Prep Baseball Report

Capital City Games: Outfield Analysis

By Steve Nielsen
Scouting Supervisor – Illinois/Wisconsin

Continuing our coverage of the Capital City Games today we highlight the outfielders. Senior Will Greenwald stood out as one of the top outfielders in attendance as he showed off a playable accurate arm with some carry and good barrel control that carried over in game play. Giuseppe Mattera is a young outfielder to keep an eye on as well. He showed a live arm from the outfield that might end up making him a more intriguing prospect on the mound.

Here’s a look at all of the outfield prospects listed in alphabetical order.

Matt Brenneisen, LHP/OF, Sacred Heart Griffin, 2019
6-foot, 185 pound projectable left-handed two way player. On the mound worked exclusively from the stretch, tall and fall delivery, stays balanced, slower tempo, worked on line. High ¾ arm action, full arm swing. Fastball flashed slight running action, 70-74 mph, topped at 75 mph. Curveball played on 12/6 plane, 61 mph. Defensively arm played uphill, high ¾ slot, clean through the baseball 70 mph from the outfield. Left-handed hitter, balanced stance, short stride, can get more out of lower half. Path has length, displayed bat speed, 87 mph exit velocity from the tee. Went 1-for-2 in game play with a single.

Logan Corsaw, OF/RHP, Cuba, 2016
6-foot-1, 170-pound two-way player, lean frame, can carry additional strength. Looks to profile best in the outfield. Right-handed hitter, balanced stance, drops hands at load, leg kick stride, lower half collapse. Looks to lift the baseball on uphill plane, flashed bat speed, 83 mph exit velocity from the tee. Defensively arm played long, high ¾ slot, 71 mph. Long transfer, exchange, feet showed the ability to play through the baseball. On the mound delivery has regular effort, tall balance point, closed landing. Full arm swing, high ¾ slot. Fastball sat 70-71 mph, mostly straight, four seam. Flashed changeup at 66-68 mph.

Noah Crowe, OF, Sacred Heart Griffin, 2017
Left-handed outfielder, 5-foot-11, 160-pounds, lean loose frame, flashed athleticism. Offensively hits from a tall balanced setup, short stride. Path is short to the baseball, loopy path, tends to scoop, 81 mph exit velocity from the tee. Hit a hard double in game play. Defensively showed standard actions in the outfield, plays through the baseball clean transfer, hands showed some feel. Arm played short and over the top, carried true to target, accurate, 78 mph arm strength. 4.58 runner down the line.

Will Greenwald, OF, Highland, 2016
5-foot-11, 170-pound outfielder, average frame and build. Defensively showed above average arm strength from the outfield, full arm action from over the top slot, arm played up with accuracy, showed carry on line to target (82 mph). Plays through the baseball standard outfield actions. Right-handed hitter, balanced stance, slightly open setup, regular stride length. Flashed bat speed for his age, path works on uphill plane, lifting contact. 81 mph exit velocity from the tee. Went 2-for-3 in game play with two singles a run scored and an RBI.

Kelly Jones, OF, Vandalia, 2017
6-foot, 175-pound outfielder, solid build for his age. Defensively arm played on line, stayed true, four seam to his target, high ¾ slot, advanced arm strength at his age, 86 mph arm from the outfield. Feet worked playing through the baseball, long exchange. Offensively hits from a balanced stance, minimal loading action, leg lift stride. Sweeping bat path, 77 mph exit velocity from the tee. 4.72 runner down the line.

Giuseppe Mattera, LHP/OF, Pleasant Plains, 2018
5-foot-10, 148-pound left-handed two-way player, lanky projectable frame with upside. Currently projects best on the mound. Tall and fall delivery, works on line with good direction, maintains balance through delivery. High ¾ arm slot, flashed arm speed. Fastball sits 78-80 mph, touched 81, pitched with arm side action and showed the ability to control the bottom of the zone. Curveball flashed 12/6 action, more 1/7, 65-68 mph. Struck out two swinging in one inning pitched. Showed arm strength in the outfield that should project to the mound, arm played at 85 mph from the crowhop. Standard outfield actions, played through the baseball athletically, ability to properly read baseballs in flight, 4.43 runner down the line. Left-handed hitter, balanced stance, tall setup, smooth loading action, short stride. Good barrel control, flashed quick twitch, 78 mph exit velocity from the tee.

TJ Painter, LHP/OF, Pleasant Plains, 2018
5-foot-11, 145-pound left handed two-way player, lean loose build with some projection. Delivery is athletic and repeatable, good tempo and rhythm. Long loose arm action, clean arm projects, flashes arm speed. Fastball sat 76-77 mph, showed feel for the pitch, slight arm side action. Slider played at 66-68 mph, slight lateral action. Also flashed changeup at 63-64 mph. Good projection on the mound, solid follow in the 2018 class. Offensively hits from the left side, slight open stance, longer stride. Level path, cuts through the zone, line drive type approach. 81 mph exit velocity from the tee. In the outfield showed similar arm action to that on the mound, topped at 76 mph from the crowhop. Played through the baseball, good exchange/transfer of the baseball. 4.57 runner down the line.

Davie Pound, RHP/OF, Rolla (MO), 2018
5-foot-11, 195-pound two-way player, solid build, wide shouldered, carries some strength. Projects best on the mound. Tall and fall delivery, closed landing. Long arm action, ¾ slot. Fastball played with sinking action, 74-76 mph, touched 77 mph. Occasional sweeping action on slider, 66-69 mph. Produced swing and miss in game play, struck out the side scattering one baserunner on a groundball error. Offensively, hits from the right side, crouched wider stance, leg kick trigger, lower half collapse. Strong bat, hits off back side, long uphill bat path, showed gap to gap contact. 80 mph exit velocity from the tee. Defensively uses similar arm action in the outfield as on the mound, 77 mph from the outfield. 5.47 runner down the line. Went 1-for-3 in game play with a single.

Addison Ruot, OF, Pleasant Plains, 2018
5-foot-7, 170-pound outfielder, average build for age. Offensively hits from the right side, open stance, narrow setup, short simple heel lift stride, lower half worked and showed good balance through contact. Flashed bat strength, barreled baseball in BP, line drive approach. 82 mph exit velocity from the tee. Defensively plays with a short arm action, high ¾ slot, 71 mph from the outfield. Works uphill through the baseball, can get more on line through release. 4.69 runner down the line.

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