Unsigned Senior Spotlight: Sam Brooks, OF, Bay City John Glenn, 2013

No. 36 Sam Brooks, OF, Bay City John Glenn, 2013

Sam is an intriguing prospect.  He is coming into his own as a player and has some upside.  Standing at 6-foot-2, 180-pounds with broad shoulders, his frame has more pounds to gain.   He has some upward tilt in his swing but when he connects it jumps. He uses his long levers to generate some pop.  His exit velocity was 89 mph, which is evidence of his strength.  Brooks is solid runner who clocks in at 7.16 in the 60-yard dash. Additionally, Brooks has played at a high level helping Bay City John Glenn reach the state finals.

We caught up with Sam and here are his answers on where he is in the recruiting process:

PBR: Where are you currently in the recruiting process?
Brooks: I have had a few offers but am keeping my options open.  I want it to be a good fit for both baseball and academics.  I want to go where I can improve my baseball skills and obtain a great education. 

PBR: What level of baseball do you see yourself playing at the next level?
Brooks: Division I or II baseball

PBR: What schools are you most interested in right now, and why?
Brooks: Oakland University, Ball State, Daytona Beach Community College, Northwood, and a few others. 

PBR: What aspect of your game do you believe needs the most improvement?
Brooks: Speed and arm strength.  I had a huge jump in my speed, strength and bat speed in the last year. My goal is to make that big of a jump or more in the next year.  I know that I am a late bloomer and will be able to add a lot more strength. 

PBR: As a player what is your greatest strength?
Brooks: Hitting in my strength and I hit from the left side.  I have good bat speed and I usually put the ball into play.  I am able to use the entire field and go left and left center. I can hit for power as well.

PBR: What are your high school team goals for the 2013 season?

PBR: How did your 2012 high school and summer seasons go? 
Brooks: We went to the state finals and lost to a very good team. I went 9 for 15 during the state run. The summer went well.  I played for the Saginaw Means team, playing left and hitting in the 4 hole. CMU Stars picked me up after the District lost for our Means team.  I played right field and batted 4th.  We made it to the Palomino World Series in Compton CA.  We went 1 and 2.  It was a great experience because we played two international teams:  Puerto Rico and Chinese Taipei.  I went 5 for 10 at the plate.

PBR: What were your stats in 2012?
Brooks: High School: .420 BA, 1 HR, 45 RBI, 19 2B

PBR: What is your GPA? ACT or SAT score?
Brooks: 3.2 and 23 on ACT

PBR: Have you decided on a major or narrowed it down?
Brooks: Sports Management or Kinesiology/Biomechanics