Top Performers from the Kansas City Prospect Showcase

By Ethan Silverman
Missouri Scouting Director

The participants at the Kansas City Prospect ID Showcase at The Yard in Lee's Summit showed the PBR staff and college coaches quality talent across the board, with strong performances on the mound, in the field, and at the plate. The Class of 2015 had a large presence at the event, including a few prospects who are set for a jump in the rankings.

After reviewing the video and our evaluation sheets, we are recapping the Top 10 Prospects from event. Over the next few days, we will recap the best of the rest broken down by graduating class.

Brad Archer, RHP, Lebanon HS, Class of 2014:
Archer is a wiry 6-foot, 155-pound RHP who has continues to progress and impress over numerous PBR showcases. Archer had a coming out party of sorts at the Midwest Future Games this past summer, and that success has spilled over to another impressive showing. Archer comes from a high ¾ arm slot with a live, loose arm. He threw a heavy fastball that topped at 89-mph, with late arm side run. He also threw a sharp 12-to-6 breaking ball (74-76 mph) with near fastball arm speed, as well as a 76-78 mph change up that was down in the zone. Archer’s change up is a pitch, when thrown with confidence, looks like it can be effective. As Archer continues to fill out his frame, he should have a consistent upper 80s to low 90s arm. 

Marquise Doherty, OF, Winnetonka HS, Class of 2015:
Doherty was the top overall athlete of the event, and a player who we look forward to seeing a lot of over the next few years. His body is mature for a player of his age (6-foot-1, 195) and also has advanced ability. In the outfield, he shows quick foot work and athletic actions to the baseball, with a quick, clean exchange while playing through the ball. His top throw was 85-mph, but there is more in the tank. Offensively, Doherty has extremely quick hands, with a level swing and extension through contact. The ball jumps off his bat and he looks to be a power threat. Doherty also posted the fastest home to first time, 4.02. 

Austin Knight, RHP, Lebanon HS, Class of 2014:
The 6-foot-2, 180-pound Knight showed a live, quick arm and delivered an easy 88-mph fastball, sitting in the 86-88 mph range, with a majority of the pitches he threw in the 87-88 mph range. Knight pounded the strike zone with his fastball that had late arm side run. Knight also showed a power 12-to-6 breaking ball with near fastball arm speed in the 70-71 mph range. He threw it with confidence and has the potential to be a legit out pitch. He also showed a 80-82 mph change up with some arm side run, a pitch we expect to see him continue to develop over the next two years. 

Reece Eddins, RHP, Blue Springs South, Class of 2014:
Eddins has a projectable 6-foot-5, 180-pound frame that is built for pitching. Coming from a high ¾ arm slot, Eddins has smooth rhythm and throws all of his pitches with easy effort and for a strike, and looks like a polished pitcher. He showed a heavy fastball that topped at 86-mph with late, hard arm side run, consistently down in the zone. His breaking ball had sharp, late break with 11-to-5 shape, and was thrown with near fastball arm speed. Eddins also showed a 72-74 mph change up with some depth and some arm side movement. When Eddins maintained his arm speed on his change up, it had more and later arm side movement. 

Blake Moore, C/OF, Liberty North HS, Class of 2015:
Moore is a strong-bodied 5-foot-10, 180-pound multi positional player. In the outfield, Moore was quick to the baseball and kept his momentum toward his target. He showed a quick arm and recorded the top throw of 87-mph. During bullpen sessions, Moore showed to be a solid receiver with the ability to stick balls in all parts of the zone while showing quick instincts and body control while blocking. Moore also showed quick feet and an accurate arm to second base, with a top pop time of 1.88. Offensively, Moore swings hard and shows the ability to make consistent contact, with some pull side power. Moore is still raw at this point, but has a lot of potential as he continues to fine tune his skills. 

Logan Wiley, RHP/OF, Kickapoo HS, Class of 2015:
The lanky 6-foot, 155-pound Wiley continues to progress his skills throughout his participation at PBR events, and it has not gone unnoticed. On the mound, his fastball is now topping at 85-mph, up from the 82-mph we saw in the fall. He comes from a high ¾ arm slot with fast arm speed and a long, loose arm, and maintains that arm speed with his off-speed pitches. Wiley’s breaking ball had tight spin and sharp 10-to-4 shape, thrown in the 70-73 mph range. He also threw his change up in the 72-75 mph range with arm side movement.  On the outfield, Wiley impressed with his arm speed, showing some carry on his throws, with a top throw of 85-mph. 

Jacob Schlesener, LHP/OF, Logan-Rogersville HS, Class of 2015:
Another veteran of PBR events, every time we see Schlesener, he continues to mature physically. With  a projectable 6-foot-1, 165-pound frame, the left handed pitcher shows a quick arm on the mound with easy effort, good rhythm, and solid pitching mechanics. His fastball showed run and sink, topping at 82-mph. He slows his arm speed a bit on his offspeed pitches, but they still show good movement. His 67-68 mph breaking ball was sharp, while his 70-71 mph change up showed arm side run. He has lots of upside on the mound as he continues to physically mature. At the plate, Schlesener has good rhythm with a level line drive producing swing and uphill finish, showing ability to make consistent contact. In the outfield Schlesener showed a clean exchange while playing through the ball with accurate throws.

Ross Juliana, RHP, Liberty, Class of 2014:
The 6-foot-2, 165-pound Juliana showed good feel for three pitches, and looks to be a pitcher who has ace of the staff pitches. Coming from a high ¾ arm slot with smooth rhythm, good balance and long, loose arm action, Juliana showed good down hill action off the mound with command of the strike zone.  His fastball sat an easy 84-85 mph, with more in the tank. He also showed a sharp, late breaking 11-to-5 breaking ball (70-72 mph) and a 71-73 mph change up with arm side run and consistently down in the zone. 

Brady Newland, OF, Liberty, Class of 2014:
Newland is an athletic player who showed natural outfield instincts and all-around ability for the game. The 6-foot-1, 165-pound Newland exhibited a strong arm (83 mph) with all throws on a line and on target from the outfield. He moves with fluidity and purpose to the ball, and has a clean exchange playing through the ball. At the plate, Newland has good rhythm and a balanced stance while taking a quick path to the ball. His swing plane stays level through the zone delivering gap-to-gap line drives. As Newland continues to fill out his frame, he should develop a little more power and drive the ball with more authority.

Clint Jennings, SS/OF/RHP, Lee’s Summit HS, Class of 2015:
The undersized 5-foot-7, 165-pound Jennings plays a lot bigger than his size. In the outfield, Jennings was aggressive and quick to the ball, getting in good position to throw with his momentum going toward his target, and recording one of the top outfield velocities at 85-mph. In the infield, Jennings showed good footwork with soft, quick hands and short, fast arm action while delivering accurate throws across the diamond.  Offensively, he showcased an easy, level swing consistently hitting the top half of the ball while using all fields. On the mound, Jennings has short, quick arm action with smooth rhythm and threw three pitches for a strike. His fastball stayed consistently down in the zone and was thrown in the 76-78 mph range. His breaking ball (65-68 mph) had early 11-to-5 break and his change up (68-69 mph) was thrown with near fastball arm speed.

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