Player Spotlight: 2019 RHP Sam Favieri

By TJ Hunt
Scouting Director, New Jersey

Name: Sam Favieri
School: Ridgewood
Class: 2019

FB Max Velo: 85
FB: 82-85
Position Velo (SS): 77
Exit Velo: 79

Scouting Report:

Futures Preview (6/4/16)
Favieri is a 6-foot 165-pound shortstop and right handed pitcher. At the plate, Favieri uses a short leg kick and shifts his weight from a loaded back to the front with a short flat barrel through the zone. On the mound, Favieri was one of the top prospects at the showcase. Up to 85, the 2019 righty sat 82-85 with a lightning quick arm from a high-3/4 slot. Very projectable player with an athletic frame.