Notes From Tri-Scrimmage @ St. John Vianney

TJ Hunt

Scouting Director, New Jersey


Game 1, GC vs. St. John Vianney:

GC’s 2016 RHP Tyler Mondile (Florida State) was electric again. Threw 3 innings, struck out 8 of 9 batters faced. GC poured it on SJV in the first game, final of 14-1. 1-9 in the GC order hit, looked like a well oiled machine.


Game 2, GC vs. Pope John:
Very good scrimmage pitching matchup. PJ 2017 RHP Sean Miller (Seton Hall) vs. GC 2016 LHP Eric Grafton (Mercer CC). Miller’s FB was 82-84, touching 85 a couple times. Breaking ball was the equalizer for him. Sharp 11-5 movement at 74-76 MHP, which already is good enough for Division 1 ball - and he still has another year to get bigger and stronger. Expect that velocity to steadily climb as the season moves on and the summer travel season gets going. Overall did a great job keeping the big hitters in GC’s lineup at bay. GC did a great job taking advantage of the running game, hitting behind guys, and controlling the bat at the plate to get their 3 runs off Miller, which from my recollection, all came in one inning. Reflects outstanding coaching and work ethic, as always out of the Rams.

Grafton’s role as the #2 behind Mondile will be to establish location with his fastball. Was 81-82 yesterday, touching 83 at times. Occasionally left a couple fastballs over the plate, which PJ did a great job getting barrels on. Breaking ball was at 70-71, and as mentioned in GC’s Preseason Team Preview, should be an equalizer against left handed batters. He’s got a funky Cole-Hamels-like windup and delivery, giving added deception. He will be HUGE for GC as the season gets going, and is an excellent get for Coach Kevin Kerins and Mercer CC. GC 2018 RHP Drew Guldin looked really good. Worked at a great temp and got into a good groove. I believe he threw 3 innings, no runs 81-83 but looked harder.

Game 3, Pope John vs. St. John Vianney:

The story of this game was PJ 2017 RHP Sean Roberts (Marist). Roberts game out of the gate guns blazing, sitting 87-88 in the first 3 innings. Love the way this kid throws the baseball; Dots a fastball on the corner, gets the ball right back from the catcher, steps on the rubber, and is ready to do it all again. Really good 3 pitch arsenal, threw slider (71-72, bumps up to 74 on occasion) and changeups (74-75) for strikes. Will throw any pitch to any batter.

But lets not forget about SJV. Talk about a tough crew, the Lancers are coming off a 2015 in which they beat GC in the South Jersey Final 2-1. They were gritty throughout the game against PJ. Throwing strikes and grinding out at bats. Should be interesting to see how far they go in Shore Conference/State Tourneys. Will give other top teams a run for their money.


Thanks for reading. Only 1 week away till opening day!!