Complete SEMO Prospect ID Showcase Coverage

The SEMO Prospect ID Showcase at Notre Dame HS in Cape Girardeau was hot and humid, but the 102 degree heat didn’t stop the participants from beating the heat to put on some eye opening performances. While the event’s talent pool was impressive, No. 1 ranked player in the Class of 2013, Tanner Murphy from Malden HS did not disappoint, taking home honors as the event’s top performer. Murphy fired pop times of 1.83-1.87 with a quick release and throws right on the bag. At the plate, Murphy showed above average power to all fields, putting balls over the fence in right center and left center field. Murphy also sat 85-86 off the mound, with a sharp, late moving breaking ball (68-71). Murphy is quickly becoming one of the most coveted prospects in the Class of 2013.

Other top performers include:

2. Cody Heisserer, Notre Dame, RHP/INF, Class of 2012:

Heisserer is poised for a big senior year, and should be one of the top pitchers in the SEMO area, as well as state wide. The athletic 6-foot-3, 195-pound Heisserer displayed quick arm action and late arm side run on his 84-85 mph fastball, and left all evaluators thinking there is more in the tank. Heisserer’s 10-to-4 slider has tight spin and hard break; and is a legitimate out pitch. The two way player also demonstrated athletic actions at 3B and 1B, moving well laterally and firing accurate throws (78 mph) with carry across the diamond. Offensively, Heisserer shows good barrel whip through the zone, and is very aggressive at the plate. He flashed some power gap-to-gap, and put two over the fence to left field. 

3. Ryne Roper, Harrisburg (IL), RHP/MIF, Class of 2013 

The lanky 6-2, 180-pound Roper has a very projectable body, and showed very well off the mound. The No. 1 ranked player in the PBR Illinois Class of 2013 rankings, Roper comes from a high ¾ arm slot and flashed a heavy 84-86 mph fastball, topping at 87 mph. With quick arm speed and clean mechanics, Roper also showed hard a 12-to-6 breaking ball with late movement and consistently thrown for strikes. To complete his arsenal, Roper’s 69-70 mph changeup has arm side run and depth. Roper has tremendous upside and should to be one of the top players in Illinois.

4. Drew Harper, Sikeston, SS, Class of 2013

A solid talent, Harper showcased exceptionally well both offensively and defensively. At shortstop, he demonstrated advanced defensive actions: he fields the ball with rhythm and purpose, he has a quick transfer, soft hands and an accurate arm with some carry (79 mph). The 6-foot-1, 175-pound Harper is a line drive hitter, consistently hitting the ball hard with backspin using a short, compact and level swing. 

5. Jesse Schott, Notre Dame, RHP/1B, Class of 2012

Schott showed good rhythm on the mound and showcased a fastball that topped at 82 mph with a clean arm action. His curveball flashed tight break with 11-to-5 break, and showed to be his best pitch. Schott also displayed some feel for his change. At the plate, Schott put on an impressive BP performance. He showed a well-balanced, polished swing and the ability to drive the ball with authority. He showed good barrel whip through the zone and the ball jumped off his bat.

6. Jeff Rowland, Poplar Bluff, RHP/INF, Class of 2013

The solid 6-foot, 200-pound two-way talent topped at 83 mph on the mound with clean arm action. Rowland has a quick, whippy arm action and he displayed a tight 11-to-5 curveball with late break. He also flashed downward arm-side movement on his changeup. In the field, he showcased a solid arm (84 mph) and hands. At the plate, Rowland displayed a balanced swing with quick hands through the zone.  He is a line drive hitter who showed good bat control and looseness in his swing.

7. Alex Pinkston, Farmington, MIF, Class of 2012 

Pinkston is an athletic 5-foot-9, 150-pound middle infielder who impressed with his all-around tools. Defensively, he demonstrated advanced defensive actions, moving with rhythm and purpose while taking excellent paths to the baseball and a quick release.  Offensively, Pinkston showcased a level, line drive-producing swing. He possesses quick, athletic hands and is mechanically very sound. Pinkston also showed the ability to drive the ball consistently to the right side.

8. Chase Young, Dexter, OF/SS, Class of 2013

Young is a 5-foot-10, 165-pound left-hand hitting outfielder/infielder who proved to be one of the top athletes of the event. He ran an event-best 6.83 in the 60, in addition to showing natural, athletic actions in the outfield. He also displayed a solid arm (78 mph) from the outfield, with carry and accuracy. At the plate, Young exhibited a loose, level swing and consistently squared up the baseball. With his speed and ability to drive the ball gap to gap, Young should be a threat on the base path.

9. Jonathan Lynch, Notre Dame, LHP/1B, Class of 2012

The undersized 5-foot-10, 165-pound Lynch was the only left-handed pitcher at the event. Lynch showed solid, repeatable mechanics and feel for three pitches, including a fastball that touched 78 mph with late glove-side action. Coming from an over the top arm slot, all three pitches had movement, including a 68-71 mph change up with late fade which showed to be his best pitch. At 1B, Lynch showed sure, soft hands, a quick transfer, and arm strength (80 mph) across the diamond.

