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9.27 Southeast Missouri ID: Player Analysis

Shon Plack
Missouri Scouting Director

On Saturday, September 27, Prep Baseball Report-Missouri held the Southeast Missouri ID at Capaha Field in Cape Girardeau.  Below are the scouting reports for the participants.  Players are listed in alphabetical order. Click on the players name to see their profile.

CLICK HERE, to see all velocities and times from the event. 

Caleb Antonacci, RHP/OF, Timberland, 2016
an athletic 5-foot-11 165-pound RHP/OF, in the outfield has positional velo of 82 mph, gets behind ball, loose high ¾ arm action, accurate throws with carry, quick exchange.  At the plate, starts slightly open in athletic stance, good extension, gap-to-gap approach, 79 mph exit velo, 7.40 60, home-to-first in 4.96-seconds.  On the mound,  over-the-top release, throws with regular effort, 76-81 mph fastball,  12-to-6 curveball, sharp-late break, 67-69 mph, change-up at 70-73 mph, arm side release, near fastball arm speed. 

Connor Basler, SS, Valle Catholic, 2016
a projectable athletic 6-foot 165-pound SS, defensively, quick feet, quick exchange, ¾ release, accurate throws, 75 mph positional velo, good all-around actions. At the plate,  79 mph exit velo, slightly open set up, level bat path to extension, gap-to-gap approach with pull power potential, quick bat speed, runs a 7.18 60, 4.78 home-to-first

Nicholas Bohannan, OF/1B/LHP/RHP, Fort Zumwalt North, 2016
An athletic 6-foot-2 172-pound OF/1B, has the ability to switch-pitch, over-the-top release from both sides, 70-74 mph right-handed, 71-74 mph left handed, 12-to-5 right-handed curveball, 60-61 mph, 1-to-7 curveball left-handed, 61-63 mph, has command of change-up from both sides, right-handed 63-64 mph, left-handed 62-64 mph, sinking action, near fastball arm speed.  In the outfield, throws left-handed, positional velo of 76 mph, accurate throws, play through the ball,  quick exchange.  At 1B, fluid footwork, accurate throws, 69 mph positional velo.  At the plate, a right-handed hitter, used toe tap for timing, squared ball up consistently during batting.

Ty Buckner, SS/RHP, Ladue, 2017
an athletic 6-foot 170-pound SS, on upward trend from last event, 80 mph positional velo, high ¾ release, accurate throws, quick exchange, quick release, fluid footwork.  At the plate, repeatable swing mechanics,  good round of batting practice, athletic set up, gap-to-gap approach, smooth load, level path to extension, consistent line drives with back spin. 7.72 60, 4.75 home-to-first. On the mound, easy and loose arm action, over-the-top release, 78-82 mph fastball with run, 12-to-5 shaped curveball at 63-65 mph, change-up with sink, 73-74 mph, slightly uphill in shoulders before release.

Palmer Campbell, LHP/OF, New Madrid County Central, 2017
a 5-foot-10 145-pound LHP/OF, outfield positional velo of 78 mph, aggressive to ball, high ¾ release, accurate throws to the plate, quick exchange. At the plate, switch hitter, 66 mph exit velo left-handed, 69 mph exit velo right-handed, good bat speed from both sides, works inside the ball, gap-to-gap approach on both sides, level path to extension, runs 7.56 60, 4.91home-to-first from left side, 4.97 home-to-first on right-side, On the mound, ¾ release, throws with some effort, stays inline, 75-78 mph fastball, slight run, sluve-type breaking ball, 2-to-8 shape, shape late break, 71-72 mph change-up.

Westin Gann, Kickapoo, C, 2016
a strong 6-foot 185-pound C, positional velo of 70 mph, pop times between 2.03 and 2.15, clean exchange, mostly accurate throws, soft hands. At the pate, slightly closed set-up, smooth load, gap-to-gap approach, level path to extension, runs 7.62 60, home-to-first in 4.68-seconds.

Ryan Harvey, OF, Jackson, 2015
a slender 5-foot-11 165-pound OF. High ¾ release, 79 mph positional velo, attacks ball, good routes, plays through the ball, accurate throws.  Offensively, balanced set up, slightly open, small stride length, smooth load, middle line-drive approach, 74 mph exit velo..  Runs a 4.47 home-to-first, 7.28 60.

Riley Herron, OF, Kickapoo, 2016
a projectable 6-foot-2 175-pound OF/LHP, in the outfield, 79 mph positional velo, attacks ball with good routes, long arm swing with high ¾ release, quick exchange and release, mostly accurate throws with carry.  Offensively, athletic set up, slightly open, simple load, quick bat speed, middle approach with pull power, hits with leverage, level bat path, stays on ball with extension, exit velo of 86 mph, runs a 7.04 60 and 4.58 home-to-first.  On the mound, high ¾ release, stays inline, throws with regular effort, 77-80 mph with fastball, slight run, 2-to-8 curveball at 63-66 mph with gradual break, good change-up at near fastball arm speed at 68-72 mph, arm side release.  Throws strikes

