Futures Preview North: Top Outfield Prospects

By TJ Hunt
New Jersey Scouting Director

We continue our coverage of the Futures Previews with the top Outfield Prospects from the Futures Preview North. Over the course of the next few days, we will unveil the top prospects from each position, leading up to an all-encompassing Top Overall Prospects from both events.

Player Analysis Header


Franco has a broad shouldered, athletic build at 6-foot-2 205-pounds. Was one of the most impressive athletes at the event both in physicality and athleticism. Ran the 60 yard dash in 6.58 seconds and recorded an exit velocity of 94 with a wood bat. At the plate, Franco starts with a compact approach, hands above back shoulder and a tall, narrow stance. As pitch comes in, uses a leg kick and stride to start swing. Hands load back slightly. Violent hips and hands through the zone produces impressive gap-to-gap power on finish. Defensively, shows some feel for corner outfield position at the next level. Throws topped at 77 MPH from the outfield from high-3/4 slot with some arm side run. On the mound, fastball topped at 76 MPH and sat mostly 75-76 from a high-3/4 slot. Long, stiffish arm action. Curveball showed small 11/5 action at 60-62. 



Putsky has a lean, athletic build at 5-foot-9 160-pounds. Ran the 60 in 7.28 seconds. Recorded an exit velocity of 81 MPH. Offensively, had one the most impressive days at the plate of any position player at the event – recording three hits in game play with a double. Sets up in a tall, narrow stance from the left side. Uses a leg kick to start swing. Balanced and smooth follow through and swing. All actions at the plate are fluid and under control. Has feel for the barrel and turned on some velocity during the day. Projectable frame with room to fill out as he continues to grow. Defensively – throws topped at 73 MPH from the outfield. Throws had some loft and backspin but were on target. Interesting follow for the 2019 class.



Verano has a broad-shouldered athletic build at 5-foot-11 185-pounds. Ran the 60 in 7.38 seconds, recorded an exit velocity of 90 MPH. Physically gifted already as a 2019, was one of the most impressive athletes at the event. On the mound, topped at 82. Fastball sat mostly 79-81. Curveball had 11/5 depth at 66-67. Loose, quick arm. Ball jumps on hitters in the box from a high-3/4 slot. Quickness of arm projects a jump in velocity as he continues to polish as a pitcher. Slow, methodical delivery into a, athletic balance point. Low front side as he descends down the mound. Explodes to home plate, almost jumping at the batter. Recoil on finish, drifts to first base side of rubber. Ball had some natural armside run. Changeup showed some sink at 70-71. At the plate, possesses a powerful right-handed swing. Potential two-way guy at the next level. At the plate, starts in a wide stance and slight crouch. Hands above back shoulder and close to ear with bat parallel to ground . Uses a leg lift and stride to start swing. Hands load straight back. Smooth and explosive swing and finish. Creates some lift. 



Scott has a lanky, athletic frame at 6-foot-2 160-pounds. Interesting prospect to follow as he continues to get bigger and stronger. At the plate, recorded an exit velocity of 76 MPH. Ran a 7.27 60 yard dash. At the plate, stands with a wide stance with weight visibly on back leg from the right side. Hands are just below back shoulder with bat slightly wrapped around head. Uses a small foot stride to start swing. Hand load is minimal but smooth. Shows some fluid hips in follow through with some lift and balance in finish. On the mound, fastball velocity topped at 80 MPH and sat mostly 77-79. Curveball showed some big 11/5 shape at 60-62 MPH with tight spin from a high-3/4 slot. High leg lift to start motion. Low, athletic balance point on back leg. Low front side going down the mound. Firm front leg on finish, shows some body control for age and length. Creates some extension on release; head tilts toward first base side causing body to drift toward that side of the mound. In the outfield, recorded throws that topped at 81 MPH from an over-the-top slot. Ball jumped out of hand with some backspin toward target. 



Hoog has a lean, athletic build at 6-foot-2 185-pounds. Ran the 60 yard dash in 6.89 seconds and produced an exit velocity of 86 MPH. At the plate, starts in a tall stance with weight on back leg and hands above shoulder. Creates some rhythm in hands pre-pitch. Uses a leg kick to start swing, hands load down and back. Partial hip clearance through the zone; has some feel for the barrel. In the outfield, recorded throws that topped at 74 MPH. Throws had some armside run and were on target. Room to fill out frame as he continues to grow into body.





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