With the fall season coming to a close, our staff will take some time to highlight several uncommitted prospects over the next few weeks as we prepare to enter the baseball off-season and throughout. These players have all impressed our staff recently, whether it be at events, tournaments, or other up-close looks via our boots-on-the-ground coverage.

Below you'll find all of the uncommitted spotlights we've rolled out this fall, and we'll continue to update this list as the off-season rolls on. You'll find brief blurbs on each player below from our recent events, tournaments, or other looks. If you click on the link within each blurb you'll find the full story we wrote on each individual player that has more pertinent information, such as player video and statistics.


Edward Uschold SS / Parkway South, MO / 2023

"...is another name-to-know uncommitted senior from this event. Built at a sturdy 6-foot-1, 192-pounds with room to tack on muscle, Uschold blasted the day’s hardest hit ball, screaming one off his barrel at 99.2 mph without much effort. His furthest batted ball traveled 366 feet, amongst the day’s best, and his ability to repeat a relatively loose right-handed swing is evident. Uschold projects as a middle-of-the-order type bat at the next level who’s still on the market."

To learn more about Uschold, including a complete story with statistics and video, click HERE.

Kaden Kinsler OF / Elsberry, MO / 2023

"...is a quick twitch athlete who showed well at the St. Louis Open earlier this summer and yet again at this event. Kinsler posted some of the event’s top Blast Motion metrics, averaging 23.1 mph of hand speed and 74.3 mph of bat speed, respectively. Kinsler generated quality contact off the barrel throughout BP as a result, posting several 90+ mph batted balls with a 94.3 mph max, per TrackMan. His athleticism translates to the outfield, where Kinsler is a fluid mover that attacks the baseball with lower half rhythm."

To learn more about Kinsler, including a complete story with statistics and video, click HERE.

Dylan Atherton OF / Lee's Summit North, MO / 2023

"...turned heads in his PBR event debut. At 6-foot, 170-pounds, Atherton reached a peak exit velocity of 97.5 mph, averaging 87.5 mph per batted ball, while finding the sweet spot 85% of the time, per TrackMan. He also posted some of the day’s more impressive Blast Motion metrics, averaging 73.8 mph of bat speed and 22.4 mph of hand speed throughout BP. Atherton’s bat strength showed later on, as he blasted an opposite field double off the right-center field wall in-game, and got off several quality hacks throughout the event’s gameplay portion. He’s certainly an uncommitted name-to-know offensive follow from this event."

To learn more about Atherton, including a complete story with statistics and video, click HERE.

Luke Burns OF / Desmet, MO / 2023

"...took arguably the event’s most polished BP round, repeating quality contact from an athletic right-handed stroke. Burns was all over the barrel throughout, regularly producing 90+ mph exit velocities with a 350 ft. peak batted distance. He’s improved since the St. Louis Top Prospect Games in June, where he was also a standout, and has added muscle onto a 6-foot-1, 195-pound frame. Burns is another top prospect to note in Missouri’s 2023 class that’s still uncommitted."

To learn more about Burns, including a complete story with statistics and video, click HERE.

Peyton Braile C / Liberty-Wentzville, MO / 2023

"...boasts a physical 6-foot-2, 205-pound frame with middle-of-the-order bat strength, clobbering a handful of 90+ mph batted balls throughout his round of BP at this event. Braile also recorded the hardest throw from behind the plate during his defensive workout, peaking at 79 mph and popping a 1.94 on his best bullet."

To learn more about Braile, including a complete story with statistics and video, click HERE.

Ronnie Willenbrink RHP / Affton, MO / 2023

"...is an uncommitted soon-to-be senior with twitchy arm strength that stood out at Wednesday’s event. Willenbrink recorded the hardest throw home from the outfield, peppering his target with lively bullets before uncorking an 87 mph max, and he fired the day’s hardest fastball on the hill too by also reaching an 87 mph high. Though he’s still developing feel to spin his breaking ball, Willenbrink’s raw spin data is a key building block, ripping a handful of hooks at 2,300+ RPM. He’s an upside athlete with twitch and lively stuff that’s still on the market."