Samuel Huesgen, OF/RHP, Timberland, 2016
a projectable 6-0 165-pound OF/SS.  In the outfield, positional velo of 82 mph, loose high ¾ release, somewhat accurate throws, fluid exchange, plays through the ball.  On the infield, clean exchange, 76 mph positional velo, mostly accurate throws, fluid footwork.  At the plate, set-up is slightly closed, works to the inside of ball, level bat path to extension, gap-to-gap approach, consistent line drives during batting practice, 85 mph exit velo, runs  7.43 60, home-to-first in 4.72-seconds. On the mound, high ¾ release, 78-81 mph fastball, throws with regular effort, stays inline, 12-to-5 curveball, 63-65 mph, gradual break, 66-69 change-up,

Jarrett Huchtison (Newell), SS/RHP, Jackson, 2015
an athletic 5-foot-10 165-pound SS/RHP, positional velo of 74 mph, ¾ quick release, quick footwork, mostly accurate throws with carry. At the bat, has 83 mph exit velo, level bat path, line drive approach, comes out of back leg, runs a 6.97 60 and 4.71 home-to-first. On the mound,  high ¾ release, quick arm speed, smooth rhythm, stays in line, straight fastball at 76-80 mph, 11-to-5 shape curveball, good command, gradual break, 59-64 mph, change 66-71 mph. 

Corey Johnson, OF, Kickapoo, 2016
a strong-legged 5-foot-9 165-pound OF, positional velo of 75 mph, over-the-top release, somewhat accurate throws, good carry, good route to ball, clean exchange. At the plate, athletic set up, smooth and easy load, small leg kick, gap-to-gap approach, fast bat speed, runs 7.33 60 and 4.81 home-to-first, 70 mph exit velo

Garrison Keene, C/RHP, New Madrid County Central, 2017
a lean 5-foot-11 1-pound catcher, pop times range is 2.05-2.15, fluid exchange, somewhat accurate throws, fluid footwork. At the plate, athletic set-up, short stride, line-drive approach, cuts off extension, level bat path.  Runs 7.03 60, has 70 mph exit velo.  On the mound, fastball at 75-78 mph,  high ¾ release, slinging-type arm action, stays inline, works with regular effort, good rhythm and athletic finish, curveball at 67-71 mph with 11-to-5 shape, has command of change at 68-70 mph, near fastball arm speed, lower arm angle.

Trever Lewis, C/RHP, East Carter, 2015
Lewis is a 6-foot-3, 185-pound catcher that busted onto the PBR scene at the Southeast Missouri Prospect ID Showcase on September 27.  The physical Lewis had pop times that ranged from 1.91 to 2.03 with a velo of 73 mph.  His throws to the bag were accurate with carry.  At the plate, he has an athletic set-up with simple, repeatable swing mechanics.  He has a gap-to-gap approach with pulls power, showing extension through the ball at contact.  Lewis runs a 7.03 60 and gets down the line in 4.53 seconds.  He is a player to keep an eye on in the 2015 class, with a high ceiling.

Andrew McEwen, 1B/LHP, Parkway Central, 2016
a wide-shouldered 6-foot-3 265-pound 1B, positional velo of 72 mph, accurate throws, ¾ release.  At the plate, balanced set up, long stride, slightly uphill bat path, pull power, runs 8.10 60, home-to-first in 5.03.  On the mound, ¾ release, fastball at 74-76 mph, 1-to-7 curveball at 67-69 mph, change-up at 71-74 mph, throws with regular effort , stays inline as he gets down the mound.

Stephen Meyer, 3B, Francis Howell Central, 2016
a lean 6-foot 155-pound 3B, positional velo of 75 mph, accurate throws, quick exchange, fluid footwork, ¾ release, clean actions.  Offensively, uses to tap for timing, balances set up, smooth load, level bat path to extension, works inside ball to both gaps, 81 mph exit velo, 7.71 60, 4.92 home-to-first

Jake Reed, SS, New Madrid County Central, 2015
a 5-foot-5 135-pound SS, ¾ release, 64 mph positional velo, fluid exchange, mostly accurate throws. Offensively,  balanced set up, minimal stride, line-drive approach, exit velo of 67 mph, runs a 7.31 60 and 4.71 home-to-first

Gage Silman, 1B, New Madrid County Central, 2015
a strong 6-foot-1 185-pound 1B, positional velo of 64 mph, quick footwork, ¾ release, slinging arm action, accurate throws, quick exchange. Offensively, wide balanced set up, pull approach with signs of power, simple and repeatable load, slightly uphill bat path, fluid rhythm, 64 mph exit velo, runs a 7.44 60, down the line in 4.77.

Jason Stuckmeyer, RHP, Seckman, 2015
a lanky 6-foot-7 180-pound RHP, classic over-the-top release, throws with regular effort, lands square to the plate, fastball 75-78 mph, some sinking action, 12-to-5 curveball, late break, 64-66 mph, good command, change-up 69-72 mph, arm side release, throws strikes with three pitches.

Austin Tapella, 2B/MIF/OF, Vianney, 2016
a 5-foot-10 165-pound 2B/MIF, uses a ¾ release, quick exchange, quick release, very accurate throws, 74 mph positional velo, fluid footwork with advanced actions, plays through the ball in the outfield, 80 mph positional velo, high ¾ release, quick exchange, mostly accurate throws, runs a 7.31 60.  At the plate, starts in athletic position and slightly open, uses leg kick, works inside the ball with middle line-drive approach, quick bat, level extension, quick bat speed, 83 mph exit velo, 4.75 home-to-first.

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