Uncommitted Spotlight: '21 Ben Taxdahl, OF/RHP, St. Thomas Academy

Andy Judkins
Prep Baseball Report Minnesota

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PBR: What schools have expressed interest in you?

Taxdahl: I have been talking to various college baseball programs at the division one level as well as juco.

PBR: Have you taken any visits, or have any visits scheduled in the near future?

Taxdahl: I have taken some visits and plan to take a few more in the next month or two. 

PBR: Are you looking for anything in particular in a school? (Example: high academics, certain academic program, local, etc.)

Taxdahl: I am looking for a larger school (attendance-wise) that offers a strong academic program and an opportunity to play baseball.  I have looked at schools across the entire country.  I want the best fit for academics and baseball.  I need to choose a school that I could see going there even if it weren’t for baseball.  I am very interested in a coaching staff that will help me reach my fullest potential through their knowledge, equipment and experience.

PBR: What were some of your highlights during your sophomore year?

Taxdahl: Definitely my hitting. I was extremely happy with how I performed swinging that bat.  I had a few pitching opportunities as well as a sophomore.  One included a no hitter.

PBR: What are your goals for this year?

Taxdahl: Stay the course.  Continue the process that has gotten me this far.  The workouts, the strength, and the continued refinement of my mechanics will be the focus this offseason.

PBR: Do you play any other sports?

Taxdahl: No 

PBR: What is your ACT and GPA?

Taxdahl: 3.6 GPA. Taking ACT test this month.