Q&A with J.C. DeMuri, a Class of 2013 OF/LHP from Parkway West HS

J.C. DeMuri (right), an OF/LHP from Parkway West High School, had a breakout season as a sophomore for Parkway West in 2011, as he hit .418 with eight doubles, two triples, a home run and 18 RBI.  At 6-foot-3, 195-pounds, DeMuri’s size and overall athleticism is both impressive and projectable.  In the outfield, the No. 12 ranked Class of 2013 player uses his speed (6.97 60) to take advanced routes to the ball, plays through everything consistently, and has a strong arm (79-81 mph) with considerable carry.  At the plate, DeMuri is one of the top Class of 2013 hitters and a presence in the box thanks to a balanced, upright stance that allows him to attack the baseball and generate legitimate power to all fields. 

On the mound, he has emerged as one of the state’s more promising Class of 2013 left-handed pitchers, featuring a heavy 79-82 mph fastball, 68-71 mph curve with late, hard break, and a 69-70 mph changeup.

In August, DeMuri was selected to play for Team Missouri in the Under Armour Midwest Future Games, an event designed for the elite Class of 2013 players.  He was one of two players to collect at least one hit in both of Team Missouri’s contests.

PBR: As you enter your junior season, which schools do you have an interest to play for?

At this time, my options are open.  I am looking for a school where I can fit in and grow as a player, student, and a person.

PBR: Similarly, are there specific schools that have shown significant interest?

Yes.  There are a couple of schools that have shown interest in me.

PBR: Considering that you’re both an outfielder and a left-handed pitcher, have you drawn more interest for one than the other?

Since I haven’t pitched regularly that much the past couple of years, I think that I am drawing more interest as an outfielder.  I think this is because I have been hitting the ball well.  However, if a team needs me to pitch, I can do that too. 

PBR: Do you feel that playing in St. Louis and facing the competition that you have has prepared you for the various showcase events and tournaments you’ve attended?

Yes I feel that playing in St. Louis has prepared me for the competition that I have seen. I think it is all about practice, preparation and the competition that I have played against.

PBR: You had the opportunity to represent Missouri in the Prep Baseball Report’s Midwest Future Games this past summer.  What did it mean to be selected for such a prestigious event and play against some the Midwest’s finest Class of 2013 players?

It was a great honor to be able to play in the Midwest Future Games with kids from different teams who I have played against over the years.  I was fortunate to get the exposure prior to my junior year.  It allowed me to see different possibilities.  After playing in that showcase, I started hearing from coaches who had seen me while I was there.  It was a great way to end my summer season.

PBR: What are your thoughts on the implementation of BBCOR bats from both a hitting and pitching perspective?

I think that it will make baseball more of a strategy game again because teams are going to have to start using small ball in order to score some runs.

PBR: What team did you play for this past summer and what was that experience like? Was there anything specifically you worked to improve during the summer?

I have played for the St. Louis Recruits for the past two summers.  It has been a great experience.  I really like the coaches a lot, they are young and have been through it all recently.  I didn’t pitch a lot during my high school season so that was one thing I worked on improving during the summer and I am continuing to do.

PBR: As you head into your junior year, what are your thoughts on the recruiting process thus far?

I have enjoyed the idea of possibly continuing to play at the next level.

PBR: What type of program would you like to play at? What is most important to you: Caliber of program, coaching staff, academics, etc…?

I would like to be on a team where I can contribute right away, but I realize that my coach would decide what is best for me and my team.  I would also like it if the coaches and teammates pushed me and helped me improve.  The academics of the school are very important to me too.

PBR: What are your goals this season, both on a team and individual level?

My goals for this season are to continuously improve, become stronger, and learn how to maximize my talents.  I hope as a team we can do the same through preparation, dedication, and attention to fundamentals.