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2.15 Top Gun Pitchers Showcase Analysis

Shon Plack
Missouri Scouting Director

On February 15, Prep Baseball Report-Missouri held the Top Gun Pitchers showcase at The Bud Dome. Twenty-one pitchers attended, five pitchers from the class of 2015 and 16 from the class of 2016.  Twelve of 16 right-handed pitchers were 84 mph or better, with the ability to throw strikes. Overall, it was a talented collection of pitchers, with the ability to pitch beyond high school. 

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Here is a break down of the event. 


Braydon Cook, RHP, Francis Howell, 2016
Cook is a 6-foot-2 190-pound right-handed pitcher, worked the bottom of the zone with three pitches, strike thrower, touched 87 mph twice with fastball, worked at 84-86 mph, 10-to-4 shaped slider, late action, 72-76 mph, change-up at  77-79 mph, arm side sink, throws with some effort, loose arm action, arm works, stays inline down mound, fast arm speed.


Bailey Vuylsteke, LHP, Oakville, 2016
Vuylsteke is a 6-foot 180-pound left-handed pitcher, one of the best pens of the event, strike thrower with three pitches, high three-quarters arm slot, touched 83 mph twice, working at 81-82 mph, slight run on fastball, 1-to-7 shape curveball, late action, 75-77 change-up, slight sink, works into legs during delivery, with smooth rhythm, arm works, works both sides of plate, finishes facing 3B. 

THE BEST OF THE REST (Listed Alphabetically)

Jake Bartshe, RHP, Liberty North, 2016
Barshe is a 6-foot-1 175-pound right-handed pitcher, touched 84 mph twice, worked at 82-83 mph, fastball has run, comes from high three-quarters slot, quick arm speed, loose arm action, curveball at 67-69 mph, 11-to-5 shape, late action, change-up at 70-74 mph, arm side sink, throws with regular effort, throws slightly across body, simple mechanics, repeats release.

Henry Boeckmann, LHP, De Smet, 2016
Boeckmann is a 6-fot-6 168-pound left-handed pitcher, touched 82 on his final pitch, worked at 78-80 mph, three-quarters slot, fastball has run, loose arm swing, has good direction towards plate, throws curveball on 2-to-8 plane, 62-65 mph, late/hard action, change-up with near fastball arm speed, 65-67 mph, showed some sink, Boeckmann is a projectable pitcher with lean build and feel for three pitches.

Ryan Christian, RHP, Christian, 2016
Christian is a 6-foot 160-pound right-handed pitcher, max fastball at 75 mph, sits 74-75 mph, 12-to-6 curveball at 61-63 mph, change-up at 68-72 mph, repeatable delivery with over-the-top release, smooth rhythm, regular effort, lands square to target, fastball had late run, curveball thrown for strike down in zone, change-up with near fastball arm speed.

Michael Failoni, RHP, Westminster, 2015
Failoni is a 6-foot-2 170-pound right-handed pitcher, easy effort, smooth rhythm, stays in-line, over-the-top release, quick arm speed, max fastball at 84 mph, sat at 82-83 mph, throws strikes on both sides of plate. conventional 12-to-6 curveball, 68-71 mph, shape break, change-up at 78-80 mph. 

Andy Grieshaber, RHP, Valle Catholic, 2015
Grieshaber is a 6-foot 165-pound right-handed pitcher, comes from a three-quarters arm slot, occasionally will go lower, stays inline down the mound, athletic finish,  73-75 mph fastball with sink, 10-to-4 plane slider, at 64-65 mph, late action, 70-71 mph change-up, near fastball arm speed, arm side run, works the bottom of the zone with three pitches, throws with regular effort.

Trevor McMurray, RHP, Lafayette, 2016
McMurray is a 6-foot-2 185-pound right-handed pitcher, throws strikes with three pitches, worked at 85-86 mph with fastball, 70-72 mph 12-to-6 curveball, late/sharp action, one of the best curveballs of the event, 76-77 mph change-up, down in zone, sink, projectable frame, quick arm speed, regular effort, repeats release, throws with downhill tilt, good movement on all pitches. 

Cole Milam, RHP, Waterloo (IL), 2016
Milam is a 6-foot-3 225-pound right-handed pitcher, strong frame, wide shoulders, throws with effort, good direction down the mound, over-the-top release, quick arm speed, sits 85-87 mph with fastball, slight run, gradual 12-to-6 curveball at 75-77 mph, change-up at 77-78 mph, arm side sink.

Cole Miller, RHP, CBC, 2015
Miller is a 6-foot-4 200-pound right-handed pitcher, sat at 82-83 mph, fastball has downhill tilt, three-quarters release, curveball has 11-to-5 shape, 72-74 mph, change up at 76-78 mph, arm side release, throws with some effort and is aggressive down the mound, projectable frame, throws slightly across body, quick arm speed.