10. Tyler Anderson, Sikeston, SS, Class of 2013 

With a projectable 6-foot-2, 180-pound frame, Anderson has the tools to be an impact player in all facets of the game. He moves exceptionally well for his size, and showed arm strength across the diamond (84 mph). At the plate, Anderson has pop in his bat, as he showcased raw pull-side power. He has a strong lower half, and if he can control that lower half a bit, Anderson has the potential to be a consistent power hitter. He also ran a 7.15 60.

Other standout performers include:

Connor Davault, Farmington, C, Class of 2012

Davault is a strong-bodied athletic catcher who possesses arm strength and quick feet behind the plate. The solid 6-foot-1, 180-pound Davault delivered 2.03-2.16 pop times with accuracy and ease. He receives comfortably, and showcased advanced blocking abilities. At the plate, he displayed some power potential.

James Ash, New Madrid HS, SS/OF, Class of 2012 

Ash demonstrated good range in the infield, showing good efforts and movements toward the ball. Offensively, Ash made consistent contact; spraying the ball to all fields. With more use of his lower half, Ash should be able to drive the ball with some authority. The quick 5-foot-10, 165-pound Ash showed some speed with a 7.28 60.

Nathan Wulfert, Farmington HS, MIF, Class of 2012

The undersized 5-foot-9, 135-pound Wulfert demonstrated advanced actions at shortstop, displaying quick hands and transfer, and fielded the ball in rhythm and purpose. At the plate, his barrel consistently found the ball and hit the ball well to all fields.

Justin Landewee, Notre Dame, MIF, Class of 2013

At the plate, the 5-foot-9, 140-pound Landewee showed great discipline, swinging only at pitches he knew he could drive. With a short compact swing, Landewee showed extension through contact , with some pull power. In the field, Landewee is athletic and quick to the ball, with sure hands and good range. As he develops and gets stronger, Landewee should see an increase in power and arm strength from any position on the infield.

Jake Stewart, Murphysboro (IL), C/OF, Class of 2013 

Stewart is a lean-bodied athletic catcher who possesses athleticism behind the plate. The 5-foot-10, 150-pound Stewart delivered 1.99-2.13 pop times with accuracy and ease. He receives comfortably, and showcased advanced blocking abilities. At the plate, he showed to be a good opposite field hitter. With his current body size as a catcher, there is potential to get stronger and develop into a top of the line catcher. Stewart also ran a 7.20 60.

Jordan Miller, Dexter, RHP/INF, Class of 2013

The athletic 5-foot-10, 175-pound Miller hides the ball well using a high ¾ arm slot to deliver a 78-80 mph fastball with late arm side run. This prospect showed the tools to be a top of the rotation pitcher with some improvements to his 12-to-6 curveball that showed promise, and a change up with some depth. Look for Miller to be in the starting rotation next year, and be a very effective pitcher as he continues to develop his pitches. As an infielder, Miller moves well to the ball and showed off a strong, accurate arm (76 mph).

Derek Mitchell, Park Hill Central, OF, Class of 2013 

The 6-foot, 195-pound Mitchell ran a 7.22 60 and showcased a solid swing at the plate with gap power. In the outfield, he moves athletically and with purpose; he throws on a downhill plane with carry on his throws. At the plate, Mitchell showed power potential with an aggressive swing.

Nate Beussink, Notre Dame, 2B, Class of 2012

The 6-foot-1, 175-pound Beussink showcased quick hands and bat speed through the zone with the ball jumping off his bat at the plate. He also demonstrated the ability to use all fields. Defensively, Beussink moves well laterally and fields the ball fluidly while showing soft hands and a quick transfer. He showed some speed with a 7.12 60.

Ramsey Scott, Cape Central, 1B/OF, Class of 2013

The physically imposing 6-foot-5, 225-pound Scott is a prospect with upside. At the plate, he showed the ability to drive the ball hard gap-to-gap and has the potential to be a big power threat every time he steps to the plate. At 1B, Scott showed sure hands and athletic movements to the ball, with accurate throws to both 2B and 3B. As an outfielder, Scott consistently stayed behind the fly balls, and caught all coming forward, while taking good angles to field ground balls.

Jake Dobbelare, Perryville, RHP/1B, Class of 2012

The 6-foot-9, 230-pound Richmond has a projectable-pitchers frame. The lanky left-hander touched 82 on the mound throwing with steep, downhill plane and arm side run. His best pitch was a breaking ball, which when thrown with everything working, has potential to be a legitimate out pitch. Richmond should add velocity as he develops physically. At the plate, Dobbelare extends well through contact, with pull power.

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