East Central College Scout Day: Top Prospects

By: Diego Solares
Area Scout, Illinois & Missouri

On Monday, October 17th, the PBR Missouri staff traveled to Union, Missouri, to host the East Central College Scout Day on the school's campus. This event featured roughly 40 players from the Falcons' program that participated in a pro-style workout in front of our staff, gathering unrivaled data collected through our high-end tech partners in the process.

To see a complete up-to-date roster from the players that attended this event, click HERE. For all of the statistics collected at this event, click HERE.

Shortly after the event's conclusion our staff posted a statistical analysis, highlighting some of the day's stat leaders within, such as the fastest 60 times, hardest hit balls, and more. We then turned to our tech partners, who helped us identify more data collected at the event within our typical data dive.

Today we’ll spend some time highlighting some of the top prospects on this Falcons' squad. Read below for nuggets and more information on which players popped to our scouts from the East Central College Scout Day.


Cameron Leach OF / Conway, AR / 2021

Strong, well-proportioned frame with visible strength in a uniform. Was a two-way winner at the East Central College Scout Day a few weeks ago. Started his day off by running his fastball up to 88.5 mph, pitching at 86-87 mph, and spinning two distinct breaking balls off it. Curveball showed more vertical spin at 74-77 mph at a 2200+ RPM average. Slider held a firmer velocity band at 76-77 mph with tighter shape, averaging 2300+ RPM. Ran the day’s fastest 60-time at 6.63 seconds and threw his hardest bullet home from the outfield at 90 mph into the wind. Switch hits at the plate with a flat path from both sides and some hand twitch, worked up the middle primarily throughout BP. Reached a peak exit velocity of 97.5 mph. Figures to be one of the top contributors on the Falcons this upcoming season. 

Trey Orman OF / Keller, TX / 2021

Physically built athlete with a thick lower half. Generated some of the hardest contact we saw at a JUCO event this fall. Barreled his hardest ball up in BP at 103.8 mph with a peak batted distance of 367 ft., per TrackMan. Has the raw power to be a middle-of-the-order threat for East Central this upcoming season. 



Caideyn Ferrell OF / Benilde St. Margaret's, MN / 2021

Athletic left/left prospect with room left to fill out his frame. Put together one of the more intriguing workouts from the East Central College Scout Day. Ran a 6.74 60-yard dash with athletic feet and strides. Loose levers that helped generate consistent hard contact in BP. Clear intent to elevate; 25.5 average launch angle, 66.7% fly ball rate. Keeps his barrel through the zone with a knack for the sweet-spot (88.9%), averaged 89.6 mph per batted ball with a 97.9 mph max. Averaged 276 ft. per batted ball, sent his furthest ball at 372 ft. An intriguing left-handed bat to follow for the Falcons. 

Lucas Terilli OF / Lake Highlands , TX / 2021

Athletic two-way prospect on this roster. Pitched at 83-85 mph with his fastball in a clean ‘pen, jumps out the hand some from a longer arm circle on the backside. Curveball played in the low-70s with lateral spin off a 1/7 plane, averaged 2200+ RPM. Changeup played at 73-74 mph with 20+ inches of horizontal movement, on average. Also ran a 6.97 60 and returns as one of the top offensive producers for the Falcons from last year. 

Shane Kearbey LHP / Howell, MO / 2021

Returns as a top arm for this Falcons’ staff. Lanky southpaw with room to physically fill out still. Threw four pitches for strikes in this ‘pen. Fastball played at 84-85 mph with straight action from a high slot. Similar shape on both his curveball and slider, landing each of them at a 100% zone rate, respectively. Killed spin and maintained arm slot on a 76-77 mph changeup that flashed arm-side run. Expected to be a top arm for East Central College this spring.