Still learning how to use his body.  Should be one of the more highly sought after corner players in Michigan. 4.67runner home-to-first.  Big hack at the plate. Gets good extension with explosive bat speed. Had a an RBI-single. Needs to shorten stroke at the plate.  May get beat on velocity on inner-half. Does show aptitude for game and ability to adjust.

Dakota Prince, C/3B, Hudsonville, 2014
Solid all-around ballplayer.  Can do a lot of things to help a team win. Multiple positions. 6-foot, 180-pounds.  Put together well.  Strong arm behind plate 2.0-2.19 pop times. A bit inaccurate in the showcase but threw well in the games.  In the infield showed strong arm across field (80mph) with quick release.  Offensive minded player.  Open stance.  Swagger at the plate with athletic feel. Used whole field  Works uphill looking to drive the baseball.

Robbie Jones, OF, West Bloomfield, 2015
Jones put on a show in the outfield at TP Games. Above-average arm strength at 87mph.  Played through ball well. Throws had life and carry.  Long arm action with good levers.  Arm should only get better. Projects to be 90+ from outfield soon.  Fast-twitch athlete.  Level swing with fast bat.  Barreled up a lot of baseballs.  Put himself on the map of a lot of schools.  Needs to refine his game more. 

Daniel Jipping, OF/1B, Plymouth Christian, 2014
An impressive athlete at 6-foot-3, 205-pounds.  Committed to Central Michigan a week after the TP Games.  82 mph from the outfield. Arm continues to get better but will play on a corner only. Serviceable at first base but best in the outfield.  Played through the ball well with softer hands.  Offensively struggled at the plate.  Was late most of the time despite having some of the best bat speed in the class.  Have seen him much better in the past.

Jacob Garbarino. C, Grandville, 2015
Strong physically built 5-foot-11, 195-pound sophomore.  Strong arm behind the plate- 74 mph from the crouch.  2.03-2.19 pop times in the showcase portion. Nose for the baseball behind the plate with fearless actions. Balanced at the plate with short compact swing.  Got to extension well. Definite follow. 

Alexx Zielinski, LHP, Brighton, 2015
High-upside lefty.  Sat primarily between 81-83mph.  Stands at 6-foot-5, 195-pounds.  Impressive athlete.  Arm works fine from high ¾ slot.  Legs are a bit stiff and mechanical.  Needs to draw out more athleticism and will see jump in velocity.  Good plane down hill with clean actions.  Spins breaking ball well. Will participate in Midwest Futures Games.

Grant Wolfram, LHP, Hamilton, 2015
Big player from small town.  Wolfram is a 6-foot-6 , 185-pound lefty.  Has lots of moving parts but when it all comes together has a chance to be special.  Worked between 80-82 touching 84mph.  Breaking ball needs to tighten up.  Learning how to pitch still.  High follow.  If makes the jump should be highly sought after.

Dennis Jordan, RHP, Lakeshore, 2015
Big-bodied 6-foot-6, 230-pound righty.  Arm worked from higher ¾ slot.  Struggled a bit with command.  Breaking ball was looser.  Still has plenty of potential.  Has been much better in the past touching 89mph.  Needs to get mechanics connected again and back in sync to  see previous results.  Still lots of potential.