Unsigned Senior Writeups

The Class of 2012 Unsigned Senior Showcase at the St. Louis Sports Center on December 18th brought players from all corners of Missouri and Illinois, and put on an overall impressive display of fielding, hitting, and pitching.

Top Performers
1. Ethan Schlesener, Logan-Rogersville, C/3B:
Schlesener is strong and athletic 6-foot-2, 185-pound catcher and third baseman. Just coming off of football season, Schlesener showed to be the top overall hitter of the event with an explosive lower half driving the ball hard to all fields with backspin carry.  He should be among the top power hitters statewide. Schlensener also showed a selective eye. At 3B, Schlesenser displayed smooth fielding mechanics and range with a quick release and accurate throws across the diamond.  Schlesener displayed soft hands and athletic feet behind the plate while receiving bullpens and above average blocking skills. He also showed carry on his throws (78 mph) while delivering consistent pop times on the bag, ranging between 2.02 to 2.08. Schlesener is a very projectable prospect.

2. Drew Standifer, Ft. Osage, OF
The top outfielder of the event, Standifer is an athletic left-handed hitter who showed natural outfield instincts and all-around skill for the game. The 6-foot-2, 190-pound Standifer exhibited a strong arm (84 mph) that had carry and was on target. He moves with fluidity and purpose to the ball, and his natural instincts and hands further separated him from the pack.  Standifer has a quick and compact swing from the left-side. He demonstrated good balance and barrel whip through the zone as he sprayed line drives to all fields. He also showed some speed with a 4.17 home-to –first.

3. Tim Collins, Grain Valley, RHP:
The 5-foot-10, 175-pound Collins impressed with a live arm and strong upper body, posting the top velocity off the mound (85mph). Collins’s fastball sat 84-85 and had late, hard cut. His 11-to-5 breaking ball (69-71 mph) had late, sharp movement and is a legitimate out pitch. Collins also threw a 75-76 mph changeup with some fade.

4. Alex Siddler, Belleville East (IL), 1B/LHP:
Siddler showed to be a two way player who excels in all facets of his game. The projectable 6-foot-5, 190-pound left handed hitting Siddler showed a smooth and consistent level swing, with power potential. Siddler drove the ball hard gap-to-gap with backspin carry.  At first base, Siddle showed soft hands, with above average footwork when holding a runner on and turning double plays.  On the mound, Siddler sat 81-84 mph, topping out at 84. He showed a sharp 11-to-5 breaking ball (71-73 mph) and 73-76 mph change up with late sink.

5. Joe Conrad, St. Joseph Central, OF/INF/RHP:
Conrad showed to be a versatile player, with the ability to play in the outfield, infield, and pitch.  In the outfield, Conrad took fundamental routes to the ball with an accurate arm, recording a top velocity of 82 mph.  He showed good instincts finding the ball quickly off the bat, both in the outfield and infield. In the infield, Conrad showed good fielding mechanics and some range.  On the mound Conrad comes from a high ¾ arm angle and has quick arm speed, showing an 80-82 mph fast ball with late cut. He also throws a late moving 10-to-4 slider and a 71-73 mph change up with some depth.  At the plate, Conrad displayed a smooth, controlled swing with a slightly uphill bat path, and the ability to barrel up the ball. If he took a slightly longer stride, Conrad could level his swing out a bit and be a more consistent.

 Oday Alyatim, Hazelwood West, C:  The 5-foot-10, 170-frame Alyatim has a solid, athletic frame. Behind the plate, he shows quick feet and little wasted movement, with solid receiving skills. His pop time registered between 2.08-2.18. and reached a top velocity of 71 mph. Alaytim showed fundamental blocking ability. At the plate, Alaytim displays a balanced set up with a quick, easy load. He is short to the ball with quick hands. Using a slight uphill bat path and barrel whip, he produces a consistent line drive swing with back spin carry.  Alyatim ran a 4.36 home-to-first.

Best of the rest
Connor Muckler, CBC, LHP/OF/1B
: The lanky 6-foot-1, 160 pound Muckler showed some speed, recording the top time home-to-first, a 4.03.  Defensively in the outfield, Muckler took aggressive routes to the ball, with a quick glove to hand transfer and accurate throws. At 1B, Muckler showed a confident glove and accurate throws across the diamond. With a balanced stance and short stride at the plate, the left handed hitting Muckler used the opposite field well, delivering hard line drives. On the mound, the lefty comes from an over the top arm slot showing the ability to throw three pitches for strikes. With an increase in arm action, Muckler has the potential and ability to gain velocity and more movement on all pitches.

Jacob Wilson, Sikeston HS, MIF: With an athletic 5-foot-11, 165-pound frame, Wilson showed to be one of the  top fielders of the event.  Wilson showed a good approach to the ball, sure hands, fundamental footwork and range, with consistently accurate throws across the diamond (70-74 mph). At the plate, Wilson has an open stance with a smooth load and short stride, showing the ability to consistently put the ball into play to all fields.

