2.16 KC Preseason All-State: Corner Infield Analysis

By Sean McCann
Prep Baseball Report Kansas

The 2015 Prep Baseball Report Preseason All-State Showcase took place Monday, February 16th at 68’s Inside Sports in Overland Park, KS. Several of the top class of 2016 prospects from Kansas an Missouri gathered to display the fruits of their hard winter labor in front of the PBR scouting staff and area college coaches.

Click here to view the Instant Analysis article reviewing the top performers from the event in the various stat areas. 

Over the next week we will be releasing position-by-position analysis articles with scouting reports on each player and identifying the top prospects. Two-way players will appear in a position article as well as the pitching analysis feature. We will also be updating the Kansas and Missouri class of 2016 player rankings over the next few weeks.

Today we take a look at the corner infielders that participated in the event.

Top CORNER INFIELD prospects 

1. Tanner Padgett, RHP/1B, Valley Center HS, KS (2016)
Padgett is a physical 6-foot-5, 210-pound class of 2016 right-hand hitting first baseman and right-handed pitcher. Attends Valley Center HS in Valley Center, KS. Balanced set-up at the plate, smooth hand load, simple stride, delivers the barrel with authority, fast bat, leverage, line drive approach. Batting practice round with one hard hit ball in the gaps after another. Exit velocity of 95 mph – top mark in camp, ran a 4.35 home-to-first. At first base moves well for such a physical player, fielded the ball cleanly, high three-quarters throwing motion, mostly accurate throws, 82 throwing velocity. On the mound pitches from the stretch exclusively, very simple and repeatable delivery with three-quarters slot. Fastball with late life, 82-84 mph, topped out at 85. Short breaking ball with 11/5 to 12/6 shape, 72-74 mph. Command of 75-76 mph sinking change-up. Projectable class of 2016 prospect that is trending up.

2. Nick Mehlin, RHP/3B, Blue Valley Northwest HS, KS (2016)
Mehlin is an athletic-framed 6-foot-1, 175-pound right-hand hitting third baseman and right-handed pitcher. Class of 2016 prospect that attends Blue Valley Northwest HS in Kansas. Athletic set-up at the plate, light stride, no load, short path to the ball, hand strength, bat speed, aggressive swing, repeats. Impressive round of batting practice with a series of hard hit line drives in the middle of the field. Swing built to hit for high average. Exit velocity 86 mph, ran a 4.38 home-to-first. During infield work showed athletic actions, soft hands, quick exchanges, quick high three-quarters arm action, accurate throws. Simple delivery on the mound, tall balance point, high three-quarters arm action, arm works, athletic finish, repeats. Fastball with arm side run, also squared up catcher with glove side black fastball, 78-80 mph, topped out at 82, high percentage of strikes. Controllable breaking ball, nearly automatic strike, 12/6 action, 66-70 mph. Change-up at knees, 70-72 mph.

3. Maison Stites, 3B/SS, Lee’s Summit North HS, MO (2016)
Stites is a left side infielder that attends Lee’s Summit North HS in Lee’s Summit, MO. 6-foot-1, 185-pound frame. Right-hand hitter, athletic set-up, slightly open stance. Light inline stride, smooth load, hands work well, maintains balance. Hard middle to pull side contact in batting practice round. Recorded an 88 mph exit velocity, ran a 4.40 home-to-first. Athletic footwork in the infield, clean exchanges, short high three-quarters motion, arm works, 84 mph throwing velocity across the diamond, all strong accurate throws with carry. Solid class of 2016 infield prospect that has improved in all areas in the last year.

4. Alec Whaley, RHP/3B, CBC HS, MO (2016)
Whaley is a physical 6-foot-2, 205-pound right-hand pitcher and right-hand hitting third baseman. Attends CBC high school in St. Louis, MO. Class of 2016. During batting practice round showed a balanced set-up, uses leg kick to create rhythm, minimal hand load, very aggressive swing, fast bat, drove ball middle to slight pull in round of batting practice. Recorded an 89 mph exit velocity, ran a 4.53 home-to-first. During infield work moved well for physical player, soft hands, clean exchanges, high three-quarters slot, arm works, 78 mph throwing velocity. Strong, accurate throws. On the mound showed a simple delivery. Aggressive tempo but has body control and repeats. Over-the-top slot. Quick, clean arm action, athletic finish. Fastball with some late life, mostly arm side run, occasional cutting action glove side, 82-84 mph, 85 tops. Slurve type breaking ball, late action, 74-75 mph. Feel for change-up, works knees, 73-74 mph.

5. Austin Weiler, RHP/1B, Olathe East HS, KS (2016)
Weiler is a right-handed pitcher and first baseman that attends Olathe East HS in Olathe, KS. Physical 6-foot-2, 210-pound frame. Class of 2016. Bats right, balanced set-up, mini leg kick, aggressive line drive swing, back side fires through with hands, strong hands, bat speed. Recorded a 90 mph exit velocity, ran a 4.48 home-to-first. Athletic delivery on the mound with rhythm and flow. Quick high three-quarters arm action. Fastball with arm side run, at times late, 81-83 mph, 85 tops. Showed a breaking ball with 11/5 shape, 67-72 mph. Change-up with arm side fade and sinking action, dies late, knees and lower, 73-74 mph.

