Garden State Baseball Underclass Games Top Pitchers

By TJ Hunt
Scouting Director, New Jersey 

Last night, Diamond Nation (Flemington, NJ) hosted the annual Garden State Underclassmen Games. Every year, the event brings the top underclassmen from the spring season together in one spot on four teams: Northeast, Northwest, Central, and South, to play two separate games. With dozens of college coaches on hand, the talent brought in did not disappoint - and that is a tip-of-the-cap to event coordinators John Kroeger and Steve DiTrolio for scouring the state for the best available players.

Here is a look at some of the top pitching prospects from last night:

Alex Pansini, RHP, Westfield HS, 2017, (uncommitted)
Pansini is 6-foot-1 165-pounds and has some length to his frame. Arguably the best uncommitted prospect at the event, Pansini has a loose, quick arm and a fastball that has run that sat 85-87 and touched 88. Curveball is a true 11-to-5 breaker with plus depth for his age at 69-71. Also showcased a very good changeup with armside fade at 78 MPH for strikes. Will be a big pick up for any college this summer. 
Pansini's Video:

Nick Maldonado, RHP, Seton Hall Prep, 2019 (uncommitted)
Maldonado was one of the top freshmen in the state this spring, and certainly solidified that claim with his performance on the mound. The righty is a projectable 6-foot-1 180-pounds Sat 85-86 with a plus-breaking ball for his age, arguably the best of the night.
Maldonado's Video: 

Joey DeChiaro, LHP, Hunterdon Central, 2019 (uncommitted)
DeChiaro is a 6-foot-1 170-pound 2019 grad with a lanky frame and long arms and legs. Very projectable pitcher and body, DeChiaro's fastball sat between 80-82 touching 83 MPH. Has very balanced and controlled mechanics for his age, gloveside gets great uphill extension as he is going down the mound. Throws from a high-3/4 with slight run. Smooth rhythm and lands athletic and in line, will occasionally fall off to the third base side. Sound mechanics already at his age will help him gain velocity as he continues to physically mature.
DeChiaro's Video:

Brendan Mulins, RHP, Toms River North, 2018, (uncommitted)
Mulins is 6-foot-5 165-pounds with a tall, wiry frame with room for added muscle. Throws from a true 3/4 arm slot with loose arm action and easy effort. A lot of moving parts in his windup, and still growing into his 6-5 body, Mulins is a very projectable prospect. the 2018 righty was 82-83 touching 84 MPH with his fastball, with  an 11-to-5 breaking ball coming in at 66.

Matt Ryan, RHP, Montgomery HS, 2017 (uncommitted)
Ryan is solidly built at 6-foot-2 185-pounds. Lean, athletic frame, Montgomery throws from a high-3/4 arm slot with a long arm action. Shows little effort in producing velocity, Ryan's fastball sat between 82-84 MPH. Featured an 11-to-5 curveball with late break at 67-69 MPH. A drop-and-drive type pitcher, Ryan uses his lower half well while going down the mound. 

Cameron Miller, LHP, Gill St. Bernards, 2017, (uncommitted)
Miller a tall, wiry lefty with an athletic frame at 6-foot-2 185-pounds. Miller showcased some funk in his arm action, and throws from a low-3/4 arm slot that can be deceiving to hitters. Has short almost stabbing-like arm that adds to his deception, especially from the left side. Worked one of the quickest innings of the night, a 1-2-3 inning that seemed to last no longer than five minutes. Fills up the strike zone with late arm side run at 76-78 MPH. Touched 79 once. 1-to-7 breaking ball with near fastball hand speed at 68 MPH. Will be interesting to see where Miller ends up - can certainly get batters out at any level, especially with his funk and run on his fastball.

Makhi Booker, RHP, Montclair, 2017 (uncommitted)
Booker is 5-foot-11 170-pounds and has a very athletic build. Clocked at 84-86 but has some deception in his arm action. Throws from a 3/4 slot, but has a short but quick arm swing. Has heavy sink and armside run because of slot and arm action. Low glove side but is still able to stay in control and drive down the mound. Sound mechanics, lands square and athletic after each pitch.

John Stankiewicz, RHP, Cherry Hill West, 2017 (uncommitted)
Stankiewicz is a very projectable pitcher at 6-foot-4 215-pounds. Lanky frame, has room to add muscle and thus, add velocity. Sat 85 MPH with curveball at 70-72. Windup is controlled, throws from a high-3/4 slot. At balance point, sinks his back leg slightly. Loose arm but low front gloveside. If he can get that glove side up, it will deter him from falling down the mound as he tends to fall to first base side on finish.

Winston Allen, RHP, Delbarton, 2017 (uncommitted)
Allen is 6-foot-2 200-pounds with an athletic build and strong legs for a pitcher his age. Mixes between a high-3/4 slot and true over-the-top. Showcased average arm speed and little effort at 82-83 MPH and a 71 MPH 11-to-5 breaking ball.

+ Tyler Ras, RHP, Middletown North, 2018 (uncommitted)
Ras is the No. 5 2018 prospect in NJ, and for good reason. Was 86-88 and showcased a changeup at 68-70. Throws from a 3/4 arm slot - gets fastball up to 89 and touched 90 once at Futures Preview Showcase on June 4th. High follow prospect with high ceiling. Tall, wiry complexion with a loose arm.


+ Tommy Sheehan, LHP, Manasquan HS, 2017 (Notre Dame commit)
Sheehan s 6-foot-2 185-pounds with an athletic, strong frame. Throws from a 3/4 arm slot with arm side run on his fastball that sat 86-88 the whole outing. Showcased a 1-to-7 breaking ball at 69-71 MPH. Has a long, loose arm showing little effort, Sheehan showed everyone at the event why he is one of the top 2017 arms to look for next year.
Sheehan's Video

+ Justin Willis, RHP, Memorial WNY, 2017 (Vanderbilt commit)
Willis is undersized at 5-foot-11 180-pounds, but has a lightning quick arm. sitting 87-89 and touching 90, the Vanderbilt commit mixed in a hard 11-to-5 slider that had fastball-like hand speed and late break.

Harry Rutkowski, Woodbridge, 2017 (Rutgers commit)
Rutkowski is already a physically built 6-foot-2 230-pound lefty pitcher. Throws from a 3/4 arm slot with arm side sink and run sat 85-87. Showcased a plus changeup for his age with arm side fade and a hard 1-to-7 breaking ball at 75 MPH.

Sean Heine, Shawnee, 2018 (Maryland commit)
Heine is a tall athletic 6-foot-4 185-pound righty. Very projectable frame and a lightning quick arm from a 3/4 slot, Heine sat 85-87 with some arm side run. A tall/fall type pitcher with somewhat of a recoil on finish. Little effort in velocity, loose/free arm.

+ Jack Carey, St. Peter's Prep, 2018 (Duke commit)
Carey is 6-0 185-pounds with a very loose and free arm, and he showcased this at the event. His fastball sat 90-93 and touched 94 once during his outing. Throws from a high-3/4 angle with exceptional downward plane. Already touching the mid 90's, Carey still has room to put on more strength and thus more velocity.