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PBR IA Scout Blog- Quad Cities Open Tournament

Rob Allison
Prep Baseball Report Iowa

The Upper Midwest Quad Cities Open Tournament featured 2020 through 2023 grad teams; with many rosters dotted with up-and-coming top committed and uncommitted grads from Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. The tournament was held at TBK Bank Sports Complex in Bettendorf, IA on September 28 and September 29, 2019



MN Blizzard Gold American

  • ‘21 LHP Austin Shingledecker started on the mound for Blizzard Gold American. Short ¾ arm action and hides the ball well during his delivery. Showed good control and kept hitters off-balance with a two-pitch mix. Fastball sat 76-80 mph with late run and sink. Above avg. changeup sat 66-68 mph with late sink.

  • ‘20 RHP Cameron Weisz threw for Blizzard Gold American. Fastball sat 72-73 mph, working both sides of the plate. Curveball consistently thrown at 65 mph with avg. break. Was efficient with his pitches in his outing.

  • ‘21 RHP Cole Hinkel started for Blizzard Gold American on day two of games. Fastball sat 75-78 with varying action, working both sides of the plate. Curveball sat 67-68 with a small 10/4 shape and an avg. changeup thrown at 70-71 mph with occasional fade.

  • ‘21 OF Sam Johnson has a typical leadoff hitter build from the left side of the plate. Mid/oppo approach looking to make contact with a couple of hard liners to RF. Skinny frame with room to add strength. 

MN Blizzard Gold National

  • ‘21 RHP/OF Jacob Skogrand started on the mound for Blizzard Gold National. Fastball sat 77-80 mph. Curveball sat 67-69 mph and had 10/4 shape with tight spin. At the plate, aggressive swing and fast hands lining a ball up the middle in his first game.

  • ‘21 MIF/OF Brevin Goetz started in the middle infield for the Blizzard Gold National team. Adequate hands and feet while fielding, throwing from a low ¾ arm-slot across the field. The right-handed hitter has a line-drive/flyball approach and some bat speed. Thin, athletic build with room to add strength.

  • ‘21 1B/LHP Cameron Zuniga bats from the left-side with some pull-side power. Hit a bases clearing double in the Blizzard’s first game. Moves well around first base, helping out his fielders on balls in the dirt. On the mound, heavy fastball that sat 71-73 mph and curveball at 64-65 mph with 2/8 shape.

  • ‘20 RHP Benjamin Reinhard displays a big, sturdy frame on the mound. Attacks the zone with a fastball thrown at 81-83 mph with interesting arm-side sink. Aggressive down the mound, using his momentum to his advantage.

  • ‘21 LHP/1B Riley Brockopp has a long, lean frame with room for added strength. On the mound, works from a ¾ arm-slot with a long stride down the mound. Fastball sat 73-74 mph and slider sat 65-66 with good movement. Challenged hitters by keeping the ball on the outer half. At the plate, hits from the left side with short, aggressive swing generating hard pull contact.

  • ‘20 MIF Will Thompson showcased athletic actions in the field, with good movements and a strong arm on plays made at shortstop.

  • ‘20 C Brent Hokeness worked behind the plate for the Blizzard Gold National team. Has a solid frame and athleticism, quick to his feet when contact is made. Recorded pop times in the 2.13-2.21 second range.


  • ‘20 OF Drew Chiprez showed physicality and strength in his frame and swing from the right side. Slight uphill bat path producing a line-drive/flyball swing. Stays through the ball, driving to balls to the RF wall for doubles.

Gamers 23

  • ‘23 LHP Tanner Schark was the starting pitcher for the Gamers ‘23. Worked fast and efficiently, pounding the zone with strikes. Throws from a long, high ¾ arm slot generating some arm-side run on his pitches. Fastball thrown at 71-73 T75 mph. Deceptive changeup thrown at 65-66 mph with the same arm speed as his fastball. Lefty hitter with a short, line-drive swing looking to drive the ball up the middle.

  • ‘23 OF Jace Figuereo played CF for the Gamers, with a quick first step on balls hit in the air. Lean, athletic frame from the left side of the plate. Mid/oppo approach looking to make contact and run. Battled out at-bats, fouling off pitches until he was able to drive a ball to LF.

  • ‘23 C Kane Williams plays hard for the Gamers in the box and behind the plate. RHH with a quick swing while staying through the ball. Defensively, moves well laterally and will add strength as he matures.

  • ‘23 MIF Mateo Rascon showed above average hands and clean fielding actions in the middle of the field. Hits from the right side with an aggressive, line-drive swing. Long, lanky frame with room to add strength.

Gamers 22

  • ‘22 INF/C Keaton Scott bats lead-off for the Gamers. Plays hard, showing some bat speed and aggressiveness with a line-drive swing. Agile catcher with above avg. catch & throw with strong blocking and receiving skills. Makes the tough plays up the middle at shortstop.

  • ‘22 INF Gage Pearson has soft hands and a good glove at the corner infield positions. The right-handed hitter is short to the ball making hard, loud contact. Mid/pull approach with doubles to CF & LF. On the mound, fastball sat 74-76 mph and curveball sat 67-69 mph 11/5 shape.

