Q&A with Covenant College Commit, 1B/RHP Ben Mitchell from Westminster

A veteran of PBR events, and a player who has shown impressive progression at each of the events he attended, RHP/1B Ben Mitchell from Westmintser HS will be continuing his baseball career at Covenant College.

We recently caught up with Ben to get his thoughts on his committment.

Ben Mitchell, RHP/1B, Westmintser HS
PBR: Which schools were you considering prior to committing to the Covenant College?

Mitchell: I was considering going to Indiana University or Mizzou in case I didn't want to continue playing baseball. Covenant was the only school that had really recruited me for baseball.

PBR: What were the reasons that you ultimately chose Covenant College?

Mitchell: They offered me the opportunity to play baseball, which no other school had done. My older brother is playing there as well. They also have a renowned business program and will prepare me well for life. Their campus is also beautiful as they have a breathtaking view from the top of Lookout Mountain.

PBR: What was the relationship you had with the Covenant College coaches in the recruitment process?

Mitchell: I had met with the head coach, Doug Simons, and the assistant coach, Ben Wharton, on a visit this past September. They treated me well and let me know very quickly that they were interested in me. The coaches are expecting me to make an impact on the team my first year there. They're both very respectful people and I'm excited to play my next four years under their coaching.

PBR: Your brother, Alec Mitchell, also plays at Covenant. Did that have any impact in your decision and how do you feel about being a teammate of him?

Mitchell: That played a large impact in my decision to go there. I never got the chance to play with him at Westminster so it's going to be a great experience. He and I are very close so I believe that we can help each other out as well as make an impact on the team.

PBR: Do you feel that playing in Missouri and facing the competition you do has prepared you to be a college player?

Mitchell: Without a doubt. Missouri has a wealth of talent and it gave me a good idea of where I matched up with other players. I was able to grow and become a better player myself which will translate well to a D3 level.

PBR: What team did you play for over the summer and how did it go for you? Were there any aspects of your game that you wanted to improve during the summer?

Mitchell: I played with the St. Louis Recruits. They are an incredible organization and I would not be the player I am now without their help. Of course I want to improve all aspects of my game, but speed on the bases and consistency with hitting were my main focus. My speed has raised greatly and I have learned to hit more consistently as well. I hope to take those improvements into this coming season.

PBR: As you head into your senior year, is it good to have the commitment and recruiting process done?

Mitchell: Absolutely. I spent the last 2 years stressing about recruitment way too much. It affected my mental game and I played selfishly. It really came back to bite me when I did not perform to the best of my ability during the season and I ended up losing my starting spot in the lineup because of it. Now that I have learned from my mistakes and have a decision made, I will be able to focus solely on performing for my team.

PBR: Do you feel that this season will be any different considering that you know where you’ll attend college?

Mitchell: Yes on a physical and mental level. My only goal is to win another state championship. Now I can focus on doing what is best for my team to accomplish that rather than doing what is best for my recruitment.

PBR: What do you hope to accomplish in this upcoming season on an individual level?

Mitchell: I hope to bat in the middle of the lineup along with being the starting 1st baseman. That is up to my coaches but I will do what I can to earn that spot. Wherever I end up, my ultimate goal is to help my team win every single game to the best of my ability.

PBR: What was the most memorable experience from the past summer?

We had many great memories but I would say my favorite was placing in the top bracket in the Cincy Flames Invitational. We almost beat the top seed, the Pony Express, but lost due to a few errors. Overall it was good summer of baseball.

PBR: What advice would you give to other players who are just beginning the recruiting process?

Mitchell: Take it easy and don't stress. In the end you will find the right college. Keep your options open because not everyone is meant to be a D1 player. Let the right school find you.

PBR: You have attended a few PBR events, how do you think PBR aided in your recruiting?

Mitchell: PBR definitely helped me to get exposure. Being at showcases showed me how I stacked up to other local talent and gave me an idea on where I stood for which college level I should be playing at.

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