Player Spotlight: 2018 LHP Ryan Rue

TJ Hunt
Scouting Director, New Jersey 

Ryan Rue
School: Fair Lawn
Class: 2018
State Rank: 39

Max Fastball: 86
Sitting Fastball: 83-85
Exit Velocity: 82

Scouting report
Futures Preview (6/4/16)
Rue is 5-foot-10 180-pounds with a strong, athletic body. Was one of the top pitching performers of the whole event. Offensively- Rue sets up in an athletic crouch from the left side. Rotates his weight slightly forward and then back as the pitch comes in. Uses a short stride. Hands load from further from his body to closer to his back shoulder, before following his hips through the zone to start the swing pattern. Flat bat path, Exit Velocity of 82. FieldingRue shows excellent footwork and hands at first base, especially on turning 3-6 double plays. Gets rid of the ball quickly and accurately.Pitching- Easy velocity and a quick left handed arm, Rue sat between 83-85 touching 86 once. Able to throw a sharp two-planed breaking ball for strikes. Strong stance on front foot landing, with shoulders slightly angled upward when the hips have cleared, creating excellent torque motion in the upper body, and a "whip" of the arm. Sound mechanics already for his age, when he is at his best, landing is square, athletic and controlled.