Fall Underclass Games: Missouri Pitchers

Shon Plack
Missouri Scouting Director

On November 1, Prep Baseball Report Missouri/Kansas held the Fall Underclass Games in Manhattan, Kansas.  Several players from Missouri high schools attended the event.  Below is a look at Missouri high school pitchers from the event. 

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Daniel Hammond, RHP, Rockhurst (MO), 2019
Hammond is a 5-foot-10 160-pound right-handed pitcher in Missouri’s 2019 class. Hammond is controlled throughout delivery, works from an over the top release point, throws with regular effort and finishes in an athletic position.  Fastball touched 78 mph, sitting 74-77 mph, curveball was 67-68 mph, with 12-to-6 action.

Grant Heizer, RHP, Lee’s Summit (MO), 2019
Heizer is a 5-foot-8 135-pound right-handed pitcher in Missouri’s 2019 class. Heizer has a high three-quarters release, in line stride, controlled leg lift and loose arm action. He stays away from the middle of the plate, working both corners, fastball 78 mph max, worked at 74-76 mph, curveball showed 11-to-5 action at 65-64 mph, sharp action.


Garrett Presko, RHP, Pembroke Hill (MO), 2018
Presko is a 6-foot-2 185-pound right-handed pitcher in Kansas’ 2018 class. Presko threw top RHP velo at 83 mph, sitting 77-82 mph and throwing mainly fastball and change up, controllable change up at 72-75 mph, fastball arm speed, arm side release, over the top arm slot, aggressive down the mound, in line direction, throws on downhill plane, quick arm speed, body stays under control.

Kaden Rayman, RHP, Fair Grove (MO), 2019
Rayman is a 6-foot 175-pound right-handed pitcher in Missouri’s 2019 class. Rayman throws from a high three-quarters arm slot, some deception in release, hiding ball, slight tuck and coil at balance point, throws with regular effort, and consistent tempo, fastball at 68-70 mph, slight run, 66-67 mph breaking ball, 11-to-5 shape,

Bobby Rivera, RHP, Blue Springs South (MO), 2019

Rivera is a 5-foot-8 130-pound right-handed pitcher in Missouri’s 2019 class. Rivera throws with a high three-quarters arm slot, holds hands high with controlled leg lift, in line stride, accelerated rhythm and tempo, stays away from middle of plate with fastball at 71-76 mph, curveball with 11-to-5 shape, 61-65 mph,

Mickey Simpson, RHP, Grain Valley (MO), 2019

Simpson is a 5-foot-5 115-pound right-handed pitcher in Missouri’s 2019 class. Threw mostly fastballs at 64-67 mph, change up at 61 mph, holds hand high throughout delivery, controlled body, throws with regular effort, clean arm action, stays in line down the mound, works ball around zone, throws strikes.

Nick Johnson, RHP, Rockhurst (MO), 2018

Johnson is a 6-foot 170-pound right-handed pitcher in Missouri’s 2018 class. Johnson threw fastball at 75-77 mph, touching 78 mph, high leg lift working with hands, accelerates down mound, lands in line, throws with some effort, works both sides of plate, curveball has 11-to-5 action, 63-64 mph, change up consistently down in zone 68-69 mph.


Gabriel Whipple, RHP, Rockhurst (MO), 2019
Whipple is a 6-foot-1 145-pound right-handed pitcher in Missouri’s 2019 class. Whipple was 69-73 mph with fastball, throw with regular effort, slight tuck at balance point, in line stride, high three-quarters release, drop and drive type delivery, breaking ball at 60 mph, smooth rhythm.

Jakob Woods, RHP, Maryville (MO), 2018
Woods is a 6-foot-2 175-pound right-handed pitcher in Missouri’s 2018 class. Woods topped at 78 mph, working 75-77 mph with fastball, wide shouldered, simple and repeatable delivery, loose arm action, throws on downhill plane, throws strikes with fastball and curveball, curveball has late/sharp 11-to-5 action, 68-72 mph, throws with regular effort.



Liam Henry, LHP, Park Hill (MO), 2018
Henry is a 6-foot-2 160-pound left-handed pitcher in Missouri’s 2018 class.  Henry posted the top fastball velo of the day at 85 mph, threw a high percentage of strikes, three strikeouts, a walk and a hit during inning of work, high three quarters release, late running action on fastball, 2-to-8 action on curveball, late sharp break, fastball arm speed, 74 mph change-up, simple delivery, repeats well, lands in line with athletic finish.  High ceiling both as pitcher and position player.

Garrett Morrow, LHP, Grain Valley (MO), 2018
Morrow is a 5-foot-10 165-pound left-handed pitcher in Missouri’s 2018 class. Morrow posted one of the top left-handed fastball velos on the day at 80 mph, quick tempo in delivery, aggressive down the mound, attacks hitters, over the top release, in line stride, repeats release point, throw high percentage of strikes, slight run on fastball, curveball has 1-to-7 shape, 57-63 mph, change up was a good pitch, 65-68 mph, down in zone with sink.

Marcus Smith, LPH, Pembroke Hill (MO), 2019
Smith is a 5-foot-8 145-pound left-handed pitcher in Missouri’s 2019 class. Smith works hands with knee lift, high three quarters slot, arm works, in line stride, athletic finish, works mostly inside to LHH, repeats, controlled rhythm, fastball at 72-75 mph, slight run.



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