MN Unsigned Senior Showcase: Corner Infield Evaluations

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By Rob Allison
Prep Baseball Report Minnesota

The Prep Baseball Report Minnesota's Unsigned Senior Showcase took place on August 23, 2015 at Vet's Field- Minnetonka High School. The showcase featured uncommitted prospects from the 2016 class who showcased their talents in front of our scouting staff, college coaches, and professional scouts.

Today we take a look at the corner infielders who participated in the event. The top corner infield prospect at this year's MN Unsigned Senior Showcase is  Minnetonka's Pierson Pass. Pass is an above average defender at third base with athleticism and an above average glove. He offers versatility in the field and could probably spend some time at shortstop depending on a college program's needs. Will have to shorten swing at the college level to handle upper echelon pitching; but shows good hands at plate with ability to consistently square the baseball.

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Top corner infield Prospects

1. Pierson Pass, 3B, Minnetonka, 2016
5-foot-11, 165-pound right-handed hitting infielder. 6.99 runner. Deep load. Leg kick trigger into long stride. Mid/pull approach with above avg. pop to pull side of field. 84 mph exit velocity. Athletic actions in field. Plus body control. Fields out front with soft hands and good feet. Throws have above avg. carry and accuracy to bag. 82 mph arm strength. Should make a jump in 2016 rankings.

2. Matt Heiling, 1B, Shakopee, 2016
6-foot-2, 170-pound right-handed hitting first baseman. 7.25 runner. Open stance to start. Strides slightly across body. Long levers with clean swing path. Shows good hands to baseball with pop to pull side of field. Middle/pull approach with solid contact. 77 mph exit velocity. Good hands and range. Avg. around bag. Athletic actions for first baseman. Stiff arm action with 74 mph arm strength.

3. Nolan Friedrichs, 1B/RHP, Edina, 2016
6-foot-3, 215-pound left-handed hitting 2-way player. 7.41 runner. Consistently drove balls into right-center gap. Easy load and stays connected well. Short to contact. 88 mph exit velocity off tee. Soft hands and fields out front. Solid actions at first base. Has improved footwork around bag. Accurate throws at 81 mph across infield.

4. Jason Peter, 1B/OF, Prior Lake, 2016
6-foot, 180-pound left-handed hitting corner player. 7.2 runner. Good balance and direction in swing. Consistent solid contact to pull side of field with flashes of pop in bat. 84 mph exit velocity off tee. Shows solid feet and hands at first base. Solid around bag. Makes routine plays. 71 mph arm strength across infield. Avg. actions in outfield. Glove is solid. Loses direction with feet on throws. Opens early with elevated throws to plate. 74 mph arm strength from outfield.

5. Josef Tschida, RHP/3B, St. Thomas Academy, 2016
6-foot, 170-pound right-handed hitting 2-way player. 7.47 runner. Open stance. Double tap trigger to swing. Dives into contact. Aggressive swing. Clean bat path through zone. Solid contact middle/away with flashes of pop in bat to pull side of field. 78 mph exit velocity. Solid body control with some quickness. Fields deep occasionally. Avg/ok glove and feet. Clean arm action with above avg. carry. 81 mph arm strength across diamond.

6. Justin King, LHP/1B, Farmington, 2016
5-foot-10, 170-pound switch-hitting 2-way player. 7.69 runner. Athletic set-up LHH with consistent load and swing. Shows pull pop in bat with consistent solid contact. RHH is raw with long stride and seems to be off-time. Length to contact. 82 mph exit velocity. Above avg. feet/hands/actions at first base. Good around bag. Easy effort with ability to field position. 72 mph arm strength.


Parker Banyard, 1B, Hopkins, 2016
6-foot-5, 200-pound right-handed hitting first baseman. 7.72 runner. Slightly crouched stance with short stride. Stays connected well in load; short to contact; with above avg. pop in bat. Gap to gap approach. 84 mph exit velocity. Soft hands fielding. Long release on throws. Adequate footwork around bag with ability to receive throws. 68 mph arm strength.

Erik Bartho, 1B/RHP, Northfield, 2016
6-foot-4, 190-pound left-handed hitting 2-way player. 7.19 runner. Open stance. Easy load and stride to contact. Middle/pull approach with flashes of pop to pull side of field. Hands slightly stiff in swing. 84 mph exit velocity off tee.  Shows solid athleticism in field with size. Good glove with accurate arm. Ability to start double play. Avg. footwork around bag. 73 mph arm strength.

Ryan Cho, 1B, Homestead (WI), 2016
6-foot-2, 220-pound right-handed hitting first baseman. 8.06 runner. Short stride. Avg./ok balance. Consistently gets barrel to ball with gap to gap approach. 91 mph exit velocity. Shows good hands at first base. Avg. range and footwork around bag. Long release on throws. 69 mph arm strength.

Kyle Froom, 1B/RHP, St. Louis Park, 2016
6-foot, 200-pound right-handed hitting 2-way player. 8.09 runner. Slightly open stance with leg kick trigger to stride. Hands out over plate. Stays connected and is short to contact. Falls over plate at contact effecting balance. Underneath at contact occasionally. Mid/away approach. 80 mph exit velocity off tee. Above avg. feet and hands at first base. Aggressive fielder and shows ability to make plays. 74 mph arm strength with quick release and solid accuracy to target.

Mitch Hirsch, 1B/RHP, Minnetonka, 2016
6-foot, 205-pound right-handed hitting first baseman. 8.06 runner. Narrow open stance. Double tap trigger. Inconsistent load producing top spin contact to pull side of field. 68 mph exit velocity. Shows usable hands and feet at first base. Makes routine plays. Stiff shoulder arm action with 73 mph arm strength.

Clayton Maakestad, RHP/1B, Fairmont, 2016
5-foot-11, 165-pound right-handed hitting 2-way player. 7.91 runner. Low hand slot with leg kick trigger. Works middle of field with raw hitting mechanics. 71 mph exit velocity. Fields deep in stance with avg. feet and hands. Makes routine plays. 71 mph arm strength.

Hunter Mutterer, 1B/RHP, Annandale, 2016
6-foot-2, 250-pound right-handed hitting 2-way player. 8.19 runner. Narrow stance. Tall and fall hitting mechanics. Stays balanced. Good approach at plate with strength in swing. Uses hands well in swing. Solid contact to all fields. 77 mph exit velocity. Fields deep in stance. Solid range and glove. Ok feet for size. Short arm action with accuracy. 69 mph arm strength.

Tyler Pedersen, 1B, Duluth Marshall, 2016
6-foot-2, 210-pound right-handed hitting first baseman. 7.28 runner. Closed stance. Flat swing plane. Quiet head with consistent hard pull contact with flashes of pop in bat. 80 mph exit velocity. Avg. feet and hands at first. Stiff actions. Makes routine plays. Accurate arm. 69 mph arm strength.

Trey Perez, 3B, Lewiston-Altura, 2016
5-foot-10, 150-pound right-handed hitting infielder. 7.75 runner. Simple swing. Works middle of field. Stiff lower half. Singles hitter. Rolls hands over early at contact. 70 mph exit velocity. Raw fielding mechanics with long release. OT slot with avg. accuracy. 67 mph arm strength.

James Ripley, 1B, West Lutheran, 2016
6-foot-3, 200-pound right-handed hitting first baseman. 7.15 runner. Physical build with strength. Pull approach at plate. Some pop in bat. Stays on backside through swing. Some length to contact. 78 mph exit velocity off tee. Solid glove and feet in field. Adequate range. Athletic arm action. Accurate throws. 72 mph arm strength.


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