Super 60 Recap: RHP Alex Lange (Lee's Summit West)

By Ethan Silverman
Missouri Scouting Director

The Super 60 Pro Showcase on February 3rd did not disappoint. Top players from our eight state coverage area performed in front of 80 plus MLB scouts and put on quite a show.  16 of 26 arms were 90+, 7 were 88-89. There were 16 sub 7.0 60s and 13 exit velos of 90 and above. 

One of six class of 2014 participants at the Super 60 was RHP Alex Lange from Lee’s Summit West HS (committed to LSU).  Ranked No. 1 in Missouri and No. 2 overall in the combined rankings, Lange has a 6-foot-3, 210-pound pitchers frame and is an extremely polished and accomplished pitcher for his age. 

“It was awesome being able to compete along side 60 of the top ball players in the region,” said Lange on his participation in the Super 60. “It was a humbling experience being around the type of guys and to be considered one of them.”

Lange consistently sat 88-91 on the mound, topping at 92-mph with a heavy fastball that was consistently right around the zone. The pitch that we have seen over and over again and continues to impress is his slider. Thrown 76-79 mph, it was a bit slower than when he is in mid-season form, but a legit out pitch that is nearly unhittable, with sharp, late two-plane movement. Lange is also developing a two-seam fastball, which from the early looks of it, is another weapon to add to his already impressive arsenal of pitches. 

On his performance, “I felt good about my performance. I felt like the fastball was working. The off speed pitches weren't up to my standard so that's gives me something to really focus on prior to the beginning of the season. I don't like getting wrapped up in numbers on velocities. The best pitchers can throw any pitch, on any count, to any spot they want. If you can accomplish this, velocity doesn't matter. I am humbled that I have one of the top velocities but I'm not too worried about the numbers. I'm just looking to continue to develop as a pitcher in all aspects of pitching.” 

Lange has a strong hold on the No. 1 ranking in Missouri, and should make a run for the No. 1 ranking again over the next couple of years. “As for what is to come out of this performance I am unsure. It was a great opportunity to throw in front of this many pro guys in one location at one time. I would hope to have made a lasting positive impression on the scouts.” Said Lange on what might come out of his impressive bullpen at the Super 60. “Since my draft year isn't this year, I know this is a great way to start to get my name on some pro radars and hope to continue to do this over the next 15 months.”