Underclass Games Review: Uncommitted 2017 MIFs

Sean McGrath
Scouting Director, New Jersey

So far, we have taken a look at scouting reports from thirteen uncommitted arms, seven uncommitted outfielders, six uncommitted catchers, and two first basemen from the 2017 class that participated in the Underclass Games in September. Today we will take a look at six 2017 middle infielders from the event who are yet to make a college commitment.

John Thomas Biggiani, 2B, Ridgefield Memorial HS
Biggiani has an athletic, lean build at 6-foot-1, 170 pounds. He is a right-handed hitter who hits from a firm base and high back elbow. He utilizes a small leg kick and transfers his weight well. The Ridgefield Memorial product shows a smooth swing plane and does a good job of making hard contact when he doesn’t drop his hands. He’s athletic defensively and does a good job of staying down on groundballs. He could do a better job of playing through grounders but this may be a result of the time playing 2B with a quick, low slot release. He needs to improve raw speed.

Nick Carnevale, SS, Lyndhurst HS
Carnevale possesses a wiry frame, stands 5-foot-10, 155 pounds. He has been a standout at multiple PBR events thus far. As he gets stronger, he should improve offensively. He has some bat speed and a line drive swing plane but does not yet produce much pop due to lack of strength. Defensively, he tends to sit on groundballs and rely on his arm strength, which is above average (85 miles-per-hour). As he learns to play through the ball better, he will have more time and have easier throws. His glove skills are there and play nicely. He has improved his 60-yard dash time from 7.33 to 7.21 from July to September and I see him being around a 7.0 by next summer.

Michael Casaleggio, SS, Indian Hills HS
Casaleggio has a long, wiry frame with room to fill out. He is currently 6-0, 160 pounds and could easily handle more good weight. He currently runs a 7.34 but this should improve with training. He is a very intriguing offensive prospect. He hits with an open, relaxed stance and a quiet confidence. He has a nice swing with good barrel control, letting the ball get deep while working the middle/opposite field. He trusts his hands and bat speed and stays on the ball well. Defensively, he puts his feet in a good position to field the ball. He utilizes his lower half and delivers on target throws. Definitely has a chance to stick at shortstop with strength gains.

Ryan McLinskey, SS, Don Bosco Prep
McLinskey is a strong, physical athlete at 6-0, 180 pounds. McLinskey is a product of the development at Don Bosco Prep. He hits from the right side and utilizes a balanced stance with an athletic base. He has a small leg kick and some length in his swing. When he stays inside the ball, he shows above average bat speed and the ability to pull the baseball with power. He keeps good balance throughout his swing which allows him to sit on off-speed pitches in game. He is a bit of a "waist-bender" defensively, uses minimal lower half to get down on ground balls. He has potentially plus arm strength from shortstop and makes accurate throws with excellent carry. It should be noted that while McLinskey is a solid offensive prospect, he may wind up as a two-way prospect. He is mid-80s on the mound with a quick arm and a tight breaking ball.

Max Milano, SS, Shawnee HS
Milano is 5-foot-8, 170 pounds and attends Shawnee High School, a program that should have a very successful spring. He also spends his summers developing with Bubba Baseball. Milano hits from the right side with an open, athletic base, toe tap into stride foot landing. Has above average hand speed to go along with barrel control. Dynamic, explosive lower half allows him to drive the baseball to the LCF gap. He shows solid glove skills/hands at shortstop and plays through the ground ball nicely. He isn't exception with reading hops and taking good angles, he makes up for it with good glove work. This is something that will come with added reps. He shows some arm strength but could engage his lower half more on throws. There is a lot to like about this middle infielder.

Ryan Swift, SS, Washington Twp HS
Swift is 5-foot-8, 155 pounds. He may be undersized but is full of athletic movements. He hits with a narrow, upright stance and has good balance in the box. He utilizes plus hand speed to generate bat speed. His swing plane is smooth and efficient as he showed the ability to hit line drives from gap-to-gap. Defensively he has smooth, athletic foot work to and through the baseball. He flashed a very toolsy glove and makes it look easy. He engages his lower half well on all throws and his arm had life to it. He should be able to stick as shortstop so long as he increases his raw speed.