Missouri Insider: Top 2015 Uncommitted Corner Infielders

Shon Plack
Missouri Scouting Director

In this week's Missouri Insider we will take a look at the top uncommitted corner infielders in the state, specifically 15 uncommitted senior corner infield prospects from Missouri high schools. Most of these players have video footage in their profiles, to watch click on the player's header below:

Justin Gellman – 3B, Clayton, 2015
Gellman is a solidly built and projectable 6-foot-1, 198 pound third baseman who has the tools and ability to be a top ranked Class of 2015 player. At the plate, Gellman has a slightly crouched stance with a short stride and balance through his swing. With his strong lower half, Gellman generates fast bat speed and barrel whip through the zone with a level swing, extension through contact and a slightly uphill finish. He drove the ball hard on a line to the left side with backspin carry.  At third base, Gellman moves well to the ball with a good approach and a quick glove to hand transfer while delivering accurate throws across the diamond (75-78 mph). Additionally, Gellman ran a 7.54 60 and posted the top exit velo of 88-mph.

Tanner Cantrell – 1B, Houston, 2015
The 6-foot-3, 200-pound Cantrell impressed with his ability at the plate and at first base. Offensively, Cantrell uses an explosive lower half and strong hands to generate quick bat speed through the zone and drive it with pull side power.  At first base, the strong-bodied Cantrell has good footwork around the base and sure hands. He also showed some skill at third base during games, with quick reaction to the ball, and keeping everything in front of him.

Conrad McMahon – 3B, Staley, 2015
McMahon is an athletic 5-foot-9, 175-pound right-hand hitting outfielder/third baseman. He posted a home-to-first time of 4.11. He throws from a high 3/4 arm slot with short arm action. Conrad’s throws were very accurate and had great life. The ball comes out of his hand very clean and he has quick feet. His outfield velocity was 86 MPH and infield velocity was 81 MPH. At the plate, McMahon has a balanced setup with a long stride. Conrad uses his lower half well and keeps a level bat path through his swing. He produces gap-to-gap line drives. He had an exit velo of 85 MPH.

Isaac Norsic – 1B, Hillcrest, 2015
Norsic is a strong 6-foot-1, 225-pound right-hand hitting first baseman. He posted a home-to-first time of 4.66. He throws from a high 3/4 arm slot. Isaac’s throws were accurate and had good carry. He is aggressive and plays through the ball. His position velo was 78 MPH. At the plate, Norsic has an athletic setup with a smooth load and long stride. He has fast bat speed and uses his lower half well. Isaac’s level swing produces gap-to-gap line drives with pull power. He had an exit velo of 93 MPH.

Leo Lunatto – 1B, Hazelwood West, 2015
Lunatto is a strong 6-foot-2, 200-pound 1B. Offensively, Lunatto has a gap-to-gap approach. He starts with a leg kick and has good rhythm during the swing. He registered a 83 exit velo and ran a 5.01 home-to-first. Lunatto is a good target at 1B. He has good footwork and clean exchange with a high release. He made very accurate throws to first base with a positional velo of 71 MPH.

Tommy Zoellner – 1B, CBC, 2015
Zoellner is a well-built 6-foot-3, 215-pound corner infielder who at third base displayed quick instincts, good approach to the ball, and a quick transfer, delivering accurate throws across the diamond, with a top throw of 71-mph. At the plate, Zoellner has a balanced stance with a long stride and good rhythm. He looks to have strong hands and looseness in his swing, creating some barrel whip through the zone. His bat takes a slightly uphill bat path, showing ability to hit line drives, with some power potential, as evidenced by his 86-mph exit velocity. With his size and strength, Zoellner could find some consistent power as he continues to progress.

Gage Silman - 1B, New Madrid County Central, 2015
Silman is a strong 6-foot-1 185-pound 1B, positional velo of 64 mph, quick footwork, ¾ release, slinging arm action, accurate throws, with a quick exchange. Offensively, wide balanced set up, pull approach with signs of power, simple and repeatable load, slightly uphill bat path, fluid rhythm, 64 mph exit velo, runs a 7.44 60, down the line in 4.77.

Nathan Bock – 3B, Fort Zumwalt West, 2015
Bock is a 5-foot-11 165-pound 3B.  At the Unsigned Senior Showcase on Nov, 8, Bock posted an 83 mph positional velo, He has fluid footwork and a clean exchange with a high 3.4 release.  At the plate, he has an 84 mph exit velo with potential power to the pull gap.  He runs a 7.50 50 and a 4.52 home-to-first. 

