Prep Baseball Report

GBA Scout Day Quick Hits: Position Players

By: Diego Solares
Central Region Media Director, Scouting

On Sunday, February 11th, the PBR Missouri staff traveled to the SportsBarn in Wentzville, MO, to host the GBA Scout Day. More than 100 players from the GBA program, representing the 2025-to-2027 grad classes, participated in a pro-style workout in front of our staff and collected unrivaled measurables in the process.

All of our events offer players the opportunity to update their recruiting resume and showcase their talents in front of our staff. We also use these events as identifiers for future invite-only events, like the Preseason All-State, our summer Top Prospect Games, and the prestigious Prep Baseball Future Games that take place at the tail end of the summer.

Shortly after the event, our staff published the day’s stat leaders into leaderboard format within our traditional ‘Stat Story’. You can find that by clicking HERE

We already broke down more than 30 names on the mound from this event, which you can find HERE. Today we're wrapping up our coverage of this year's GBA Scout Day by spotlighting a handful of position players that impressed our staff at the event.


+ C/INF Charlie Wortham (DeSmet, 2025; Mississippi State commit) put together his most impressive workout to date, impressing our staff with polish to all aspects of his game. The 6-foot-1, 185-pound backstop was all over the barrel in BP from a polished, leveraged right-handed stroke. Wortham’s average (307 ft.) and peak (364 ft.) batted distances each led the event, and his average exit velocity (92.7 mph) was near the top of the event’s leaderboard as well. Defensively, Wortham was on the bag often from a short, quick, and accurate release, popping in the 1.90-to-1.95 range with an arm that peaked at 79 mph. A recent Mississippi State commit, Wortham is one of the top backstops in the state’s junior class. 

+ Another top prospect in Missouri that was in attendance was OF
Jackson Vaughn (Francis Howell, 2025; Wichita State). The 6-foot-3, 195-pound left-handed hitter showed his usual polish at the plate, peppering line drives to all fields from a rhythmic and balanced all-around operation. Vaughn ran faster than we’d seen from him in the past (6.97 60) and he peaked at 84 mph from the outfield as well. 

+ One of the day’s biggest winners was INF
Lucas Krebs (Edwardsville, 2025), who’s tacked on more strength and physicality to a 6-foot, 185-pound frame this winter. Krebs ran better than we’ve seen in the past (6.90), jumped 32.2” in the vertical, and had one of the day’s higher RSI jump scores (2.87) as well. He showed more bat speed and bat strength at the plate, elevating barreled line drives gap-to-gap throughout his round. Krebs averaged 89.3 mph per barrel, peaking at 96 mph, and his furthest ball traveled 346 feet - all of these marks being personal bests from Krebs at our events. He covers ground on the infield in rhythm, trusts his hands, and has a live arm (T90 mph) that consistently plays with carry across the diamond. Krebs is one of the top uncommitted position players in the Illinois’ 2025 class. 

Dane Hrasky (O’Fallon, 2025) had a strong showing in multiple areas of his workout at this event, starting by running an event-best 60-yard dash (6.55), and he also jumped 33.7” in the vertical. Hrasky sprayed line drives to the opposite field in BP, consistently impacting the baseball at a higher rate both on average (85.1 mph) and at peak (93.4 mph). Defensively, Hrasky has the potential to be an impact type glove on the dirt with the actions and athleticism to stick there at the next level. 

Dane Hrasky

+ Another big winner from Illinois from this event was C Tyler Gurski (Glenwood, 2025), as the 5-foot-11, 175-pound backstop had one of the all-around more loud workouts. Athletically, Gurski showed well across the board, running a 6.97 60, jumping 34.5 inches in the vertical, and posting an RSI jump score of 2.82, which was one of the higher marks of the day. At the plate, Gurski consistently elevated the baseball to the pull-side from a long, leveraged right-handed swing that produced hard contact off the barrel on average (88.1 mph) and at peak (93.4 mph). His furthest ball traveled 352 feet, though he routinely swatted deep contact (306 ft. average) throughout his round. Defensively, Gurski popped in the 1.94-to-2.05 range and threw his hardest bullet at 76 mph. 

+ A member of Team Missouri at the Future Games, C/INF
Jake Greer (Liberty, 2025) is a strong-bodied 6-foot-1, 195-pound athlete with physical tools to pair. Greer’s athleticism stands out, as he’s a 6.98 runner with a 30.1” vertical to pair. He swings a fast, uphill right-handed barrel that produced hard gap-to-gap contact throughout his round, averaging 89.8 mph per batted ball, with a peak mark at 96.4 mph. Greer’s arm plays true and with carry from behind the plate, peaking at 77 mph from the chute while popping in the 1.92-to-2.02 range. 

Eli Carlson (Rochester, 2025) holds strength within a compact 5-foot-10, 180-pound frame. Carlson’s hands work direct to contact, staying on the barrel to the middle of the field throughout his round. On the infield, his hands work out front with a clean, sure-handed funnel to release, peaking at 85 mph on his hardest throw across the diamond. 