Best of the rest (listed alphabetically)

Christian Chalabi, 1B/OF, St. Thomas Aquinas HS, KS (2016)
Chalabi is a 6-foot, 200-pound first baseman and outfielder that attends St. Thomas Aquinas HS in Overland Park, KS. Class of 2016. Right-handed hitter, tall set-up, smooth load. Short, soft stride. Uses strong upper half to generate bat speed, has some lift to swing, slight pull approach. Exit velocity clocked at 94 mph, ran a 4.31 home-to-first. Left-handed thrower. At first base fielded the ball cleanly and made all accurate throws with short three-quarters arm action, throwing velocity 70 mph. During outfield drill work attacked the ball, clean exchanges, short high-three-quarters slot, 76 mph throwing velocity, accurate throws. Right-hand hitting corner guy with strength and bat speed.

Nicholas Chiapel, RHP/3B, DeSmet HS, MO (2016)
Chiapel is a right-handed pitcher and third baseman that attends DeSmet HS in St. Louis, MO. 6-foot, 185-pound frame, class of 2016. Right-hand hitter, balanced set up. Early stride and load. Compact line drive swing. Upper half dominant. Worked middle of the field during batting practice round. Exit velocity clocked at 80 mph, ran a 4.64 home-to-first. During defensive work in the infield showed soft hands, clean exchanges, easy high three quarters arm action, 76 mph throwing velocity, very accurate arm. On the mound, from the wind-up, slight crouch to start. Turns and tucks at balance, easy rhythm. Three-quarters slot, arm works. Straight fastball with occasional glove cutting action, can square up catcher on glove side black, high percentage of strikes, 78-79 mph. Command of breaking ball with gradual 12-6 break, 68-71 mph. Change-up runs arm side, keeps it down, 74-75 mph.

Conner Gibson, LHP/1B, Lee’s Summit HS, MO (2016)
Gibson is a left-handed pitcher and first baseman that attends Lee’s Summit HS in Lee’s Summit, MO. Class of 2016. 6-foot, 175-pound frame. Left-hand hitter, open set-up, mini-leg kick, aggressive swing, level path, gets barrel out front. Line drives in batting practice round. Recorded an 83 mph exit velocity, ran a 4.51 home-to-first. At first showed soft hands, clean transfers, short snap throwing motion, 69 mph throwing velocity, accurate throws. On the mound starts deliberate and under control, tall balance point, long three-quarters arm action, athletic finish. Simple delivery with rhythm and flow. Fastball with early running and cutting action, 72-74 mph, 75 tops. Knuckle curveball with 12/6 shape, gradual action, below the zone, 56-60 mph. Change-up 66-67 mph.

Cooper Marks, RHP/1B, Blue Valley North HS, KS (2016)
Marks is a 6-foot, 185-pound right-handed pitcher and first baseman that attends Blue Valley North HS in Kansas. Class of 2016. Bats right, balanced set-up. Short stride and load. Level path, upper half dominant swing, hands work, bat speed. Hard slight pull contact during batting practice. Exit velocity clocked at 90 mph, ran a 4.84 home-to-first. At first base moved well, quick transfers, arm works, 79 mph throwing velocity. On the mound showed a simple, athletic delivery, repeats. Tucks at balance, hides ball. Long high three-quarters arm action. Pounds zone with fastball, 82-84 mph, 85 tops. Throws controllable 12-6 breaker at 71-72 mph. Short strikeout type slider at 74-75. Change-up at knees and lower with arm side run, 72-73 mph.

Trae McDaniel, 3B/OF, Junction City HS, KS (2016)
McDaniel is a physical 6-foot-1, 195-pound right-hand hitting third baseman and outfielder. Attends Junction City HS in Junction City, KS. Class of 2016. Tall, open set-up at the plate. Creates rhythm with inline stride, minimal hand load, level path out front, bat speed, juiced some balls pull side. Exit velocity clocked at 87 mph, ran a 4.35 home-to-first. During infield defensive drills fielded the ball cleanly, high three-quarters arm slot, accurate. Physically strong right-hand hitting corner infielder with an aggressive swing.

Bryce Unruh, RHP/3B, Dodge City HS, KS (2016)
Unruh is a switch-hitting class of 2016 right-handed pitcher and third baseman that attends Dodge City HS in Dodge City, KS. 6-foot-3, 190-pound frame. At the plate right-handed has a balanced set-up. Short stride and load. Line drive approach with bat speed, recorded an 85 mph exit velocity. Left-handed showed a smooth load, strides in place, short path to the ball, lower half in sync with hands, simple swing with some lift. 80 exit velocity, ran a 4.47 home-to-first. At third base showed soft hands, clean exchanges, short over-the-top throwing motion, 74 mph throwing velocity, accurate throws.  On the mound works under control early, tall balance point, works slightly uphill during stride, three-quarters slot. Fastball with arm side run, 75-78 mph. Breaking ball with 12/6 shape, 64-67 mph. Change up dies with arm side sink as it approaches plate, 66-70 mph, good pitch.

Grant Warford, RHP/3B, Mill Valley HS, KS (2016)
Warford is a physical 6-foot-1, 200-pound right-hand hitting third baseman and right-handed pitcher. Class of 2016, attends Mill Valley HS in Shawnee, KS. At the plate has a balanced set-up, double toe tap stride, sets load early. Compact, aggressive, line drive swing with some lift, bat speed. Lets it fly. Hard middle-oppo contact in batting practice round. Recorded an 87 mph exit velocity, ran a 4.36 home-to-first. Fielded the ball cleanly during infield work, short high three-quarters arm action, 79 mph throwing velocity. Strong, accurate throws. Drop and drive delivery on the mound. Three-quarters slot. Short, quick arm action. Fastball with arm side run and sink, 81-82 mph, very high percentage of strikes. Breaking ball with 11/5 shape, 71-73 mph. Change-up with arm side running action, 70-77 mph.