Super 60 Spotlight: Alex Kranzler

TJ Hunt
Director, PBR New Jersey

The annual Super 60 Professional Showcase wrapped up on Sunday in Chicago with some of the top talent from around the country in this year's draft class. New Jersey participants have historically put on a solid showing at this event, even though the start of the high school season is still more than 2 months away.

The lone participant from the Garden State at the 2023 Super 60 was Vanderbilt commit, RHP Alex Kranzler. Kranzler is coming off a 2022 junior campaign where he garnered New Jersey State Player of the Year honors and continued that momentum heading into various national showcase events in the summer and fall.

Kranzler, a physical 6-foot-3 212-pound right hander, has a funky, quick arm action from a true-3/4 slot and induces armside run on his fastball with a slider that plays up.

Kranzler showcased advanced feel for his slider at 2504rpm (max) and -19HM. His fastball showed heavy, armside life at 87-91 (91.6) and 17.2 HM (max) which is consistent with his pitch profiles in-game. His max spin rate on his changeup registered at 2431rpm which is high, however, his average was 1802rpm which fits the mold for a changeup as pitchers typically want to "deaden" spin with the pitch. Overall, it was a quality performance for Kranzler on the national stage and has set the tone for him in 2023.

 Trackman Stats

Class Pitch Velocity (max) Velo Range Eff Velocity (avg) Spin Rate (max) Spin Rate (avg)
IVB (max) IVB (avg) HM (max) HM (avg) Extension (avg) Release Ht (avg) Spin Score (max) Zone %
Alex Kranzler 2023 Fastball 91.6 87.2-91.3 88.0 2242 2175 13.5 11.2 17.2 10.7 5.9 4.7 25 44
Alex Kranzler 2023 Slider 82.8 76.1-81.6 76.8 2504 2311   4.2 -19.0 -11.9 5.3 4.3 31 42
Alex Kranzler 2023 Changeup 84.8 78.7-84.3 79.8 2431 1802 11.0 4.9 15.0 6.5 5.4 4.2 29 22


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