  • ‘22 RHP/INF Colton Clarahan started on the mound for the Gamers ‘22. Taller, lean frame with loose, whippy arm. Fastball sat 76-79 mph and curveball sat 64-65 mph with an 11/5 shape & good depth. Threw strikes while working both sides of the plate.

  • ‘22 RHP Jacob Zahner showed poise on the mound for the Gamers. Good command of his fastball which was thrown consistently at 78-79 mph to the glove-side. Curveball has a larger 11/5 shape and break thrown at 64 mph.

  • ‘22 RHP/OF Carson Chiprez of Gamers 22 also pitched. Small, athletic frame attacking hitters with his fastball and changeup. Fastball sat 73-75 mph and changeup 69-70 mph with avg. fade action.

  • ‘22 Lance Fowler of Gamers 22, has a lean/athletic build with a flat bat path producing line-drives and fly balls. Arm works on the mound with good action, fastball sitting 74-75 mph consistently.

  • ‘22 Landes Williams threw in relief for the games. Good downward angle on pitches and whip in his arm. Fastball sat 72-74 mph and curveball sat 64-66 mph with tight spin, decent depth, and 11/5 shape. More velocity in arm with added strength and size.


  • ‘23 RHP Maddux Freese started on the mound for EMB. All-around player showcasing athleticism while pitching. Throws strikes and has a good feel for his pitches. Fastball sat 71-72 mph and curveball sat 61-62 mph with 11/5 shape. With continue to mature into his body, developing more strength.

  • ‘22 C/INF George Sherlock of EMB displays a compact, strong build in the field. Aggressive at the plate and makes consistent hard contact with pop in his bat. Uses all fields, hitting a double to LF and a hard liner to RF. Good actions in the field, flexibility behind the plate and good receiving skills.

Iowa Sticks Red Baxley

  • ‘20 C Jake Reck of the Iowa Sticks Baxley has an athletic, crouched stance in the box with the ability to hit to all fields. Flat, line-drive swing showing some bat speed and pop with a double to LF and multiple liners to his mid/pull side. Athletic movements as a catcher, receiving well and keeping balls in front of him.

  • ‘20 OF Sam Nicolino has a physical frame with present strength and athleticism. Has a line-drive/flyball swing, using all fields to drive the ball using a quick swing and fast hands. Runs the bases well using his speed and situational awareness.  

Iowa Sticks Red Kohl

  • LHP Kieran Bailey threw in relief for Iowa Sticks Kohl. Clean mechanics and an easy, loose arm action yielding fastball at 74-75 T77 mph with slight arm-side run. More in arm and frame as he matures.

  • INF Kieran Cline of Iowa Sticks Kohl showed smooth hands at shortstop. Quick twitch athlete who moves well with room to add size to his frame.

Iowa Sticks Red Jankarlos 2022

  • ‘22 RHP/INF Bryce Haessig has big, physical body and bats from the right side. Quick hands with a mid/pull approach in his line-drive swing. On the mound has a short arm action, hiding the ball well. Fastball sat 68-70 mph with varying action and curveball thrown at 61 mph.

  • ‘22 C Cody Hargin has a long, lanky frame behind the plate. Athletic with good transfers and receiving skills. Agile from side to side to keep balls in front. Right-handed hitter with a toe-tap load and some rhythm in hands, hitting a double down the LF line for Iowa Sticks Red Jankarlos.

  • ‘22 RHP Jacob Ross of Iowa Sticks Jankarlos threw in relief. Fastball has some arm-side run from a ¾ arm-slot at 70-72 mph. Curveball has decent 10/4 shape and changeup with average fade and sink thrown at 62-64 mph.

  • ‘22 RHP Tucker Beving started on the mound for Iowa Sticks Jankarlos. Ball comes out his hand well, working to locate pitches on both sides of the plate. Fastball sat 70-71 T73 mph. Curveball was most effective pitch, sitting 60-62 mph with a snapping 12/6 break.

Iowa Sticks Red Baxley

  • ‘20 RHP Owen Brauch of Iowa Sticks Baxley threw in relief. Fastball was thrown at 74-75 mph from a high ¾ arm-slot. Length in frame that produces whip. 

MBA (Milwaukee Baseball Academy)

  • ‘22 RHP/INF Fred Pierce Jr. of MBA started on the mound in game 2. Big physical body with present strength. Line-drive swing with a middle/pull side approach. On the mound, loose arm from a ¾ arm-slot. Fastball sat 70-73 T74 mph with arm-side run. Slider has a cut action thrown at 65-66 mph.

  • ‘22 INF Max Stocco of MBA showed athletic actions at shortstop with adequate feet and hands, working through the ball. Smooth swing from the left side with rhythm in his hands. Lean, athletic body with room to fill out.

  • ‘22 RHP/OF Eli Michaelis threw in relief for MBA. Longer arm action from a high ¾ arm slot. Comes across his body generating a slight cut action on his fastball which was thrown consistently at 77-79 T80 mph.