To learn more about Willenbrink, including a complete story with statistics and video, click HERE.

Ayden Cline SS / Pleasant Hill , MO / 2023

"...impressed our staff at his PBR event debut in early September. At 6-foot-2, 185-pounds, Cline is an upside athlete with present proportional strength and room to add more down the road. A 6.98 runner in the 60, Cline generates easy hand speed from the right side and utilizes it to impact the baseball with advanced strength. In BP at the Yard Baseball Club Scout Day, Cline recorded a peak batted distance of 366 feet, averaging 280 ft. per batted ball - both of which were event highs. He squared his firmest ball up at 92.7 mph with an 86.7 mph average, repeatedly finding the barrel in the process. Cline's athleticism, particularly in his lower half, is noteworthy on the infield, and he was also up to 82 mph on the mound at this event."

To learn more about Cline, including a complete story with statistics and video, click HERE.

Cole Evans RHP / Timberland , MO / 2023

"...was another arm that threw two clean innings of work, punching out a handful of batters en route to a scoreless outing. At 6-foot-1, 170-pounds, Evans generates natural run and sink on his fastball from a ¾ slot, pounding the bottom of the zone at 80-82 mph. He effectively spun a high-60s slider off his fastball’s plane for strikes, especially to the arm-side of the plate, and also mixed in a low spin changeup at 73-76 mph."

To learn more about Evans, including a complete story with statistics and video, click HERE.

Collin Myers SS / Republic, MO / 2023

"...was a winner from the Midwest Mavericks Scout Day earlier this summer. Making his PBR event debut on that day, Myers' showed all sorts of physical upside attached to a lean and wiry 5-foot-10, 135-pound frame. He created leverage to the pull-side from a loose, repeatable left-handed swing in BP that could certainly translate to more impactful contact as Myers adds weight. He's athletic on the infield too, with active feet and steady glovework that plays out front of his body."

To learn more about Myers, including a complete story with statistics and video, click HERE.

Charlie Mussorici RHP / Liberty, MO / 2023

"...has been an arrow-up uncommitted arm throughout the fall and continued to show power stuff potential in brief stints last night. At 6-foot-1, 180-pounds, Mussorici spun the day’s highest breaking ball of the event, averaging nearly 2,400+ RPM on the pitch with a 2,424 RPM max. He pounded the zone with a mid-to-high-80s fastball as well, comfortably working to the arm-side corner of the plate in particular. Mussorici is an athletic arm with dynamic potential and remains one of the top pitching prospects in the state’s 2023 class that’s still on the market."

To learn more about Mussorici, including a complete story with statistics and video, click HERE.

Cole McPheeters RHP / Lee's Summit, MO / 2023

"...an upside uncommitted senior to note from our fall circuit. At 6-foot-3, 150-pounds, McPheeters offers plenty of room for physical projection, and his lanky levers make for an uncomfortable at-bat downhill. McPheeters made his PBR event debut at the MOKAN Open on October 16th, bumping his fastball up to 83.6 mph in his 'pen, while sitting at 81-83 mph throughout. McPheeters' primary secondary offering appeared to be a 72-73 mph changeup that played with natural arm-side run and sink, averaging 19.7 inches of horizontal action, per TrackMan. He rounded out his three-pitch mix with a 70-72 mph curveball as well."

To learn more about McPheeters, including a complete story with statistics and video, click HERE.

Carson McCaleb C / Timberland , MO / 2023

"...had one of the more impressive showings on the day for Team Missouri. A strong 5-foot-9, 195-pound switch hitter, McCaleb generated easy juice from both sides of the plate, barreling up multiple balls at 95+ mph while peaking at 98.6 mph. His ability to repeat his swing from both sides of the plate is evident and so is his knack for the barrel, nearly leading the event in hard-hit percentage (56%). McCaleb is a quality receiver behind the plate as well, working down-to-up with his glove and utilizing his strong wrists to stick the baseball. He recorded the event’s quickest pop time (1.94) and was accurate on the bag throughout his defensive workout. McCaleb is one of the top uncommitted prospects in Missouri’s senior class."

To learn more about McCaleb, including a complete story with statistics and video, click HERE.