Cale Hanson,3B, Liberty North, 2015
Hanson is a strong bodied 6-foot-2, 195-pound corner infielder who showed his skills on the left side of the infield. He has a good approach to the ball with good actions for a corner infielder. Hanson has short arm action, with some accuracy across the diamond and a top throw of 75-mph. By incorporating some more lower half into his throws, there is the potential for increased velocity. He also showed good range to his glove hand side. Offensively, Hanson has good rhythm and balanced stance with a smooth level swing. He takes a short path to the ball with an uphill finish driving the ball gap to gap.

Garrett Steins, 1B, Lafayette, 2015
Steins is a big, strong, projectable 6-foot-5, 230-pound left-hand hitting first baseman. He ran a 60 at 7.53 and home-to-first 4.75. Garrett throws from a high ¾ arm slot and has long arm action. His throws were accurate and had good carry. His position velo was 72 MPH from the infield. Steins plays through the ball with a clean exchange. At the plate, Steins has a balanced setup with a smooth load. He has good balance and a level bat path. Garrett produces gap-to-gap  line drives and has plus power to all fields. He had an exit velo of 89 MPH.

Charlie Kreh,1B, Marquette, 2015
Kreh is a physically imposing 6-foot-1, 235-pound power hitting left handed hitter. At the plate, Kreh has a balanced stance with looseness in his swing and strong hands. He takes an economical path to the ball, with a slightly uphill finish driving the ball hard and long to the right side, with backspin carry. Kreh posted the top exit velocity of the event, 84-mph off the bat. Kreh has potential to develop into one of the premier power hitters in the Class of 2015 as he continues to progress.

Aaron Schuster,1B, Wellington Napoleon, 2015
Schuster is a strong 6-foot-0, 200-pound right-hand hitting first baseman. He ran a 60 at 8.15 and home-to-first 5.28. He throws from an over-the-top arm slot. Aaron’s throws were mostly accurate and had good carry. He has a clean exchange and quick fluid feet. His position velo was 64 MPH. At the plate, Schuster has an athletic setup and a smooth load with a long stride. He gets good extension on his swing. Aaron’s swing produces gap-to-gap line drives and showed pull power. He had an exit velo of 79 MPH.

CJ Bates, 3B, CBC, 2015
Bates is a solidly built 5-foot-11, 185-pounds who, as he continues to progress, has some upside. On the mound, Bates showed feel for three pitches, throwing all for strikes. Coming from a high ¾ arm slot with whippy arm action, Bates’ fastball was thrown in the 75-78 mph range with late arm side run and sink. He also showed a sharp 12-to-6 breaking ball (60-62 mph) thrown with near fastball arm speed and down in the zone. He also showed a 59-61 mph knuckleball that danced with some sink as it crossed the plate. At third base, Bates moves well to the ball with sure hands and range to his glove hand size. Offensively, Bates showcased quick hands and a level, line drive producing swing with some pull side power. As he continues to progress and mature physically, he has the potential to be a consistent power hitter.

Jono Lazaroff,3B, Marquette, 2015
Lazaroff is a 5-foot-8 180-pound 3B. He posted a 79 mph positional velo at the Unsigned Senior Showcase on November 8.  He has a quick exchange with a long arm swing making mostly accurate throws.  At the plate, he has a balanced set up, with a pull approach. Lazaroff has an exit velo of 80 mph.  He runs a 4.58 home-to-first and a 7.81 60. 

Cole Englert,1B, Sullivan, 2015
Englert is a 6-foot-2 210-pound 1B/3B.  He has a 71 mph positoanl velo, with a high 3/4 release.  At the plate, Englert has an 80 mph exit velo and uses a gap-to-gap approach.  He gets down the line in 4.94 and runs a 8.43 60.

John Pumphrey,3B, Lee's Summit, 2015
Pumphrey has a positional velo of 76 MPH; mostly accurate throws; clean exchange; fluid foot work; mostly accurate throws.  At the plate, Pumphrey has athletic set up; slightly open; hand load; pull approach; good bat speed; exit velo of 79 MPH; runs a 8.40 60 and 5.20 home-to-first.

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