+ MIF Mason Bogard (Francis Howell, 2025) showed well at this event after a quality look at the Preseason All-State earlier this month. A switch-hitter, Bogard sprayed line drives from a simple, direct stroke that he repeated from both sides of the plate. He also ran a 6.99 60 and topped at 83 mph across the infield. 

+ C Max Waltenberger (Francis Howell, 2025) is a physical 6-foot-3, 220-pound athlete that had some of the loudest batted ball data from the event. Working long to contact and favoring the pull-side, Waltenberger’s hardest ball came off his barrel at 98.2 mph (90.3 mph average), while his furthest ball traveled 356 feet, averaging 271 feet per batted ball. He also topped at 76 mph from the crouch and popped in the 2.00-to-2.10 range. 

+ One name that was on the barrel throughout his round was MIF Reed Hunter (CBC, 2025). Hunter repeated a loose, level right-handed swing consistently, spraying line drives gap-to-gap with present polish to pair. 

+ INF Ahmad Muhammad (John Burroughs, 2027) is a strong-bodied 6-foot-1, 185-pound athlete that was on the barrel for line drives throughout his round of BP. Muhammad flashed bat strength (T96.3 mph) at times and also ran a 6.97 60-yard dash. 

+ 1B Cooper Montgomery (St. Dominic, 2026) looks the part of a highly physical, true middle-of-the-order left-handed bat in Missouri’s sophomore group. Montgomery repeatedly got off intentful hacks throughout his round, generating big bat speed out of load with real impact. He barreled the day’s loudest batted ball (100.7 mph) and led all those in attendance with the highest average exit velocity mark at 93.7 mph. Montgomery produced that level of impact while consistently elevating the baseball, both on average (274 ft.) and at peak (346 ft.). 

+ A 6-foot-3, 185-pound left-handed hitter, OF
Chase Cradick (Francis Howell, 2026) impressed at the Preseason All-State earlier in the month and did so again at this event. Cradick controls his long levers well for his age and keeps a short, level barrel through the zone to contact. He found the barrel often in BP and should add more thump up at the plate as he continues to add strength to his frame. Additionally, Cradick peaked at 85 mph on his hardest throw from the outfield. 

+ C Braden Fournie (Belleville West, 2026) is a left-handed hitting backstop that showed well on both sides of the ball at this event. Offensively, Fournie repeats a simple, balanced, and in-rhythm stroke that comfortably peppered line drives to all fields throughout his round. He’s advanced defensively behind the plate, with soft hands and a quick release that consistently played around the bag. Fournie’s hardest throw checked in at 76 mph and he popped a 1.95 on his quickest bullet. 

Carson Bauer (O’Fallon, 2026) continues to show upside at the plate from the left side. Bauer’s hands stay short to contact and work on top of the baseball, spraying line drives to all fields throughout his round. He repeats his swing consistently and should continue to add more impact as he tacks on strength to his 5-foot-10, 155-pound frame.  

+ A pair of high school teammates to follow from this event are C Max Autery (Roxana, 2026) and C Mason Crump (Roxana, 2026). Both are strong right-handed hitters with long, connected swings that intend to elevate the baseball. Autery averaged 85.8 mph per batted ball, with a max at 92.1 mph, and popped in the 1.94-to-2.10 range while topping at 77 mph from the crouch. Crump’s hardest ball came off his barrel at 94 mph, with a 85.3 mph average, while topping at 78 mph on his hardest throw and popping in the 1.94-to-2.06 range. 

+ C/1B Keegan Seipp (O’Fallon, 2027) is a physical 6-foot-2, 215-pound athlete with real middle-of-the-order impact potential at the plate. He’s polished and powerful from the left side, finding the barrel often with present thump. Seipp’s average exit velocity (87.1 mph), max exit velocity (93.4 mph) and peak batted distance (340 ft.) are all above-average marks for his age. 

+ OF
Aidan Bennett (Edwadsville, 2027) represented Team Illinois at the Prep Baseball Junior Future Games last summer and has only improved since the last time we saw him. The 6-foot-1, 182-pound freshman was on the barrel often from an intentful, level right-handed stroke, favoring pull-side contact throughout his round. Bennett ran a 7.25 in the 60-yard dash and was up to 85 mph from the outfield as well. 

+ A pair of freshman outfielders with upside are OF
Corde Gage (CBC, 2027) and OF Fred Hilliard (Ladue, 2027). Gage holds strength on a 5-foot-11, 170-pound frame with a loose, athletic right-handed stroke that repeated line drive contact throughout his round. Hilliard stands at a leaner 5-foot-10, 165-pounds with a short, uphill right-handed swing to pair. He also showed well above-average arm strength for his age, topping at 89 mph from the outfield on his hardest throw. 

+ INF Amir Muhammad (John Burroughs) has plenty of physical upside within a lean, lanky 6-foot-2, 165-pound frame. A 6.90 runner, Muhammad’s hands work on top of the baseball and his barrel stays level through the zone with line drive feel to the pull-side. He’s a loose mover on the infield too, particularly when ranging to his gloveside and backhand. 

+ OF Parker Wells (Belleville West, 2027) swings a simple, loose, and repeatable right-handed barrel that comfortably sprayed line drives gap-to-gap throughout his round of BP.