Ajani Henke RHP / Home School, MO / 2023

"...strung together another impressive all-around day in Columbia this past weekend. A strong, sturdy 5-foot-11, 185-pound athlete, Henke kicked his day off by posting one of the event’s highest max exit speeds (94.6 mph) and generating some of the highest average bat speed (73.7 mph) we saw on the day, too. Henke uncorked an 86 mph max from the outfield and translated that arm strength to the mound, pumping his fastball at 85-87 mph with 20+ inches of induced vertical break on average. The biggest takeaway from Henke’s outing on the mound, however, was the confidence and ability he had to land a 67-71 mph breaking ball for strikes at any given count. His aptitude to spin it for strikes, coupled with a lively fastball that plays up in the zone, makes for a quality one-two punch for Henke on the hill."

To learn more about Henke, including a complete story with statistics and video, click HERE.

Nathan Smith RHP / Southern Boone, MO / 2023

"...showed out as arguably the top prospect in attendance Sunday morning. Making his PBR debut, the 6-foot-2, 174-pound Smith pumped his fastball from a high slot at 83-86 mph with downhill tilt and above-average arm speed. Smith also mixed in two breaking balls, a curveball and slider, with depth and similar velocity bands to each other, landing the former for strikes at a more consistent rate. A loose, live-armed athlete, Smith emerged as an uncommitted senior to follow in the state after this showing."

To learn more about Smith, including a complete story with statistics and video, click HERE.

Cole Stucky RHP / Rockhurst , MO / 2023

"...recently showed out at the Mac N Seitz Scout Day, where an uptick in stuff helped him debut on our state rankings at 62nd overall. The 6-foot, 175-pound wiry athlete ran his fastball up to 89.2 mph, pitching at 86-88 mph with natural arm-side action. Stucky's separator is a tightly spun upper-70s slider with bullet spin that is ready to miss bats at the next level right now, working from the same arm window as his fastball."

To learn more about Stucky, including a complete story with statistics and video, click HERE.

Tyler Leonard C / Staley, MO / 2023

"...we first saw Leonard this year at the Prodigy Scout Day in February, where he reached a peak exit velocity of 94 mph and repeated hard contact off the barrel from the right side. He translated that inherent strength to behind the plate, peaking at 79 mph on his firmest throw from the chute. Leonard's bat strength showed in-game at Creekside, first at the Kansas City Program Invitational and then again at the Creekside Fall Championships. He hammered a handful of home runs and caught the barrel for hard contact as well."

To learn more about Leonard, including a complete story with statistics and video, click HERE.

Ben Kerby OF / Truman, MO / 2023

"...Kerby popped up at the MOKAN Open and put up impressive metrics across the board. The left-handed hitting outfielder showed hand twitch at the plate (23.8 mph avg) and bat speed (73.6 mph avg) from a flat path, turning on some baseballs to the pull-side with authority. His hardest batted ball left his barrel at 93 mph and traveled 339 feet, per TrackMan. Kerby displayed arm strength from the outfield as well, firing an 88 mph strike on his firmest bullet."

To learn more about Kerby, including a complete story with statistics and video, click HERE.

Wyatt Miller SS / Francis Howell Central, MO / 2023

"...a physical right-handed bat that's still on the market. Miller's productive 2022 started during the high school season, where he slashed .348/.464/.587 and picked up 14 extra-base hits on a Francis Howell Central team that won 23 games. We saw Miller again at the Battle for The Arch in late September, and he put together another quality look representing Team Missouri against Team Illinois."

To learn more about Miller, including a complete story with statistics and video, click HERE

Antonio Graham OF / William Chrisman , MO / 2023

"...came away from the Yard Baseball Club Scout Day as a winner. Built at an athletic, yet wiry, 6-foot, 165-pounds, Graham started his day off by running a 6.88 60-yard dash, which was one of the higher marks of the day. He showed present hand speed (25.7 mph) and rotational athleticism (31.8 g) from a short, quick right-handed swing while primarily working up the middle during batting practice. Graham flashed foot speed in the outfield too, working quickly and around the baseball to gather."

To learn more about Graham, including a complete story with statistics and video, click HERE.