Commitment Spotlight: '21 Chase Mason, OF/RHP, Viborg-Hurley (SD)

Andy Judkins
Prep Baseball Report Minnesota

Chase Mason - Nebraska



PBR: Why did you choose the school you did?

Mason: I really looked at every bit of the whole program that could help me in the future, so it was a combination of a lot of things.

PBR: What other schools were you considering?

Mason: Wichita State, Missouri

PBR: Where did the coaching staff first see you? How did your relationship develop with him?

Mason: First contact was in mid-July, first was in contact with Coach Harvell. We just built a good relationship and then I didn’t really hear a hole lot from them for a while so got back into contact with them and really felt like they were the right place to be.

PBR: Do you feel relieved now that the process is over and you can just focus on baseball and not deal with everything that goes into picking a school?

Mason: Yes obviously it was very good experience getting recruited for everything not only baseball but now that it is over there is a lot of time that I have now when before I would have to schedule everything around different zoom meetings and calls.

PBR: Was there one deciding factor that put your choice over the top?

Mason: I wouldn’t say there was one specific thing, if there was one thing that I kind of looked for more, it was development and getting a chance to play right away.

PBR: Who has helped you the most to get to where you are today?

Mason: I would definitely say my pitching coach in Harrisburg, Kris Regas. Would literally do anything to help me through the whole process and really wants what’s best for me.

PBR: What were your expectations about the recruiting process? Was it easy/difficult?

Mason: I did not really know what to expect because I never knew anyone from a small town that got this much exposure. It’s not easy or all that difficult, it was more just time consuming and I’m not a huge guy on sitting on my phone all day to talk to people. I would say the thing that stood out the most is just how fast it came and went.

PBR: What plans does the coaching staff have in store for you in your freshman season?

Mason: Giving me the opportunity to play OF or Pitch or do both.

PBR: What is your most memorable baseball moment to date?

Mason: Definitely hitting my farthest home run against Brandon Valley, there was really nothing that felt better than that swing and I have also never seen a ball go that far.

PBR: Who is the best player that you have competed against?

Mason: CJ Hood, definitely the best pitcher I have faced.