2021 Last Chance Open Showcase: Itinerary

TJ Hunt
Director, PBR New Jersey

PBR New Jersey Fall Last Chance Open


The PBR New Jersey Last Chance Open showcase is coming up on Sunday, October 24th and we look forward to seeing you there. This email is to confirm your registration and attendance, also explaining the itinerary for the day with check-in times and any notices.

**IMPORTANT**: We have changed the location of the event to the Wood-Ridge Athletic Complex. The event will no longer be hosted at Don Bosco Prep due to a scheduling conflict.

*The most accurate address can be found below. Please be sure that you are going to "Wood-Ridge," NJ, not "Woodbridge."



2:30 PM: Position Player Check in
3:00 PM - 5:15 PM: Position Player Showcase (60, BP, Defensive Evaluation)
5:30PM: Pitcher Only Check in
~7:30 PM: Event Concludes

All non-pitchers and catchers are dismissed after their defensive eval. Two-way players and catchers will stay for bullpens after their position player workout.

Wood-Ridge Athletic Complex
100 Johnson Drive
Wood-Ridge, NJ 07075

Note - this field is an all-turf facility. Please wear molded cleats or turf shoes. The mound, however, is dirt. Pitchers may use metal cleats if they choose to.

For more details, including current roster, visit the event page. If you have any questions, email me at [email protected]


BBCOR Bat or wood?
BBCOR Bats only.

What else should players bring/wear?
Players should wear baseball pants, a hat, belt and bring their baseball equipment.

Metal spikes or turfs/rubber cleats?
Players should come equipped with rubber cleats or turf shoes. However, pitchers may use metal spikes as the pitcher's mound is dirt.

When will stats be uploaded?
Stats will be uploaded within the next week after the event.

When will videos be uploaded?
Please allow 3-4 weeks for videos to be uploaded to each player's profile, hosted on www.prepbaseballreport.com

Does every player get ranked after attending an event?
Our rankings are comprehensive and not simply based on players that attend one of our events. Consequently, if you attend an event, it does not guarantee that you will be ranked. Throughout the course of the year, we are attending high school and summer games, non-PBR showcases, and other events. Ultimately, this information along with insight from college and professional coaches helps us develop our overall player rankings.


Measurable Stats/Videos
Please do not ask for your stats in the middle of the event. Our staff will have several responsibilities and will be on the move. We do not want them to incorrectly relay any information. Once videos are edited we will email everyone with a follow up subscription code that will allow you to view your videos for one month at a cost of $0.01. We will also offer a discount to "Prospect Plus"...Please do not purchase a subscription until you receive the follow-up email. (Once purchased or if already subscribed we cannot go back and apply discount credit, it must remain as is).