Roy Moore, RHP, CBC, 2016
Moore is a 5-foot-11 175-pound right-handed pitcher, strong lower half, quick arm speed, maximized power for size, throws with some effort, stays in-line during delivery, posted top velo of day at 91 mph, worked at 83-86 mph, gradual/late down action on curveball, 68-73 mph, change-up at near fastball arm speed, 70-77 mph. 

Isaac Olson, RHP, Chaminade, 2016         
Olson is a 6-foot-6 197-pound right-handed pitcher, showing an increase in velocity since last event, touched 86 on last pitch, sits 84-85 mph, over-the-top release, regular effort, stays inline down the mound, smooth/repeatable mechanics, one of best curveballs of event, 12-to-6 shape, tight spin, late action, 65-69 mph, change-up at near fastball arm speed, 73-76 mph, arm side sink, throws strikes with three pitches, frame and arm action projects for velo increase.

Owen Pyatt, RHP, CBC, 2016
Pyatt is a 6-foot-1 175 pound right-handed pitcher, touched 85 mph, mainly at 83-84 mph, over-the-top release, quick arm speed, throws with regular effort, loose arm action, drives with hip to get down mound, frame and arm action will allow for velocity increase, fluid tempo during delivery, change-up at 73-76 mph, fastball arm speed, down in zone. 

Chris Robinson, RHP, Edwardsville (IL), 2015
Robinson is a 6-foot-2 180-pound right-handed pitcher, touched 86 mph several times, worked at 84-86 mph with fastball, 70-72 mph curveball, 11-to-5 shape, straight change-up at 77-79 mph, throws strikes with three pitches, smooth rhythm, lands square, loose arm action, showed velocity increase since last event.

Drake Salsman, RHP, CBC, 2016
Salsman is a 6-foot-1 180-pound right-handed pitcher, pounds the zone with three pitches, strike thrower, worked at 83-84 mph, late cut on fastball, 12-to-6 shape curveball, 62-65 mph, down in zone, change-up at 71-72 mph, fastball arm speed, slight arm side release, throws with some effort, quick arm speed, stays inline during delivery, repeats release point, works both sides of plate. 

Kaleb Schmidt, RHP, Kickapoo, 2016
Schmidt is a 6-foot 170-pound right-handed pitcher, touched 85 mph several times, hard run on fastball, works from a high three-quarters arm slot, quick arm speed, throws with some effort, smooth rhythm during delivery with deception, hides ball at balance point, 11-to-5 shape on curveball, sharp/late action, 67-71 mph, 73-75 mph change-up, hard arm side sink, plus-movement on all pitches. 

Blake Snyder, RHP, Linn, 2016
Snyder is a 6-foot-3 170-pound right-handed pitcher, starts in crouched position, fluid rhythm during delivery, releases slightly across body, over-the-top release, long arm swing, fastball at 81-83 mph, some run, 12-to-6 shaped curveball, sharp action, 68-70 mph, change-up at 73-76 mph, shows good feel for three pitches.

Alex Stevenson, RHP, Lutheran South, 2016
Stevenson is a slim 5-foot-11 165-pound right-handed pitcher, loose/long arm action, throws with easy effort, quick arm speed, strike thrower with three pitches, fastball has late run at 83-85 mph, 11-to-5 shaped curveball, late/sharp action, 66-69 mph, change-up has sink, thrown with fastball arm speed, 73-74 mph, repeats release point, smooth rhythm, uses lower half well, athletic finish.

Austin Turnbough, RHP, Francis Howell, 2016
Turnbough is a 6-foot 150-pound right-handed pitcher, high three-quarters arm slot, smooth arm action, keeps shoulders level during delivery, square finish, 76-79 mph fastball, slight run, consistent down in zone, 11-to-5 shape curveball, late action, 65-69 mph, throws for a strike, 70-71 mph change-up, near fastball arm speed, slider at 71-72 mph.

Jacob Voss, RHP, Linn, 2015
Voss is a 6-foot-8 220-pound right-handed pitcher, over-the-top release, throws with regular effort, keeps shoulders level to release, stays in-line to target, sat 77-79 mph with fastball, touching 81 mph, slight run, curveball at 60-63 mph, 12-to-6 shape, fastball arm speed, consistent bottom of zone, 68-70 mph change-up, arm-side sink.

Lucas Zurliene, LHP, Pacific, 2016
Zurliene is a 6-foot 155-pound left-handed pitcher, smooth rhythm, throws with regular effort, stays inline as he gets down mound, worked 77-79 mph with fastball, slight run, 1-to-7 shaped curveball, down in zone, change-up at 65-66 mph, slight arm side run,  athletic frame with long arm action.

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