2.21 Winter ID Showcase: Catchers Analysis

Shon Plack
Missouri Scouting Director

On Saturday, February 21, Prep Baseball Report-Missouri held the Winter ID Showcase at Prodigy Baseball Academy in Parkville, Missouri.  Over 60 players from the 2018 to 2015 classes participated in the event from Missouri and Kansas.  Over the next several days, we will break down each position, starting with the catchers today. 

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We will be updating the Missouri and Kansas player rankings in all classes over the next few weeks. Here is a look at the catching prospects for each class in alphabetical order.

2015 Catching Prospects

Jacob Hendrix, C, Oak Grove (MO), 2015
Hendrix is a 6-foot-1 160-pound uncommitted catcher in Missouri’s 2015 class. Hendrix was in the 1.89 to 2.02 range with his pop times, 73 mph positional velo, high three-quarters release, clean exchange, fluid footwork, quick release. With the bat, athletic stance, slight had load, lands square on front foot, line-drives to mostly pull gap, level bat path, 82 mph exit velo, 4.29 home-to-first. Lean/athletic build that projects well.

Lane Miller, C, Clinton (MO), 2015
Miller is a 6-foot-2 210-pound uncommitted catcher in Missouri’s 2015 class.  Miller had pop-times between 2.09 and 2.53 with a 70 mph from the crouch, over-the-top release, fluid exchange, quick feet. Offensively, balanced stand, short in-line stride, minimal movement in load, quick bat speed, level bat path, gap-to-gap approach, pull side power, 80 mph exit velo, 4.44 home-to-first. 

Joseph Stovall, C, Halstead (KS), 2015
Stovall is a 6-foot-2 210-pound uncommitted catcher in Kansas’ 2015 class.  Stovall has pop-times between 2.00 and 2.09, 71 mph positional velo, over-the-top release, fluid exchange, Offensively, open stance, short stride, quick bat speed, mostly pull-side line drives during BP, 76 mph exit velo, 4.40 home-to-first. Projectable/athletic build.

Anthony Trujillo, C, Bishop Carroll (KS), 2015
Trujillo is a 6-foot 185-pound uncommitted catcher in Kansas’ 2015 class.  Trujilo recorded pop times in the range of 1.93 and 2.08, with a velocity of 75 mph, quick footwork, over-the-top release, clean exchange. At the plate, open stance, smooth rhythm, short stride, slightly closed, short path to ball, middle-to-pull approach, balanced throughout swing, 89 mph exit velo, 4.38 home to first. 

2016 Catching Prospects

Reid Briney, C, Blue Valley Southwest (KS), 2016
Briney is a 5-foot-9 200-pound catcher in the Kansas 2016 class. Briney had pop-times between 1.91 and 2.10, with a velo of 76 mph.  quick hand-to-glove exchange, quick release, over-the-top slot, fluid footwork, mostly accurate throws. At the plate, tall/balanced stance, short stride, no wasted movement, short path to contact, level to extension, middle-to-opp approach, consistent line-drives during BP, 79 mph exit velo, 4.62 home-to-first. Strong build with athletic actions. 

Robbie Collier, C, Kearney (MO), 2016
Collier is a strong 5-foot-11 205-pound catcher in the Missouri 2016 class.  Collier recorded pop-times between 1.90 to 2.00, 73 mph velos from behind the plate, fluid exchange, quick release, three-quarters release, mostly accurate throws. Offensively, balanced set-up, stride is slightly closed, slightly uphill bat path, gap-to-gap approach, power potential, 90 mph exit velo, 4.40 home-to-first,

Jackson Pietig, C, Lee’s Summit West (MO), 2016
Pietig is a 5-foot-11 170-pound catcher from Missouri’s 2016 class. Pietig has pop-times in the 1.91 to 2.07 range, positional velo of 74 mph, momentum towards second base, over-the-top release, clean exchange, fluid release, somewhat accurate throws. At the plate, athletic stance, loads hands, middle-to-pull approach, level swing to top half of ball, 83 mph exit velo, 4.56 home-to-first.

Ray Vaca, C, Bishop MIege (KS), 2016
Vaca is a 5-foot-8 160-pound catcher from Kansas in the 2017 class.  Vaca had pop times between 2.12 and 2.15, 72 mph positional velo. fluid footwork, clean exchange, over-the-top release.  At the plate, athletic set up, no stride, mostly pull side during batting practice, level bat path, 80 mph exit velo, 4.50 home-to-first. Slender build capable of adding muscle.

2017 Catching Prospects 

Coltyn Kessler, C, Rockwood Summit (MO), 2017
Kessler is a 6-foot-2 210-pound left-handed hitting catcher in Missouri’s 2017 class.  Kessler had pop-times in the 2.00 to 2.06 range with 71 mph velo, quick exchange and release, fluid footwork, over-the-top release, somewhat accurate throws, received the ball well during bullpens. At the plate, smooth rhythm, short stride, level path to extension, consistent line-drives to middle of field during BP, fast bat speed, 87 mph exit velo, 4.69 home-to-first.

2018 Catching Prospects

Max Hunter, C, Platte County (MO), 2018
Hunter is 6-foot 175-pound catcher in the Missouri 2018 class. Hunter had pop times in the 2.06 and 2.38 range, 74 mph positional velo, fluid footwork, clean exchange, high-three-quarters release, somewhat accurate throws. At the plate, starts with open stance, slight hand load, smooth rhythm, line-drives to mostly pull side during BP, power potential, 82 mph exit velo, 4.53 home-to-first.  Physical player in the 2018 class. 

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