Class of 2017 Games: Corner Infield Analysis

Shon Plack
Missouri Scouting Director

Prep Baseball Report-Missouri held the Class of 2017 Games at Saint Louis University on June 7.  The event featured nearly 50 players from across the Show-Me State in the 2017 class. 

 Profiles have been updated with times, velos, profile pictures and videos.  We will break down the event positon-by-position, taking a look at the corner infielder performances today.  Although some outfielders may have worked out in other positions, this is just a look at their performance at corner infield .  Players are listed in alphabetical order.

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Corner Infielders

Caleb Ensminger, 1B, Webb City, 2017
Esminger is a 6-foot-3 175-pound right-handed hitting outfielder from Webb City HS in southwest Missouri.   He ran a 7.19 60 and a 4.64 home-to-first.  He has an 84 mph exit velo. At the plate, open stance, controlled leg lift to stride, short path to ball, level to extension, swing produced middle to pull line drives during batting practice.  At first base, 72 mph positional velo, athletic footwork, clean and quick catch and throw, soft hands, accurate throws, long limbed and lean, capable of adding strength as he continues to develop.

Connor Gilles, 3B, Rockwood Summit, 2017
Gillies is a 6-foot 195-pound left-handed hitting third baseman from Rockwood Summit in the St. Louis area.  He ran a 7.46 60 and got down the line in 4.53-seconds.  He has an exit velo of 87 mph.  At the plate, starts loaded in back leg, early toe touch, simple and repeatable, no wasted movement, level path though the zone, gap-to-gap approach, hands work inside the ball.  On the infield, 77 mph positional velo, made all plays cleanly during infield evaluations, high three quarters arm slot, long arm circle, fluid footwork working with transfer, mostly accurate throws.

Coltyn Kessler, 3B, Rockwood Summit, 2017
Kessler is a 6-foot-3 195-pound left-handed hitting catcher, and Kentucky commit, from Rockwood Summit in the St. Louis area.  He ran a 7.28 60 and 4.84 home to first.  He has an exit velo of 89 mph, one of the top LHH velos for the event. At the plate, gap-to-gap power, short path to contact, no wasted movement in load, level and quick bat path, solid consistent contact during batting practice.  On the infield, moves well for size, creates momentum through the catch and towards 1B, soft hands with quick exchange, 80 mph positional velo, over the top release, accurate throws.

Jonathan Kovach, 1B, Collinsville, 2017
Kovach is a 6-foot 175-pound right-handed hitting first-baseman from Collinsville HS in Illinois, 2017 class. He ran a 6.88 60 and a 4.47 home-to-first.  He has an exit velo of 83 mph.  At the plate, barreled up balls to the pull side, some middle, repeats swing, thin set up, quick and loose hands, open stance, doubled down first base line in game action. On the infield, 68 mph positional velo, high three quarters release, long arm circle, accurate throw, fluid footwork, clean transfer. 

Sam Lombard, 1B, Lutheran South, 2017
Lombard is a 6-foot-2 235-pound right-handed hitting first-baseman from Lutheran South in St. Louis.  He ran a 4.8 home-to-first and a 7.51 60.  He has an 85 mph exit velo.  At the plate, consistent solid contact, mostly pull line drives, some power to middle of the field, toe tap to load, aggressive bat speed, strong hands, dlubled to right-center in game action.  On the infield, high three quarters release, accurate throws, 67 mph positional velo, clean hand-to-glove echange, quick release.

Grant Schoen, 1B, Springfield Catholic, 2017
Schoen is a 6-foot-2 200-pound righ-handed hitting outfielder from Springfield Catholic in Springfield.  He ran a 7.22 60 and a 4.63 home-to-first.  He has an 86 mph exit velo. At the plate, open stance, in line stride, attacks ball, aggressive swing, pull side line drives.  On the infield, 65 mph positional velo, three quarters arm slot, quick feet, quick exchange, mostly accurate throws, hands and feet work together.

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