Q&A with Notre Dame RHP/1B Cody Heisserer

With his high school career now complete, Notre Dame RHP/1B Cody Heisserer has asserted himself as one of the top two way players in SEMO, leading a Notre Dame team that went 36-10 over the past two seasons.

Since the start of the 2011 season, Heisserer has led the Bulldogs in nearly every offensive and pitching category. On the mound the past two seasons, he has posted an 11-1 record, 1.55 ERA and struck out one hundred twenty-two batters. Offensively he put up nearly identical numbers the past two years, with a combined .374 batting average with fourteen doubles, two triples, seven home runs and forty-three RBIs.

In our latest Q&A, Heisserer gave us some of his thoughts on his impressive career.

PBR: You are a big contributor to the success for Notre Dame. Talk a little about the how you have contributed and the supporting cast around you.

Heisserer: As one of the senior players, I tried to be a leader on the field.  When I was pitching, I had a great defense backing me up.  I played summer ball with several of my teammates since we were nine years old, including Chase Simmons, my catcher.  We worked really well together.  When I wasn’t pitching, I played first base and then it was my responsibility to be the defense backing up our pitcher.  I also worked hard to swing the bat well.  As the clean up hitter I needed to help my team score.


PBR: What is it like playing for Notre Dame, a school that has been a fixture in our Top 25 rankings this season?

Heisserer: I enjoyed playing for Notre Dame, but at times there was a lot of pressure.  We seemed to have a target on our backs all season.  We knew each game we had we would be facing the other teams best pitcher.


PBR: Which schools were you considering prior to committing to Parkland?

Heisserer: Besides Parkland I also considered Mineral Area because it was closer to home

PBR: What were the reasons that you ultimately chose Parkland?

Heisserer: I chose Parkland because they have a good baseball program.  I felt it was the right school for me because they would better prepare me for baseball at the next level. 


PBR: What was the relationship you had with the Parkland staff in the recruitment process?

Heisserer: Coach Kennedy and I stayed in touch through texts and emails.  He came to watch me during summer ball last year.  I also attended a baseball camp at Parkland last summer.

PBR: You have been among the top pitchers in Missouri the past few years, what are your thoughts on that and how do you think your success at the high school level will transfer to the college game?

Heisserer: You can never stop working hard.   There are a lot of other pitchers out there working just as hard or harder to improve their game.  Keep looking for little ways to improve.  As for moving on to college, I think it will definitely be harder to stay on top. The batters I will be facing are also there because they are the top hitters from high school.  But that is one of the reasons I chose Parkland, because I know they can prepare me for that next step. 


PBR: As a two way talent, has there been any indication from the Parkland staff if you will have the opportunity to be a two-way player?

Heisserer: As far as I know I will just be pitching.  I would be more than happy to play first if they want me to.


PBR: Do you feel that playing in Missouri and facing the competition you do has prepared you to be a DI player?

Heisserer: I know there are some really good hitters out there that I have not had the opportunity to pitch to, but there are a lot of really good teams in Southeast Missouri.  Our district alone is one of the toughest districts in Missouri.  At one point our district had the number one and number three teams in Missouri.


PBR: What are your thoughts on the implementation of BBCOR bats from a hitting and pitching perspective?

Heisserer: As a hitter, the BBCOR bats makes you be a better hitter in order to be successful.   You have to hit it just right to get the base hit.  As a pitcher, you can throw inside and outside more without worrying the batter will get a big hit.

PBR: Do you feel that this season has been any different considering that you know where you’ll attend college?

Heisserer: No, not really.  I still had to come out to every game and play to the best of my abilities. 

PBR: Who is the toughest pitcher/hitter that you have faced?

Heisserer: The toughest pitcher I have faced is Adam Grantham from Kennett because he throws 90 MPH consistently.  The toughest batter I have faced is Jake Dobbelare from Perryville because he is 6’9” and his long arms can reach out and hit any ball no matter where you throw it. 

PBR: What is your most memorable moment in baseball so far in your life?

Heisserer: In my junior year, I pitched against Kennett and we won. I also hit a solo homerun.  Kennett went on to take third in state that year.  This year, I pitched a complete game shut out against Dexter in the semi finals of the district tournament.  I ended up with 13 strikeouts. 

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