Tyler Thomas, Collinsville HS (IL): Thomas is a 5-foot-9, 160-pound MIF who showed to be a consistent fielder, taking good angles to the ball and a quick transfer, delivering 71-74 mph throws across the diamond. If he raises his arm slot a bit, Thomas could probably add a few miles per hour on to his throws.  At the plate, Thomas is very balanced and showed the ability to hit the ball to the right side. He also ran a 4.50 home-to-first.

Joel Yates, Belleville East (IL), 3B/RHP: Yates has a strong lower half with his 5-foot-10, 180-pound frame, a lower half he used to generate barrel whip at the plate and delivered consistent line drives gap to gap, showing the potential to have some power.  In the infield, Yates has a good approach to the ball and flashed some range, while showing arm speed in his throws across the diamond (73-75 mph). Yates also showed some ability on the mound, with a fastball that topped out at 76mph. Yates also threw a curveball and change up. 

Jack Sanchez, Oak Park, OF: Sanchez is a 5-foot-7, 160-pound outfielder who showed good instincts, getting a good jump to the ball off the bat. He has quick feet, a clean exchange, and plays through the ball well while delivering accurate 73-75 mph throws.  At the plate, Sanchez has an athletic stance with good balance and showed the ability to make consistent contact, hitting the ball where it is pitched. He ran a 4.49 home-to-first.

Camden Bridges, Westminster, OF: Bridges showed impressive speed, posting a 4.17 home-to-first. The speed was evident in the outfield, getting to the ball quickly and showing sure hands with some arm strength (75-77 mph). At the plate, the 5-foot-1, 145-pound left handed hitter showed a smooth, rhythmic swing while consistently driving the ball to all fields. Bridges showed to be a good all around athlete, who has potential to improve in all facets of the game as he continues to mature physically.

Nate Geismann, Wentzville Holt, OF: The lanky 6-foot, 180-pound Geismann showed a strong, accurate arm in the outfield, firing 75-80mph throws with some carry.  He showed aggressive routes and played through the ball.  At the plate, Geismann took a good bat path to the ball and sprayed the ball to all fields.

Joseph Inglefritz, St. Dominic, RHP: Inglefritz has a live arm that works well with smooth, repeatable mechanics.  His fastball (77-79 mph) has some late run, and was consistently thrown for a strike. Inglefritz showed fastball arm speed on both off speed pitches, an 11-to-5 breaking ball (60-62 mph), 65-67 mph slider, and a late moving change up (68-71 mph). As he continues to develop and keeps his weight back more he should see a spike in velocity.

Adam Renfro, JFK, OF: Renfro is an athletically built 5-foot-11, 175-pound outfielder. Defensively, Renfro has quick instincts and plays through the ball on all throws (78-82 mph).  He showed fluid footwork with a quick clean exchange.  At the plate, Renfro is very balanced and takes short, quick path to the ball and consistently found the barrel.

Sam Lidisky, Althoff Catholic (IL), LHP: Lidisky is a lanky 6-foot-1, 165-pound left handed pitcher who showed repeatable mechanics from a ¾ arm slot, and as he continues to fill out his frame, should have good upside. His fastball sat 79-80 mph with arm side run. Lidisky showed good control of his off speed pitchers, with a sharp 71 mph 11-to-5 breaking ball and a 76 mph changeup with arm side run.

Greg Gralike, Oakville, OF:  Gralicke is a 6-foot-2, 170-pound outfielder who took good routes and plays through the ball, reaching a top velocity of 77 mph with along and easy arm action.  At the plate, Gralike takes a good bat path to the ball and extension through contact, showing the ability to drive the ball gap to gap.

Dean Ballenger, Francis Howell Central, 1B: Ballenger is a 5-foot-11, 215-pound first baseman who showed promise at the plate with a short, level path to the ball that created barrel whip through the zone.  He exhibited some swing looseness as he sprayed line drives to all fields.  Defensively, Ballenger moved well around the bag and was clocked at 71 mph. 

Matther Leinberger, Hazelwood West, MIF: Leinberger is a athletic 5-foot-7, 175-pound middle infielder. Leinberger showed good actions and fluid footwork as he moved well laterally and was in the right position to make the plays. He throws from a low ¾ arm angle, and it he raises it a bit, would see some more accuracy and velocity (77mph) in his throws.  Offensively, Leinberger demonstrated fundamental mechanics in his swing that resulted in consistent line drives to all fields.  He showed good hands and balance throughout, which produced some looseness in his swing.

Denton McNamee, CBC, OF/RHP:  McNamee demonstrated solid arm strength (82 mph) with accurate carry from the outfield, while taking aggressive routes to the ball. Offensively, McNamee has a smooth approach, he showed average power for his size, and the ability to drive the base to the right side. On the mound, McNamee showed good feel for all three pitches. Coming from a ¾ arm slot, McNamee’s fastball sat 78-80 mph, and was complimented with a 10-to-4 breaking ball (65-67 mph) and 71-73 mph changeup. With some mechanical adjustments, McNamee should see an increase in velocity off the mound.